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Dora the Explorer...but grown up, and she doesn't like bras 😏
📸 by @stevebitanga

I had an internal battle whether I should spend the effort hiking out here again. We have gotten up in the 3rd hour the last couple of mornings and done quite a bit of hiking, my body and mind were tired. It was looking incredibly cloudy, but if there's one thing I have learnt here in the Faroe Islands is that the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

I committed mentally to the hike, figuring "what's the worst that could happen?" and booked it out here just in time for sunset. I stood in the falling snow on the cliff, wind blasting my face, and was rewarded with this beautiful glow that lasted just moments. Luckily in photography, that's all we need.
#VisitFaroeIslands #FaroeIslands

Lined up!

Taking the scenic route.

Spires, buttes, and towering monoliths dot the endless expanse of a sandstone paradise. This vast area of BLM land really allows the spirit to wander. Yet another reason to help protect and care for our public lands. #leaveabettertrace

Understand me. I have no time for things that have no soul. Photo by @emmett_sparling

"I should do what I do best: bouldering on a wall. However Thomas wasn't thinking of a regular climbing wall." Read more about the graffiti shooting: http://bit.ly/bl_bouldering_graffiti

#backstorywednesday Hi everyone, this is @laurenteruya . Lauren is a Pokémon master. Not a Pokémaster, she made that very clear. Apparently when she said she was a Pokémaster in the past, people thought she was an ahi poke chef, the Morimoto of Poke Bowls if you will. Anyways, Lauren is the most hardcore and rugged Pokémon trainer. As you can see, Lauren styles herself based off a few characters from the original games. Obviously that hat is based off Bug Catchers, but also off of Misty because of her love for water Pokémon. If you're still not convinced that she's more dedicated to Pokémon than a monk is to celibacy, look at those foot prints. She's been up and down the same stretch of beach in search of a Magikarp. That's right, a Magikarp! It takes absolute dedication to catching them all to go through all that trouble for a Magikarp.



As one of my favorite authors (Jane Austen, duh) once, so earnestly, wrote "what are men compared to rocks and mountains?"

I admit that it was one of the beautiful days of my life✌😊

this is my little friend and I love him 💙

We broke the layer of ice on the lake and held it in front of the lens. I love looking at the world in a different perspective.


Spring cleaning ▪️Start with your soul!
Photo 📷: @angelaliggs

These mountains are huuuge! Can you spot the skiers? #tamok #tamokinpöllöt #skitouring #topptur #sørfjelltinden

I'm paper writing like a maniac today and day dreaming of summer trail runs and adventures. 😑😭 #shannonz2017 #findyourstrong

Great times with @jonathansiegrist and @alexhonnold this past month at Mount potosi. Now on to the next adventure. Here's Jonathan going for a ride on one of the many 5.14s he sent in this cave. I think he is ready for Spain now. Good luck dude! Go crush!
Also be on the look out for my first video coming soon! // @arcteryx @lasportivana

It's been awhile.

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