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With my project #StillWildFilm going live TOMORROW on my Facebook page (Link in Bio) and that chapter ending, I'm stoked to share I'll be starting two NEW chapters in life. First, fatherhood, any day now. Stoked! Second, I'm taking a year off alcohol and all other mind altering substances, you know, like candy. Who knows if I ever go back... It will be a lot like deciding to live on the road, this journey will be liberating and spiritual. And the only reason to share this move publicly is for accountability. There's a lot to do and a lot to live for and I couldn't be more motivated. Who out there wants to help me climb a big wall someday?! I'm ready. #hereistonow

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a short drive up the highway, a quick jaunt up a hill, a scramble over a collapsed tunnel, a tiptoe across a landslide, and you're here.

Pure magic 🌵❤️ #utah
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The road to my dream life (which is ever evolving and changing) has been paved with a lot of "no". Saying no to all the things that didn't serve me has been a key component to landing where I have today. You have to fight for what you want but equally as important is determining what you don't want. Don't be afraid to say no. Remember you have to make room in your life for the things you want and often times that means letting other things go.

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Wander where the wifi is weak.

Dreaming about the mountains like it's my job

🎥: take 83629 and she did it perfectly every time. I just wanted to tire her out........ It didn't work.

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This photo is relevant in the sense that today I have yet to leave my house. Just call me Walden. I mean Thoreau.

A beach at sunset is probably my most favorite thing in the entire world. Like if I got stranded on a desert island I wouldn't even really be that bummed.

It cost us around $30-$40 to stay at the VillaHernan Boutique Hotel. Hotel was empty so we ended with a rooftop terrace to ourselves and were at walking distance from the market/ downtown square! Most of the other hotels in the area can cost $70 or up and are not that much nicer considering the price difference.

I went on an ace micro adventure with a pal (did I really just write pal?). We both put our respective kids to bed and met up on a cliff on the south coast of Cornwall. We also have both recently moved to Cornwall and both home ed our kids so we had loads to chat about as we went to sleep under the stars and the waves creeping gradually towards us...

One of my favourite places to camp, real Yorkshire, settle.

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