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She found her heart in the mountains and soul in the stars. @wzylouisey at Lake Louise #likeamountaingirl

Whoa, hi new friends! 👋🏼 This photo sums up how I feel about all the love. Basically: stoked.
If you're a new follower (or an old one), hey hi hello! Tell me something about yourself.
Here's a crash course on the weirdness that is Katie Boué for those of you who are new here:
1. I like cinnamon rolls. I run a lot, and it's pretty much only to justify eating cinnamon rolls.
2. Outdoor advocacy is my jam. I talk about it a lot, and hope to inspire you to take a more active role in protecting public lands + treating our planet better.
3. I have two webbed toes. My boyfriend calls them my cactus toes. 🌵
4. I'm from Miami (lol), but have lived in Denver, California, and New York. I also spent a year living in a big yellow van, and last summer solo in a little white van.
5. I think Utah is the greatest place on earth. I live in Salt Lake City now, but I'm often not home. Currently typing this from the sky in an airplane.
6. Did I mention cinnamon rolls yet?
So, yeah, tell me something about yourself too! And thanks @briannamadia, for saying nice things about my public lands advocacy work and tricking all these people into thinking I'm cool.
Photo: @ajwells, at camp on the river, that one time I paddled down the Rio Grande.

WOAH. One minute I'm paddling in a Canadian lake and laughing about how my @hydroflask matches the water, the next I'm connecting to wifi at lunch after 24 hours in airplane mode and seeing over 1,000 new friends on here 😱 As usual, I owe this one to my girl @briannamadia, and if you found my through her I know you're a cool person so...hi new friend 👋🏻 I'm honored you want to join in the van-life junk show that is our little family. I'm Abbi, married to @callenhearne, people think I'm more outdoorsy than I am (until they try to get me to hike something strenuous), I love taking photos and telling stories, and I do my best to keep this corner of IG honest and real. That means sometimes you might see my photos and think my life is perfect, but I hope after a few captions you'll see I have highs and lows like any normal person. At the moment, we're making our way through the Canadian Rockies on a little summer "vacation" as we're calling it, since we had two full weeks off between shooting weddings and adventure photo sessions (see @thehearnes for more on that). It's been awesome. ANYWAY - if you're new here (or you've been lurking for a while) comment and tell me a little about yourself!! I wanna know your name, where you live, and one place you really want to visit ✌🏻

Do the Happy Dance, it's Friday © @kuhrmarvin // #wondermore

I can't Leave This Amazing Tree House,I would live There for Ever👌
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Up close and personal: it's how I share things. It's also how I process things.

In a world where everything has become so rushed, distanced, and superficial, it's easy to get swept up in the comparison of others. Being honest, open, and patient can be really reeeally tough, but I've found it's more rewarding than to try concealing every flaw and hang-up I encounter.

This isn't to be confused with complaining or spreading negativity, but rather having a willingness to be vulnerable.

That being said, my life isn't always picture perfect. I have obstacles like everyone else and often question where my life is going. It's a balancing act of acknowledging the bad and appreciating the good.

Example: my knee has been acting up, making it impossible to go running. This is a bummer, but it's also an opportunity to focus on my writing. 📝

Another example: my car broke down a while back. The costs to fix it were overwhelming, but I took the opportunity to bike everywhere the sun does and doesn't shine while saving up.

Fast-forward to today and I have the funds to fix my car! Along with some biking miles under my, er, seat


I can't say what tomorrow has in store for any of us, but I can promise to be as open and encouraging as possible while we all keep pushing forward, regardless of there being sunshine or not 💪🏼 #shredtilyadead

PS- any tips on PT injuries are super duper highly appreciated!!

Watch as world-renowned angler and photographer, Brian O'Keefe casts the new Center Axis rod and reel combo for the first time!!
🎥: | @fishbitemedia
#lamsonfleet #CenterAxis #flyfishing #flyrods #flyreels #innovate #design #changethegame #dowhatyoulove #dryfly #nymphrig #rollcast #getoutthere #thegreatoutdoors #waterworkslamson

There are Labrador Retrievers and Salmon Retrievers. Both are great at carrying things in their mouth. One is a little harder to get the leash on.

Shot: Echo Pro @davemccoyewa

#echolife #getoutthere #flyshopstrong #fishneedwater

Have you seen a more majestic Mudder?
📷: @tough_mudder


You never run out of things to do in and around Bangkok... -.- 🌏
When you feel like you've seen everything in the city, head out to Samut Prakan, the province right next to Bangkok, to see the Erawan Museum
-.- 🏺
Located in a small park about 45 minutes from the city center, the forty-meter copper statue of a three-headed elephant houses beautiful Thai art that represents four religions and the cosmos...
-.- 🐘
A unique site to see and great little weekend day trip that can be completed with a visit to Mueang Boran, the Ancient City right around the corner!
-.- 😁
What are your plans for this weekend?
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Ready for 5 days in the North of the North island. Last road trip and first time to visit Hokkaido while there is no snow. So glad that the air is cooler than in Tokyo!!! #hokkaido #northiscooler #roadtrip #getoutthere #wakkanai @clemletreg

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. - Miriam Beard #AleciaAdventuresAgain17 #SelkieExplorers

✦ Photo by ➻@saulsantosfotografia
✧ Congratulations #skym_saulsantosfotografia
✦ Curator @kassiepidd

Even a small amount of damage lets the electro-pixies out! Follow #SeaSkills kitchen #science! Tell us what you think is the best waterproof connection for multiple wires! •

#12volt #WireDontYouKnow #electrolysis #corrosion #electrical #diy #diydonts #itsScienceifyouTakeNotes

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Latest from the blog comes "Behind the Sun". An excerpt from Red Bulls Chasing the Shot. Behind the sun focuses on Mick Fannings experiences in the artic circle after taking time off from competing to discover new places to surf. Check it out online!
#boardinary #surfing #getoutthere #outdoors #behindthesun #mickfanning

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