Much needed message for me personally. This new moon has me feeling all sorts of ways! Nonetheless, seeing the messages I need and being guided is key! Keeping my eyes and ears and heart and soul open to what the Universe is about gift me! #sunchild #moonchild #newmoon #peaceloveandhappiness #newbegginings #loveandprosperity #universesigns #guidedbymyancestors #guidedbymyangels #lifeisbeautiful #befiercebefabulous #loveyourself #loveyourskin #veganandlovingit #climbingstones #gettingmyliferight

It's amazing the nonscale victories you notice when you drop 10lbs. I wore this dress back in February. After seeing the pictures from that gathering, I was so ashamed and self conscious. Then seeing myself in the mirror a few months and boat load of hard work later, I felt empowered, strong, confident, and beautiful. I've taken a small break from my program but the progress I've already made this year has not only changed my physical shape, but has shaped me into a new woman...and I like her!
#bodyconfidence #getfit #meinadress #healthymind #healthybody #gettingmyliferight #nonscalevictory #10lbsdown

She’s bad, she’s bad she bad and all I know is I want her..... #enjoyinglife #gettingmyliferight #tummytuckweonourway

When you’re trying to get your life right and start eating even cleaner but you have to clean out the pantry now that your family is also on board. #gettingketoready #cleaneating #gettingmyliferight

Okay ladies, who is ready to lean down and tone up? Who wants to feel more fit and confident rocking those summer outfits and chilling by the pool? I am going to run another 4 week FAT LOSS online boot camp to help you reach your get in shape goals. I can take 10 girls! You can start Monday and go hard for the next 4 weeks working on losing fat, toning muscle, and creating healthy habits to LAST, no quick fixes. If you follow the plan, you will get results and build a lifestyle to last. Simple workouts you can do at home with a pair of weights + a ball or at the gym, 3-5 x 30-minute workouts a week for 4 weeks, simple healthy eating guidelines and meal plans, PLUS total support, motivation, and training daily in my private FB group. I will do all this for just $60.00 paid via PayPal invoice. You get a 4-week workout plan, nutritional guide + sample meal plans, and access to my private FB group for daily training, support, etc. Same workouts and eating lifestyle that helped me lose 80lbs and keep it off for years. It changed my life, now let me help you change yours! Go to the link in my bio @starr.fit for full details and sign up form, I will send you the invoice and get you signed up ASAP today! I will send out all the plans tomorrow on Saturday, I will help you prep this weekend, and start on Monday. Who's in? 💪🏼👇🏼

Time to get real.
So I officially finished my 1st week of 80DO. I did every workout and followed my plan. Even when I worked all weekend. Even when I was so stressed and late coming home. Even when we had food day. I brought strawberries and ate my packed lunch. I didnt go to the gift shop for candy when I had a bad day. I brought my own food to 2 bbqs. I had a few 'cheat' items but nothing crazy. I drank my water. I followed the workouts. I was super excited.
Then on day 4 something changed. Chronic illness doesnt give a shit about your fitness plan. I'm up 4lbs since my start date. Still today. I felt bloated and disgusting the last 3 days. I felt like none of this was worth all the hard work when I literally got negative results. I didn't do my hair today. I didn't care because I was never going to share these pictures. The bloat has gone down but the number on the scale still was just so upsetting. So I snapped my pictures. Went to sit down to do my side by sides, and I couldn't effing believe it. That is not even almost what I saw in the mirror. I saw what I thought the scale reflected on me. And it crushed me.
Excuse me but I look amazing! I thought I looked so horrible and I was so disappointed and ashamed. But I worked my ass off and my intestinal issues can suck it! I'm going to find out what triggered me this week to cause those problems, and I can't wait to see my results in 7 more days! Guys this was in seven days! Three of which I was miserably bloated and sick! I want to scream it from the rooftops! And I want every person I know who needs a change in their life to get on this with me!!! Cuz the feeling of these side by sides, from 1 WEEK, has shot my confidence through the roof.
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Let's be honest. I've been in a FUNK. I moved to a new house. My dog is a mess. I've been working all the extra shifts. Workouts and nutrition have been bottom of the totem pole. And I have felt like 💩💩💩! My anxiety is back. I'm bloated AF. I'm a grouchy bear. And tired. That's what crap food and not a single workout will do to ya.
So what did I do? I went BIG. I didnt tell anyone. I honestly wasn't even sure if I could handle it. Ummm not only did I start DAY 1 of 80 DAY OBSESSION...I ROCKED IT!!! OMG it felt amazing. I can't freaking wait for tomorrow. I did every single exercise. I loved it!! I know I may not love it every second...but your girl is freaking committed. And guess what? If at any point you want to join me, PLEASE let me know.
My goal is to be posting at least weekly. My highs and lows. Some meals. Some tips. And hopefully some kick ass results!!
#80dayobsession #day1 #dayonedown #letsdothedamnthing #thisgirlisonfire🔥 #gettingmyliferight #jumpingbackin #letskillit #healthyAF #shifttoselfish #selfishAF #doingitforme

Lunch Time!!! Decided I'd be healthy and get a salad. #babysteps #gettingmyliferight

So winning this morning.... #gettingmyliferight

Alright friends...or alright Taylor if I'm the only one who reads this stuff😂. Took a bit of a break. Haven't really worked out in a week and a half. I've been working triple over time, moved to a new house, several graduations, summer break for the kiddo, cone head dog. Just life ya know?! But guess what, kept my eating right and am officially down 10 POUNDS!!!
I feel amazing but I can definitely tell my break from working out shows big time. So starting Monday I am jumping on a new program and I'm going to do my best to document my entire next journey. I'd also like to reach out and invite YOU to join me if you want to see what this new life style is all about! ❤️
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I’m still not better.. I’m going to take a long break .. I’m sorry.. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get better and until then I won’t be on social media of any sort. I hope you understand .. I can’t do this on my own anymore.. I need to seek help! :( #instagram #bye #socialmedia #notbetter #sorry #counselling #therapy #bereavementcounselling #sorrynotsorry #mylife #mygoals #gettingmylifeback #gettingstronger #gettingmylifetogether #gettingmyliferight #ontrack #understand #uk #l4l #ugh #sad #natural #naturalbeauty #instagramer #unhappy #doingme #doingwhatsbestforme

When you get new workout clothes. Then see your week 1 of 21 day fix round 2 is working. Haven't been the best on my diet or exercise but still showing results! Back on my game this week 💪🏻💪🏻
#21dayfix #beachbody #getfit #gettingmyliferight #weddingcountdown #newgear #workoutclothes #workoutmotivation

What's for dinner? A random assortment of deliciousness!!!
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