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#tbt // just because this place is stunning 🔥

Some days I'm fired up to hike miles in the dark for an epic sunrise, and other times I'm more than content to roll out of a tent, struggle to put in my contacts with my reverse camera on my phone and move no more than 50 feet to take a photo. This shot happened to be the latter.

with my head in the clouds ☁️

Registro do corajoso Leandro Schinaider que se aventurou de San Antonio de Los Cobres até San Pedro de Atacama em agosto do ano passado!

Dreamy 🌲💫 Photographed by @erubes1
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Create and inspire #spiritsoflife
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we spent a lot of our short time in Alberta scooting up ridges, and diving into the Backcountry. conditions were up and down, wind was relentless, but this night- the first one- was close to perfect. whenever you're packing it's always key to stay light, for your feet mostly, and because most of the stuff you'll toss in your bag is something you won't need. the only thing I make sure I have, regardless of what I'm doing, is my Leatherman. this trip alone my sidekick came in handy for all sorts of whatever; helping an elderly woman change her car battery, fixing up fishing line, TLC on the saddle leather, heck it even came up clutch when I left my spork some twenty miles away in the backseat of the car. so anyway, I'm giving away another Leatherman because, well, I'm a believer. I use mine damn near everyday. If you want one of your own- comment below with some reasons why you need it- if you don't think your reasons are exciting enough, use your imagination. that imagination just might make life more exciting anyway. @leathermantools #tooltales #leatherman


Big COMPETITION is coming up❗️❗️❗️❗️
Our fitness community is quickly growing, so we decided to do competition on regular bases.
This competition is about THE BEST PICTURE OF THE MONTH.
The first day of the month we will select one of the best picture and share it on our instagram and facebook page . If you do all of it, you get credit gratis to our fitness community.
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Please be an inspiration for all of us and motivate others.

My favorite river to paddle, even in the rain ☔️ 🚣🏼💜#smittenwiththemitten #michigander #getoutside #kayaking #kayakmichigan #peremarquette

Perfect day and weather to grab your sup and head to the beach. 🔥😲
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What an honour to host such an incredible array of speakers at last nights Yes Stories. 9 awesome tales of inspiration, positivity and action in front of a 100 smiling faces. If you've not heard of the community that is Say Yes More I urge you to hunt them down and get involved.

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#sayyesmore #yesstories #inspiration #london #talks #positivity #getoutside

Choose life #digital #getoutside

@ordnancesurvey have teamed up with Mountain Rescue England and Wales to make the great outdoors more enjoyable, accessible and safe for all, by encouraging everyone to be more mindful and better prepared when heading outside. Why? Because MREW’s 2016 callout figures showed incidents to be up for the fourth year running. And their own survey of 2,000 outdoors enthusiasts revealed 76% of British recreational walkers and hikers do not properly plan their route or what to pack in preparation of their walk/hike.
Make sure you take a map and know how to use it! 👊🏼🗺 #osmaps #GetOutside #confidence #adventure #adventureforall #neverstopexploring #exploremore #navigation #learn #learnsomethingnew #lifeskills #mountainrescue #holmevalleymountainrescueteam

The lone fisherman on Pwllheli beach...

Words will never be enough for this place.

Not a bad view off the patio. It's a cup full of sunrise with cows mooing in the pasture. .

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