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So today is the day for the big ostomy surgery! Yesterday was full of exams and talks with all sorts of medical staff!
In about 2 hours they will be putting me to sleep, and as I wake up I will have a new “strange” friend on my tummy!
Hoping the best!
But also fairly nervous? But that’s to be expected right? What really helped me was and is the amazing support from the #thebesthubby ❤️

Describes my 2017 year completely! Looking back I competed in my first crossfit games open and barley placed in the top 20% for my state. I’ve met all of my gymnastics goals I set for my self! Ive lifted more weight and fixed a lot of my big form issues. I’ve gotten my endometriosis under control. Gotten fitter and healthier. I’ve learned how to keep my thoughts under control and not manually panic when things were hard. I feel I still had an amazing year despite my SI and back injury, this injury has thought me so much about myself that no one else could have ever thought me. I’m so thankful for my amazing coaches and friends who supported me during the ups and downs of training with a slipped disk and a hyper mobile SI joint. 2018 is going to be a new beast with back surgery and recovery, I maybe scared and nervous but I’m ready. Bring it on 2018! #bye2017 #bringon2018 #topnine2017 #crusedgoals #alwaysimproving #nevereasy #bealovingperson #resilience #backinjury #sijoint #slippeddisc #cantstopme #notbroken #justbent #workhard #beproud #illbeback #gettingsurgery #jackedunicorn #coachedbycami #crossfit #crossfitathlete #crossfitwomen #crossfitgames #girlswholift @clbnation @camillelbaz @davefreakinlipson @declarationcrossfit @jlytle8 @j9sbeastrow @samanthastine8 @leader_board

Up Up n Away *Wheel Wednesday* 🌚

I've had this spot on my lip for a little over two weeks the doctor thinks I may have developed a tumor from too much sun 😓 so I'll be having surgery tomorrow to remove it ❤️ wish me luck guys #badboyruxin #gettingsurgery #frenchiestrong #thelifeofruxin

출근길에 갑작스런 자전거사고로 아서방이 손목 수술을 하게 되었어요ㅠㅠ 7시쯤 들어가는데 잘 마치고 나오길🙏🏼
2 days ago, my husband broke his wrist while he was riding on the bike to go to work. The break was locked so it launched him😭 So, he's gonna get the plate on the wrist. He's fully ready to get in surgery room! Wish him luck🙏🏼🤞🏻 #요골골절 #손목수술 #잘마치고나와 #오늘부터간호시작
#radiusfracture #gettingsurgery #ruvyou

Haven't hit the selfie button in months so I know everyone has been waiting!! Time to get serious about not being a fat bastard ANYMORE! Came back from doc and I'm pretty much a mess, told me I have 3 hernia's ! #fuckyouhernias #allbymyselfie #loser #gettingsurgery #thegerdisreal

Hey guys! 👋🏽 Soo I am getting a surgery tomorrow that has been long awaited and have decided to document my recovery on my Snapchat 😂 I'll explain more of what it is on there later on but I thought it would be interesting for others to watch and for me to look back on! Add me at: leahdaniellemua 😁 Words of caution though, the next few days aren't going to be pretty 🤣

I've been here soo many times. But today I'm staying :( . I'm nervous but better than always having pain.


Praying all goes well 🙏🏼😭😒 #gettingsurgery#ambulanceride#firsttime

To: My Gallbladder. Due to the destruction of the property you inhabit, I have no choice but to submit this notice of eviction. You will be removed by force on 3/22/17. You have failed to respect my property. If you have any questions....well they can't be answered because my team have sharp thingys to remove you. #goodbyegallbladder #evictionnotice #gallstonessuck #finallygonnafeelbetter #lifeupdate #gettingsurgery #funnycomic

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