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@thenikitalamba and @philipp_crt !!
Cheers for these amazing pics 📸
Enjoy your fab prize thanks to @orbitkey

LOVED the boots @the_styling_business gorgeous client text a photo of this morning to get an opinion on and hello, next minute i’m down at @missvelvetboutique securing a pair for her....and MOI! Neeeeeaaaarrrrlllyyyy left with another bronze croc skin pair too 😳

@bonmaxie boards have been restocked, including this super sweet sprinkles mini standing board. Makes for a perfect gift or just spoil yourself and sort your earring stash out girls! 💃👏
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These photos don’t do justice to the work that was done with my precious client this week! On the left side is piles of sentimental items we’ve collected over the last few weeks of decluttering that we got into lidded containers for each family member, leaving this hutch to be used for it’s purpose again💖. The right side is a set of drawers that held years of paperwork, Year 12 assignments and TAFE assignments from over 20 years ago. My magnificent client was able to reminisce and share stories of her history and learning and then say goodbye to most of it 👏🎉. This house is transforming space by space along with my clients head & heart 💓 #feelslikehomepo #declutter #getorganised #sentimentalilty #lettingthingsgo #getorganized #transformation #wholehousetransformation #soproudofmyclient

It is coming to the end of the week but does your work seem to pile up continuosly? These tips will help you get organised.
1. Manage your time wisely.
2. Create a to-do list
3. Attend to urgent matters first.
4. Organise your desk. Always.
5. Spring clean your inbox daily.
#work #getorganised #organise #springclean #nazattdi #naza #nazagroup

{ I have a question for you 🤔}

With our upcoming Mindset Challenge coming up, we want to ensure that we bring you nothing but the best learning and insights to add to your business tool-belts 🛠.

With this in mind, I’m asking for your help pls! We’d love to understand the following from you right now:
What’s the #1 thing that’s holding you back from being successful in your business? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and what’s going on for you so that we can ensure we address each and every single one of those challenges you’re currently coming up against throughout the Mindset Challenge.

Comment below and make sure to register for the Mindset Challenge now in case you haven’t yet. {link in bio 👆🏻}

It's no lie I love to be organised ... I love everything to have a special place! To say I was excited to receive these pantry labels from @kitchen_coach is an understatement!! You know what I love the most about them? They're washable, designed and printed on the Sunshine Coast AND you can remove and re-stick them many times without ruining them!! 🙌
#driedfruit #pantrylabels #getorganised #pantrygoals #justeatrealfood #organisedchaos #organisedkitchen #kitchen #eattherainbow

#Day31 - I wasn’t at home much today, but just quickly grabbed three books that can go out. #keepitgoing🍀 I took the train to the beautiful city of Alkmaar today to visit the locations of a special concert we’re doing in July. We’ll do an indoor part at the Grote Kerk and an outdoor part on a special stage at the canal. Was nice and inspiring!! - #dianeindenmark #declutteringchallenge #40days #decluttering #challenge #40daysdeclutterchallenge #flylady #flyladydiane #opruimen #ontspullen #flybaby #clutterfree #getorganized #getorganised #dianeindenmarkdeclutter #clutter #byebye #byebyeclutter #declutterchallenge

If this is you, try keeping a notebook and pen by your bed so you can keep track on those all important tasks #todolist #productivity #reminders #getorganised #entrepreneur #mumpreneur #keepontask #ontheball #dontforget

I made this notice board for Alice at @sewmewearme
She loves it! Woo hoo!
Her logo and tag line came out beautifully.
Make sure you follow Alice’s account if you are interested in sewing, she makes the most amazing clothes but she also teaches people to make their own clothes and sells beautiful but simple patterns.
#hugosworkshop #noticeboard #engravedgift #engravedwood #getorganised #pinboard

Who else HATES that feeling of missing someone's birthday? Or that last minute rush of racing around trying to find the perfect present? Each month, during the last week, I check my planner for all birthdays coming up in the following month. Then, when I am out running errands, I will keep an eye out for the perfect present. This leaves ample time for wrapping, writing a heartfelt card and posting if necessary. Get organised and reduce stress! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#gyst #getyourshittogether #giftgiving #presents #birthdays #planning #getorganised #sortyourshitout

{ next on the to-do list 📝}

@telstra Small Business Awards 😵 We received a nomination #pinchmeeeee a few months back and now it’s time to put our best BSFM foot forward as entries are soon due 💪🏻

BUT first! Off to get the MIL at the airport. Round 2 of visiting mothers. 6 weeks of grandmotherly material 👵🏻. Kids beside themselves with excitement 🤸‍♀️ - very cute I have to say.

Catch you later today - as wanna ask you something when it comes to your business so stay tuned ✅

Never forget or leave anything important behind again. Simplify your family life with the SchedYouAll App.

If you don't need much space for your orders, this A5 order book with 3 orders to a page is perfect for you!

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Do you travel a lot for work? One client travels 16 weeks a year. Even the commute? You work hard. Long hours on your biz, in your company in your home? Sometimes do you feel You actually don’t live anywhere?
You want a home that reflects who u are ... right now. Who u are, who u want to be.
People will be drawn into your space. Your connections to people will be incredible. They will be enhanced. Coz u r sharing your story, your life with them. .
Not the latest trends.
A home to return to. A home that supports you not adds to your thoughts or clutter. A retreat, a sanctuary.
Are we there yet?

Fill in the blank - Where do I keep my ______? -
Leave a comment below on a household item or ‘thing’ that you wonder where I keep ... I’ll choose the most random/interesting ones & share in a story next week. I’ll tag you in my reply 🤭. -
(📍Disclaimer - Nothing rude or anything that would be seen as a security risk 🙈)

I wish my life was this organised with some delicious texture and interest, and a definite doorway in the right direction. But it's far from it ... It's seems a game of ball juggling and distraction, so please, how do you keep focused and organised? ..Are you super slick on your calender on your phone, all grown-up and pro...if so I need some pointers. I'm still in the middle-aged-ages with note-books, planners and calenders on walls. I've got a few things as reminders on my phone but it's all a bit half arsed so more of a liability. I may have to write a new list about how to get more organised ... So this week has been full and fabulous so far and the rest is looking amazeballs too! These topiary balls are manicured to within an inch of their lives and I had to snap their formality. Also I've got distracted with the thought of the new Wes Anderson movie #isleofdogs and this #vsco filter called #DOG3 - see what I mean? Ideas most welcome - I mean it ! 🖤🤞🖤
#touristinmyowntown #burystedmunds #visiteastanglia #englishgarden #history #flint #textureporn #texturelover #topiary #gardenlover #form #shapes #wesanderson #getorganised #focus #travel #airbnb #superhost #instatravel #getoutside #bluesky #spring #firstdayofspring

Can't quite believe the Easter holidays are only the end of next week. How fast are the weeks going by? .
. If you're lucky enough to be going skiing these holidays don't forget us when naming your belongings! 🎿

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