Ain't this the truth ruth!! I hope your day is fabulous!

I so believe this!! Have a fantastic Wednesday!!

Psych-K works directly to release harmful limiting beliefs held in your subconscious mind. I'm going to start offering balances to release these life damaging beliefs soon. This method of releasing limiting beliefs is absolutely amazing. And I mean amazing! #subconsciousmind #selfsabotageslayer

If you loathe Mondays, flip the script on yourself and make today the bomb!! Happy Monday.

How you feel when @kingbobbybrown likes your comment!! Can I just be grown and super excited about that? I told my husband "he knows I'm alive." He said: And? 😂🤣😂 #NE4life❤️❤️❤️ #donthate

Sitting on the dreaded D3 Stairs acting silly. #D3Love #blessed #grateful #throwupthe3

About last night!! The talent show was off the chain. Guess what they did? They were awesome!! #D3Fam #YMCA #adultplaytime

This will give you a hint of how awesome our Talent Show was last night. #Lol #D3Fam #TheKlumpsTakeD3

This is all day when you work with your BFF. I can't stop laughing. #workisfun

Woke up to these pics in my feed and smiled. @phoenix.alkaline was so excited to graduate to Boot Camp Diva status!! I love it!! #beconsistent

I just love this pic! When you have a sweet tooth but you are not touching them! Hilarious!

It's just a decision mixed with action. #decide #act

It's official!! My best friend, Andrea Kelly, (yes we have the same name) for over 30 years has moved to Chicago to help me grow D3 and The Exercise Habit Coach brand. Her title is VP of Operations and Online Development. She has always supported me by doing several of our At Home programs and now she is At The Dome!! She clearly sees my vision and is ready to execute! She has unbelievable ideas and I can't tell you how excited I am to have her take over all admin/operations duties. So, going forward please email andrea@exercisehabitcoach.com with all customer service inquiries. #teamwork #dreamteam

Some people said they could not see her last after pic in full, so here it is. She deserves to be seen!! #D3spotlight

(First before pic taken not long after her start date at D3. 2nd pic taken May 2018, 3rd pic taken last week)

This is the end of her story. Go to our FB page D3 Boot Camp to read her entire story:

And now, I am grateful for my new gold filling of D3! D3 has the answer to all my failed attempts to conquer one of my greatest battles, my body. Before I joined, I was failing yet again at being consistent at a yet another big box gym. I had my significant others support and push right next to me on the treadmill and weights, but I just felt so disconnected from my mental desire to change. I needed that something that would draw me to it and hold me accountable when I didn’t show up. Truthfully, I needed the guilt trip. I knew my stubbornness would get the best of me. By D3 being just a few blocks away from work, I knew that after I joined I’d at least feel guilty enough to go because I would pass it every day heading home. It worked to get me in the door, but my new self-created blockage was the legendary D3 steps.

When my mother passed away, it wasn’t just the asthma that took her final breath. It was her plus size body gasping for air as she went up a flight of steps to find her medicine to only make it to the top and no longer be able to go any further.
As I went up the stairs when in my earlier months at D3 last year, I hated every moment of it. I was an overweight woman who, like many people, did everything to avoid that exertion of energy, but I was intrigued by what was happening at the top of those stairs. And every time I went to class what I accomplished at the top of those stairs amazed me! I began to feel like I was training and disciplining myself for a purpose, a battle of sorts and D3 was my arena to find new tools, sharpen others, and become a warrior. But, stubborn me, I kept burdening myself with the disdain for those stairs. (I am so tickled by this now!) Then one day, when I absolutely was not feeling it, I was dragging myself to the gym on a gloomy night, with a gloomy spirit, after an 8 hour work day. I hit the first landing of the stairs and right when I began to complain, I closed my...

Truth. #realtalk

Listen to Harry 👍🏻 We need to change the conversation about mental health - and mental illness. The path to suicide reduction is more than just reducing stigma and service provision. We need to improve our mental HEALTH in the same way we seek physical health. Understand your mind, understand stress, understand vulnerability, understand wellbeing. Take action each day to get mentally fit. Exercise, sleep, be mindful, develop great relationship skills, engage in activities that bring you energy and joy. If we understand and take action to build happiness, resilience, wellbeing and mental HEALTH in our schools, workplaces and community we are less vulnerable to mental ill health and that’s #suicideprevention
#worldsuicidepreventionday #positivepsychology #potentialpsychology #mentalhealth #getmentallyfit #wellbeing #ballarat #ballaratbusiness
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Slept all day. Now, lunch shots. Ready to get it in. #bdayweekend

Off to enjoy my birthday long weekend. My hubby always takes me on a surprise trip for my bday but this year I asked to stay local because I just have too much going on...so I don't know where we are going, but I'm excited. #uberontheway #staycation #birthdayweekend #noworkallowed

Be clear. ✊This #AKA #supportsKap

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