I don't feel 46. At all. #takecareofyourself

Rest, rest, rest. I feel great. I always say I don't need vacations because I love my life. I'm gonna stop saying that because vacations provide a time to refresh and restore your mind and entire spirit! I so needed this break. I'm so grateful. #neededbreak

Can't wait. I'm changing and evolving into a less hectic crazy go go go person because of my new focus on yoga and meditation. D3 will get to experience meditation in JUNE. I hope you will join us. More info soon. #yoga #meditation #mantras

On our way to paradise. God, I need a BIGLY break. #hubbytime #vacaymode

Make your own dreams come true. I was subconsciously waiting around for someone to come and save me and my businesses for years!! The hell was I thinking? Now, I know I'm my own savior. So now I only focus on: Planning Executing. Achieving. Period. You? Are you waiting for someone to save you and make you "great"? They ain't coming...so get to planning! #makeithappen #yourmindplaystricksonu

@the.a.league shares some of her experiences on the beta launch of The D3 Lifestyle Accountability Program. She is comparing them to our challenges. The challenges are to keep members engaged and focused for a short period of time. The D3 Lifestyle Accountability Program is about creating a permanent active healthy lifestyle. Abi, crushed her year in the program and has not stopped since. She has lost or maintained for the past 16 months straight. She’s just committed! #accountabilityworks

Please read. I am hoping to help you seriously change your life! I just feel a calling to this work. It's why I am here. It feels great to know why I am on this earth. And this is it!
For years I had no idea I was sabotaging my life and my companies. I didn't know it because it all happened subconsciously in my own mind.

Now that I am aware of my "invisible" behavior, D3 and my online company are both growing faster than ever (great side effect of what happens when you get out of your own way.) and our team can help more people change. It's amazing!
Self sabotage is scary because, like I said, you have no idea you are doing it or even why you are doing it. You just end up feeling constantly disappointed, frustrated, stuck and on a slippery slope of daily negative self talk.
And guess what, almost ALL of us do it, daily! Until you know about it consciously, you will continue self sabotaging on auto pilot.

If you want to turn this dream drowning behavior around and learn about how I can help you with your own self sabotaging behavior, I will be running a webinar called, "Your Silent Beliefs Are Crushing Your Dreams. Stop Self Sabotage And Soar!" on May 27th at 6pm. I know it's far out but I'm going to get even more coaching in May so I want to wait to share after that training.

I created this webinar to help you stop self sabotage and finally achieve your healthy lifestyle goals (heck, all your goals). When I found out about my own self sabotage, I decided that it was my responsibility to teach others about how it slowly and silently destroys us. It chips away at our confidence and leads us to feeling empty and unworthy. I believe I went through my "self sabotaging season" because God wants me to help YOU stop. I asked Him for my true calling. This is what He showed me. I'm picking up the phone and putting it on blast!

Go here to sign up: https://tinyurl.com/y8ngybsc
Or use link in bio.
More info soon.

Fit Tip Tuesday! @precisionnutrition, love this. More on this on Find Your Thrive Fridays Live soon! #precisionnutrition

Tunnel vision like a champ, baby. Good night! #manifestyourvision #thesecretworks

This!! Yes! Be accountable to reaching your healthy lifestyle goals! #beaccountable #d3lifestyleaccountabilityprogram

Just the facts. #Virgolife #truth

Drilling down on tight Turkish Getup form. #kettlebells

And 2nd place for the D3 Calendar Cover Contest is Rosetta! We forgot to get a pic together but I was making sure she was her flyest, ever. Lol. She has lost over 80 pounds since starting D3 and she has totally transformed her body. She has consistently lost weight from her first day at D3! Her mind is made up and she is determined to never go back!! She lives in Matteson and even tho it's up to a 45 min drive to D3, she makes the commute damn near daily. That's commitment. Mad props to you. Well deserved. She just LOOKS strong!!

@docsurglace came in 3rd place in our 2018 D3 Calendar Cover Contest. Her journey to her healthy fit self has been amazing to witness. I'm profoundly proud of you and the effort and dedication to yourself. You are an inspiration! #d3calendarcovercontest2018

One of our D3 Calendar Cover Contest 2018 pictures. The winner for the 2nd time @olayinka_owolabi. Awesome job, as usual. You are beautiful inside and out. It's a supreme blessing to train you. Thank you for making yourself a priority! Such a fun picture! #d3calendarcovercontest2018

Told my hubby I hadn't eaten all day. I walked in the door to this. Oh, and Reeses Peanut Butter cups, my fav! #hubbyaward #hesthebest

So House Box is a HIIT! This is the warm up and man, House music songs are looooonngg! Happy Saturday! Enjoy it! #Saturdaykickbox #feelingblessed

My coach reminded me of this today!! Amen!! #earnyourblessing #itscoming #keepdoingthework

Today on Find Your Thrive Fridays Live! Feeling stuck? Feel like you are better than the game you are playing? Do you want to lose weight and get in shape but everytime you try, you fail? Want to get a new job but you just can't seem to get motivated to start? Have dreams but you think they can never happen? If so, don't miss this episode tonight LIVE at 5:45 pm central on this IG page.

I was stuck for 7 years and didn't even know it. Time for you to get unstuck too. #changecoaching #HabitChangeCoaching #PSYCHK

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