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That face you make when you look good but still want to hit a bitch #getoverhim #lifehappens #makeupdone #youracunttoo 🖤

YEP!! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Struggled today, but I can make it! I can get over him! 😭😭😭
#teamaniston #getoverhim #todaycangeteffed

I listen because *Gretchen Weiners voice* "I& #39;m such a good friend!"

Much love❤️ #crippies #getoverhim


After about spending about a month in Northern Europe, we came home to hectic Chinese New Year celebrations! For 15 days we welcome in the Year of the Rooster with endless food and gatherings of family and friends.
As with New Year's of any kind, we spend some time reflecting on the year gone by and the what's to come in the year ahead. I have been blessed with a good year with my relationship flourishing into a more long term and meaningful partnership. I feel lucky to have a man who has embraced fatherhood so willingly whilst dealing with the difficulties that comes with post-divorce issues.
So I am looking forward to the rooster year. And I would like to pass on my well wishes. May this year bring you all happiness and abundance. Despite what may look like a difficult year ahead or even somewhat tumultuous, do check in here for some support.


I listen because *Gretchen Weiners voice* "I& #39;m such a good friend!"

Love Begins with a Smile ✌🏼#getoverhim #keepsmiling #dontcloseyourheart ❤️

Realising that you have lost yourself along the way is the beginning of healing. Time for you to take charge of your life. Take a stronghold of who you once were or even better, a better version of yourself. You have to benefit from this divorce somehow...... use it to your advantage.

#DearSybersue How do I stop feeling lonely after my marriage #breakup? My husband left me 9 months ago & I'm still so fragile & #emotional ! I don't want to bring others down so I just stay home! Suggestions? Continue reading post at Sybersue.com #advicecolumn #relationshipcoach #divorce #marriage #selfesteem #breakup #loveyourself #getoverhim

Yes in fact all you would be doing is WASTING time and time is the only thing in the world you can never get back. So, what are you waiting for???

Family is everything and to think I created another one post-divorce is even more special. During the divorce phase you never think you can find happiness again. You never think that you'll be able to create the family unit you once had, And how wrong I was! My partner is the most wonderful step-father to my daughter and he loves us unconditionally. *********
But let me remind you that a love this strong did not come about because I stayed in bed and didn't get dressed for days. It didn't come about because I sat on my couch and couldn't function as a human being because I was so depressed. I CHOSE to live my life fully and to be the best person I could. *********
What are you doing each and everyday to make the most of your new life?

Life goes on after divorce. People are still relying on you to be the best person you can be. Don't let divorce beat you by living a life LESS than what it should be.

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