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Make your dreams a reality. By creating a vision for your college years you can find yourself on a path to your future success. So dream, plan, and live a life that you dream to become a reality.

This may seem like such a simple question. But wait! It’s questions like these that will guide you through the college admissions process with success. When filling out college applications you will need a theme to navigate you in telling your story to college admissions officers. A story that is consistent in your essay, extracurriculars, activities, school classes, and your life in general. Starting early in thinking about “who you are” and “what is important to you and how it can help your community” can weave out any frustrations of where you start this whole personal development.

Go to the link in my bio to get your “Pursuit to College Worksheet!” This is a great Worksheet to get clear on which types of colleges you should apply to. There are almost 4,000 colleges and universities in th colleges US. Each one of them has a different style, focus of interests, and mission. Just like you are looking for a right fit college just for you...colleges are also searching for students who are a right fit for them. Use the “Pursuit to College Worksheet” to zone in on what’s important to you and then you can match it up to which colleges are right for you!
Click the link in my bio or just go to https://mailchi.mp/188137b6c2a6/pursuit-to-college-worksheet

It’s that time of the year high school juniors! It’s an exciting time. A time of a look into the near future with you succeeding and heading towards your destiny. The first step in this amazing journey is finding the right fit College where you can thrive! Now is the time to start planning college visits. Visit colleges near by and a few hours away to get a feel of what life on a college campus is like. Each college campus has its own unique feel that you may feel comfortable in, or maybe you will feel it is not the place for you. The point is, GO OUT THERE AND EXPLORE. The more colleges you visit, the more you will have to compare and discover what you like. If you can go travel to other cities and states, go for it. Just explore!! If you would like more info check out my latest blog post about the college search, rankings, and guides. Just click the link in my bio or go www.colllegecounselingweekly.com

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Are you clear about all your financial aid options when it’s time to pay for college? Start early to get the most out of federal funding, state grants, and scholarship opportunities. Read more about the basics of starting your financial aid plan in the link in my bio. Freshman in high school is a great time to start looking for and applying for scholarships. The more merit scholarships the better! Don’t forget to click the link in my bio!

Follow @collegescoops to see what delicious foods different colleges & universities have to offer. Also get a glimpse of a day in the life of the different colleges and universities featured on this feed. Maybe you will discover an amazing college that you might be interested in applying to!

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