Do you prefer to workout alone or with someone else?
Having a training/workout partner can make a hard session fun. They push you & give you the ability to work on skills that can't be done alone.

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Cardio Blast Yoga w/ Lizzie
Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 4:15-5:15pm
Location: BAC Training Center
Cost: FREE
*Kid Zone available

Saw this top pic pop up on my #facebook #onthisday, so, just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what it was this morning.... 😄 I was shocked to see this side-by-side!! 💪
My arms have been something that I have always struggles with. I have never liked. I have always wanted to hide. I always envied women with strong, defined arms!
It just goes to show that hard work does pay off. You just gotta do the work. 😅
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I think my favorite challenge for this week’s #lsfspringslimdown is Thursday because I’ll be getting my 🍑 kicked & I’ll be going to dinner with 2 of my besties so I’ll be able to #earnthosecarbs 😇 so excited!! #teamlsf #lsfmadeitmonday #workoutchallenge #hiitworkout #booty🍑 #iwalked4miles #trailwalker #cloudy #mondaymotivation #getsweatybehappy

Vstávat a cvičit🎉ne vždycky se mi chce, ale ten pocit “po” je dostatečná odměna...trošku jsem se potrestala, když jsem si včera trénink naplánovala hned po příletu 😫 není čas ztrácet čas 👏🏼 #backontrack #staymotivated #staytuned #19thlesson #personaltraining #gymtime #workout #moveyourass #doitforyourself #yourbody #yourbodyisyourtemple #stayfit #fitgirl #healthylifestyle #czechgirl #travellover #lifestyleblogger #mydubaidiary #backindubai #welcomeparty #gymsession #getsweatybehappy #rhythmofmycity #mydubai

Saturday was my last day of 80 Day Obsession. It challenged me and taught me a lot of new lessons about food. I loved looking forward to a new workout each day and going through each day with the cast.
Sharing these photos is hard for me. I'm human and I have insecurities. But I worked hard and I am proud of that. Plus if I can inspire even 1 person to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle then it's worth being a little uncomfortable.
During this program I:
⬇ 7.4lbs
⬇ 9.5 inches
⬇ 1.6% body fat
🌟 bought my first 👙in 8 years
🌟 gained confidence 🌟 ate a lot of great food (like constantly)
I can't wait to see what I accomplish in the next 80 Days. If you want to join me let me know below or shoot me a message!

Well there it is. Last workout complete. It might of taken me a week longer since I had to pause for an injury but I still got it done.
80 workouts that pushed me and a nutrition plan that forced me to change the way I look at food. Tomorrow measurements & pictures and then 🍷
Booty Day 80 ✔😁

This week has been incredibly hard. Not just the workouts but crazy busy family life. When your spouse works nights and 12 hour shifts, we can have a few days where we only see each other for a few moments. Which leaves the kiddos all to me. Between the normal business of having boys, in home aba therapy for Landon and a family member being in the hospital it's been a long week.
Today my husband is off which means I was able to workout with zero distractions. It was hard and I still hate cardio but it felt great to just lose myself in that hour workout. To let go of all the items on my to do list and stress of the week and just focus on myself.
Total Body Core Day 79 ✔

Everyday we are faced with new challenges. Some harder than others but we can still succeed as long as we don't give up.

2 weeks ago doing this ab move pushed me from sore to gut wrenching pain. After that I was forced to give myself time to heal. Now 2 weeks later I was able to power through this move with zero pain! It was such a great feeling to get it done today.
Total Body Core Day 78 ✔

Goes in the afternoon, enjoying the sunset

My favorite day, LEG DAY!!!
I really pushed myself for this last leg day. During this same workout in Phase 1 my weights were L- 15s, M - 25s & H- 50s. Today's were L- 30s, M - 37.5s & H- 60s and I burnt 288 more calories than I did back during Phase 1.
Love how much these workouts are pushing me to try just a little heavier. It's easy to let your mind say nope I can't do that but tell your mind to hush cause your body CAN so do that.
Legs Day 77 ✔

I woke up today SORE. My legs are screaming, 😱so apparently I did something right yesterday🙌 when I decided to make my own workout💜
I got my superfood shake sitting next to me, and even though I added a bit too much peppermint extract this time,🤦‍♀️😅 it still tastes so freaking good!
You can achieve anything your put your mind to, you just need to jump right in and DO IT.👊 You are your own worst critic and the only thing holding you back, is YOU. 🙋‍♀️There are gonna be days when you want to just give the hell up, but this isn't just a journey for your body. It's a journey for your mind. Mental wellness is just as important!!!🧠🤯 Even if you cant see results right away. Changes are happening💕

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😎😁😁 all day today touring with @snowledge.co crew! Wintery snow can still be found! 📷:@rileybathurst #snowledgeispowder #bigote @westonsnowboards @zealoptics

Effing hate planks. 🤦‍♀️But today I decided to "make my own workout" so i used different moves from multiple workouts and bam, here we are. I did one of my most HATED moves. 😅😂😜 .

Can't get better at it if I don't ever do it right?! 😏🤷‍♀️ Ya gonna join me yet? 💜

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My goals for this program were to lower my body fat percentage & build lean muscle. Oh and I wanted to wear my 👙 and feel confident 😎
But what's amazing about this program is it works on everything. I'm blown away with how much my balance has improved. Which is all due to my increased total body strength.
Cardio Flow Day 76 ✔

🥊 Boxing Sessions Available NOW 🥊
Book a 30 min session to get your heart pumping & calories burning 🔥
Contact Carl 0438 558 543
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Reminder This Week, ATTENTION STUDENTS, FREE April 16th-20th at Still Hot Yoga! If you have a yoga membership to SHY and are a full time student, bring a friend. They don’t have to be a student. Tag 2-3 friends. #student discounts always available! Come try #orginalhotyoga #bikramyoga #beyondbikram #hotfix see if you like this ! #freeyoga #crowpose #spellmancollege #agnesscott #agnesscottcollege #emoryuniversity #georgiastateuniversity #dekalbfarmersmarket #cityofdecatur #morehouse #morehousecollege #scad #scadatlanta #atlfilm #atlyoga #atlactors #atlmusicians #scadartist #scadpainting #decaturschools #atlschools #dekalbcounty #yogaaddict #yogafit #cityofdecatur #getsweatybehappy

First Day of Peak Week for me. I loved going back and doing a phase 1 workout. It's even cooler to see the progress I've made since phase 1.
Fyi Triple looping with 2 blues and a green is no joke.
AAA Day 75 ✔

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