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"Wildlife" takes on a whole new meaning 🍄🍇 .
While Homo sapien consumption for consciousness-expanding purposes is well-documented throughout anthropology and history, ample evidence suggests we are not the only creatures who seek mind-altering plants and substances in their environment.

Indeed, plenty of our animal friends enjoy mind-altering substances: Some eat fermented fruits, psychoactive mushrooms, and opium poppies. Others rub themselves with crushed ants or angry millipedes.

The initial attraction to these substances might not be just to get high, but for nutritional or protective purposes. For example, fermenting fruits might be attractive to certain species because the process signifies the fruit is at its highest caloric value, and is also going to rot soon. In other cases, naturally occurring intoxicants might serve some curative function or contain nutrients that are otherwise scarce in the environment.

But, there’s compelling evidence to suggest that altering one’s state of mind for the simple purposes of experiencing that altered state is a natural drive common to many inhabitants of the animal kingdom.
Video from @dp4k.m - ANIMALS GET HIGH? 🤔😝😆
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Janganlah terus melihat keatas diatas langit masih ada langit, sesekali lihatlah kebawah masih banyak orang yang membutuhkan..so jangan lupa banyak bersyukur ya👮👌😇
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Went indoor skydiving with my best friend for the first time tonight 😃 #skydiving #indoorskydiving #gettinghigh #fuckgravity

Pretty excited for this season 😋 #gettinghigh


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