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Warming up with 70 pounds dumbbell press. #getmadatit #hardworkpaysoff

I used to weight lift when I was a kid with my brother. He gave me the best encouragement to get the extra rep in. When I was struggling he’d say, ”Get mad at it”. I don’t weight lift now and I don’t care to, but those words will always ring in my head when I gotta get shit done in life. Thanks to one of the hardest working dudes I know @david.lopresti #getshitdone #getmadatit #makeshithappen

#tbt Why ALL athletes should do olympic weightlifting.

During the olympic lifts: once technique is becoming more sound, flexibility issues resolved, and after many repetitions- the athlete can descend into the bottom of the catch very rapidly.

Rapidly dropping down into the hole with a lot of weight forces the psoas to explosively contract concentrically (after your hips come through for 3rd pull/hip extension and it’s time to get down) and then eccentrically very powerfully (so your ass doesn’t keep going down through the floor, making your knees and back blow out, and then leaving you a squished bug). Increasing the force production (with heavy weights) of the psoas makes an athlete more explosive.

Making the psoas stronger with Olympic lifts can exponentially increase performance. The athlete will be able to maneuver better (put their foot in the ground, change directions more effortlessly), jump farther and higher, run faster, and overall be lighter on their feet.

The glutes and quads can be hit hard with deadlifts and squats, but nothing hits the psoas (while increasing functionality) quite like Olympic lifts.

The more of a face you make, the easier the weight is to lift, right?? Thanks to @gregrosstheboss for capturing such a beautiful moment😂 #imaketheweirdestfaces #getmadatit #ithinkithelped #butitwasntpretty

Down 13 lbs since 11/14 and just did a fasted cardio AND leg workout. 7 years of medical BS and I finally have my groove back 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 20 more mins until I get to stuff face with avacados. 🙌🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️ #transformations #motivation #sugarsucks #healyourbrain #lowcarbnocarb #carpediem 🧠🤯#fitnessmotivation #getmadatit

First Turbo Kick Live class of 2018 was ROCKED by this crew! #turbokicklive #whoshouse #getmadatit #bye2017 #mymotivators #kickstagram

This is my work out partner, acting coach, and brother. Couldn’t be more grateful to have this dude by my side… we crushed 2017 @braden.lynch!!! (@bradenlynchstudio) #daniels #jeff

Let’s get after it today.

My previous 1RM was 190lbs on my dead’s. Today I picked up 230lbs!!! That’s a 40lbs PR!! The video is when I picked up 220lbs. Such a good morning #girlswhopowerlift#powerlifting#getmadatit 💪🏻

Round 2 this things going in #plumbing #getmadatit

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