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When we ▶ started this series, I mentioned that Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) is more of a stability issue than a mobility one. Let's explore that a bit.

There are some common compensation patterns that we see in the body. One of those is hyperextension and APT when going 🙆 overhead. Shoulder mobility plays into this, but so does anterior core stability. If you remember back to the 🎥 lat stretch video, that will take care of the mobility issues. This one, as demonstrated by @quaddoc, will build the stability for you.

Raising the arms up and extending the back occur along the same 🚈 motion path in the sagittal plane. So it's easy for one movement to assist the other. But when we don't want that extension, we need the stability and strength to 👊 fight it. That's where your anterior core comes in.

The abs and obliques keep the ribs from flaring upwards and act as the brakes on spinal extension. So when you 🏋 lift heavy things overhead, they keep the motion at the shoulder and not at the spine.

When we do this drill, we want to maintain NEUTRAL. We're diving into this more tomorrow night, but going into a posterior tilt won't fix an anterior one. 🤔 I'm gonna let you all think on that one.

We show these drills standing but you can ⏮ regress to kneeling or half kneeling if necessary. Then move on to the band and start building up some strength. Try it out. 😉 It's harder than it looks.

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One of my favorite core exercises👌🏻 Make sure to posteriorly tilt that Pelvis!!! #Repost @hartrehab
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Continuing along our theme of core strengthening while trying to maintain as much of a neutral spine as possible ... let's discuss a great exercise that helps to avoid excessive hip flexor activation. This one is called STIR THE POT (shout out @backfitpro from UWaterloo).
We previously discussed the ab wheel rollout, and the great thing about this workout is that it is sort of a regression of that workout, while also adding a bit more variability to the movement because it can be performed in multiple directions.
1️⃣Grab an exercise ball and place it directly in front you.
2️⃣From your knees, rollout into a plank position so that your forearms are flat on the ball. This motion to roll the ball "in-and-out" in itself is a regression from the ab wheel rollout. Add in side to side movements to mix things up.
3️⃣The actual "STIR THE POT" motion comes from a circular motion in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions. .
👉🏼Remember our previously discussed cues: get your pelvis posteriorly tilted to lock in the core, ensure you aren't relying on holding your breath for stability.
👉🏼This motion should be slow and controlled, which each circle being about 3 seconds in duration
👉🏼More movement with the ball (larger circles)
👉🏼Move from your knees to your feet
👉🏼Narrow stance width through feet
Leave a comment below and tag a friend who could benefit from this exercise!
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10 reps wide, 10 reps shoulder width, 10 reps narrow! 💪🏼👌🏼🌺"

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