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(I think I may put this inside every homemade gift I give! πŸ˜‚) Seriously though, I read this in a @humansofny caption and thought, that's wisdom right there. Nothing is greater or more valuable than your best. The best I could do yesterday for my son was too much TV, canned spaghetti, and resting to get over this cold. The best I could do last year was a poorly composed a little crooked sign for a college graduate I love and respect so much. My #imperfectboss downfall is that I often think people deserve more than my best, and that my best isn't good enough. I have thrown out mountains of "finished" projects (sewn, lettered, painted) because I was afraid they weren't perfect enough to gift. I am learning, though, that my integrity in effort is more important. I am committed to teaching my son (and myself) that you put in the work and then turn it in. You claim it. You answer to yourself, "Did I do my best?" #doyourbest .
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I'm not cute πŸ˜• #gettingreal

Hardwork, that not-so-secret ingredient that is occasionally forgotten about. #TheScoop #gettingreal #加油

Prime crew looking good! In the background, their spacecraft. #baikonur #space #almostthere #gettingreal #staytuned

"The pursuit of perfection leads to destruction" @garyvee Strive for realness not for perfection, allow it to be messy, allow it to feel real, you're not suppose to hold it all together and be falling apart on the inside. Happiness can only come when we look inside at our darkness and see the beauty in that also! It's all good, it's all real, it's called being a human being!
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So this happened today. #gettingreal #protest #border #tijuana

Enjoying my day off. Moving up to 4 patients tomorrow! #GettingReal #NurseLife #Relaxing #MixedRed


Everything is moving so fast. Midwife again tomorrow. I leave work in 4 weeks baby shower is this month's and its only 9 weeks till baby is due!!! #gettingreal #grownuplife #nowork #familytime #celebration #excited

Dunno what else to tell ya, getting real. As a consequence of a multitude of health problems mainly relating to anorexia I was terribly unwell last night, today I am in so much pain I can't move further than from the bed to the toilet and back. I can't stand properly. My whole body feels like it's has been beaten raw. It is very painful to move or eat or function like a regular human and so I called in sick for the first time in over a year. I didn't have the strength to clean the vomit from my hair so for now it's just me and my rank ass care bear. Take care of yourselves.
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What goes on in the quietness of your room?
New blog post coming tomorrow on www.jillsonsteby.com

I have been fighting the perfection battle lately. Well I should say I have been losing the perfection battle. You see, I can't seem to see the good in life for focusing on the mess. When I look at my house or career or any part of life, I rattle off a list of what needs to change. What I need to fix or purge or change. I see life's imperfections. And I miss out on so much of life's beauty living this way. I want so badly for everything to fit inside this perfect little box of life. I want to have it all together. You know? And living that way is only making sure I will never have it. Beauty is found among the mess of life. It's in those messy moments where the magic happens. It is almost comical because so much of my job is taking ordinary moments and capturing them in a magical way. I can take a field of weeds and turn it into something beautiful. But in my own life, I don't allow myself to find beauty. Life is messy. It always will be. And that mess can be beautiful to! This week I am focusing on looking for the beauty within the mess of life. On focusing my attention on what is right. Because it deserves the attention way more than the mess!

Bedroom is officially disassembled. Today is that day. That means tomorrow a couple of wonderful men are coming to help me move furniture. #imnotstressed #justkidding #gettingreal #moving #adventures #itstoolatetodoubtmyself

Enjoying my day off. Moving up to 4 patients tomorrow! #GettingReal #NurseLife #Relaxing #MixedRed

Been thinking about this a lot #TrueAF #GettingReal@11pm