End of work week. Last day. So exhausted. Looking much fresher than I feel let me tell you! #almostwholesale #almostwholesomelife #gettingthroughtheday #sotired #needacoffee

Because every day always starts well AND ends well! This cozy sweatshirt says it all! Transforms from morning to evening (well, you can do whatever you like...we don’t judge!) with a simple swipe of your hand! #coffee #wine #cozyclothes #javamoes #needful-things #gettingthroughtheday ☕️ 🍷#mcbsboutique

The only way to get things done some days... Vibrating bouncers with the mamma Mia album blasting out just to be able to get cleaned up and the girls bottles all washed and sterilised.
#twinmumlife #twinning #twincesses #mammamia #gettingthroughtheday

Just visualizing my personal heaven at this particular moment. #gettingthroughtheday #stengthisbeauty #persevere

Oh Hello, Friday! 😘⠀

Not that I'm not grateful for every day of the week, I am, but I'm glad it's Friday. I had ZERO time this week to get anything done. I mean nothing. No Girl's Got Fitness work, no workouts (ugh). It was a surface clean, kid home sick, in bed by 9, do what is the absolute EASIEST kind of week (ok, that last one is basically my motto all the time). BUT, I'm super excited that it's the weekend because tomorrow is photo shoot 📸 day for Girl's Got Fitness! I have so many amazing pieces to photograph on REAL, gorgeous women who happen to be none other than two great friends and my sister, of course! I wouldn't want anyone else representing my brand 💗Stay tuned...!⠀

Netflix, Cadbury CC’s Chocolate and my Baxter Blues helping me through the Arvo. Thanks Sis for bringing me the yummy chocolate. @baxterblue_ @cadburydairymilkin @netflixanz #hosptialstay #gettingthroughtheday #baxterbluesarelife #soischocolate

There was so much I didn’t want to feel. I put them in boxes, in my mind, and pushed them to the side, in the back. This is how I survived.
Now to move forward and get better I have to unpack them. What a sucky process.
And all those damn boxes appear at the most random times. It’s never convenient to feel a bad feeling though, I don’t guess.
So many years I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel. I just auto-piloted. I didn’t connect to other human emotion. I couldn’t properly empathize because I had turned feelings off.
No one knew.
But to feel nothing isn’t what I want. Many people turn to food, alcohol, or drugs to stay numb. I don’t want to do that. I’ve decided to go through the process so I can also get the prize; which is to dream again, to have hopes and goals. I want to be helpful and there be a difference made because I was born.
We can’t have the happy feelings if we don’t open the door to feel. So I am brave to open such painful boxes of thought; processing the reality of what has happened. It’s worth opening that door so I can come back to life, so I can live. It’s worth going through the bad so I can feel the good. I don’t want to be numb anymore.
- I found this in my notebook today from a few years back. I wanted to share just in case it could help someone else.

Say hello to my little friend! No better way to jump start my afternoon. I’m DRAGGING today! Full of natural caffeine from green tea and Yerba maté. Can’t forget the adaptogenic botanical blend that helps stamina, mental alertness, and of course ENERGY!

Mantra for Wednesday....except it is tea, not coffee.
#remember #mandra #gettingthroughtheday #whatdoesnotkillus

Possibly the only way I can get through some days: pod casts. Today I’m cleaning the bathroom and enjoying these two amazing people! @theholdernessfamily
#podcast #momlife #gettingthroughtheday

Sometimes you need a swig run. #gettingthroughtheday #lfthx #swignsweets

Between the darkness and the dawn...when night is blackest and she’s alone... a ray of light, a glimpse,a star...she’s knows you’re there, awaiting, afar....
#eyesarethewindowtothesoul #lookingup #waitingforyou #blue #dayslikethis #gettingthroughtheday #fighting #loneliness #missingyou #papparazzi #candid #muscat #oman

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