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You've seen lat pull-downs done in front of the neck and behind, but which version is better? you can walk into practically any gym and see someone doing behind-the-head lat pulls? Some people like this variation because it places a different angle of emphasis on the traps, which they believe will lead to better results. Still others are actually using it as a trap exercise—which makes no sense, because there are plenty of trap-specific exercises out there that work better.muscle activation isn't the only consideration when evaluating the lat pull-down; stress on the shoulder joint is an important factor as well. According to a study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, when the shoulder joint is placed in a position of horizontal abduction combined with external rotation (as seen with behind-the-neck lat pull downs), more stress is placed on the rotator cuff in order to stabilize the head of the humerus.3 This forces the rotator-cuff muscles to work harder to stabilize the joint, making them vulnerable to injuries such as tendinosis and pain.

#throwback to hot summer days and gold swan floaties. Because sometimes we’re just #basic 😂😂
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Have you ever stumbled upon an old cellar hole while walking in the woods and wondered what building used to stand there? Whose house once stood in that spot? Who were those people? In the woods of the White Mountains, small towns and villages that no longer exist once dotted the landscape and have now been swallowed up by time. Many of these “Ghost Towns” came into existence when logging was the main industry in the region and disappeared without a trace once the lumber was gone. Follow the @whitemountains link to discover 5 Ghost Towns in the White Mountains. #whitemountains #ghosttown #nh #walkinthewoods #getoutside

It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, right? This place is that kind of place. I had to see what everyone was talking about with my own eyes. I am glad I did and cannot wait to go back one day. PC: @katieexplores_

A couple fall dinks on the Neko Rig via @profishentlyfishing . Little guys need to eat too! #StillCountsTho

"The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us.” ― Paulo Coelho
Photo by @erinorthcutt
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Self-dependent power can time defy, as rocks resist the billows and the sky. #sundialmotto

Exploring with Ghost 👻💨 #GhostVapes #TravelingGhost

Learn to see things inside out, upside down and backwards. Have fun with perspective.
#upsidedown #stretching #beginnermover #movementculture #beachy #onlyacoupleweeksleft #getoutside @fitlabvb

Sunny and 75 (always) #sandiego #exploring #getoutside

🎨 // pick up your brush and make a statement ✌🏼 #sfyear

My little #furry friend loves a breezy #sunset #hike. Can't blame her! It's a good way to finish a day in the sound design studio! #create #getoutside #getdirty #repeat @runyoncanyon

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