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Thank you @redseaprep for the gentle reminder! 2 Tim 2:15 says "study to show thyself approved" I am beyond grateful for those who hold me accountable and excited to jump into my study on Ruth this evening. The Entrepreneur Circle better get ready for the lesson on Wednesday! No one said living for Christ would be easy but I know for myself it will be worth it! #GetInTheWord #Blessed #imJustTrynaGoToHeaven #ElevateWithJanea

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes" Romans 1:16 #shereadstruth #romans #romansbiblestudy #getintheword #notashamed @shereadstruth

SCRIPTURE Memorization this week! #getintheword #getintotheword #bibleverses

We love the pages these ladies made today in this morning's Bible Journaling workshop! #biblejournaling #getintheword #becreative #watercolor

Today I am so grateful for the word of God from Ephesians 6. He knows when to speak the exact words that I need to hear. Jesus Calling was spot on for me today.
As you may already know, I struggle with anxiety and recently, sadly enough, words from others have created this mountain of anxiety over me.
In the past, this mountain of fear and anxiety would have become the size of Mt Everest... but NOT ANyMORE! Now I meet anxiety head on with the word of God and this natural, probiotic, Vitalbiome. I'm so glad I have weapons agains the flames of the enemy. Darkness doesn't stand a chance agains the LiGHt of this world, Jesus!
Whatever is standing against you today... take up your shield of faith and fight it.
Whatever is holding you back from living your dreams and running with your calling... cling to Jesus, put your blinders on and GO FOR IT. "Bring your anxieties out into the light of My Presence, where we can deal with them together." If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, doubt or worry... I would love to pray for you. Please know that you are not alone! I would also love to tell you more about an amazing probiotic that rids the gut of bad bacteria that holds on to stress, anxiety and moodiness. There is help and a solution. Don't fight your battles alone. Talk to me! #getintheword #wordofgod #armorofgod

I was gifted this bible 17 years ago by one of my besties. Her note that she wrote on the first page of the gospel of John is still there and makes me smile every time. She was one of three girls who led my heart to Christ, by simply doing life with me. Not pushing me away cause I didn't believe what they believed...but instead loving on me during my AWESOME high school years (let's just say I was a treat back then 😑). I love how it all comes full circle when the Bible study I'm doing is camped out in the gospel of John. I get to smile at this note every time I open to John - and I get to remember their love for me, that literally changed my life❤️ PS This bible study - so good!

TGIF!!! Who are you listening to? #morningmotivation #faithfilled #getintheword #knowhisvoice

Singles discipleship class every Tuesday at 7pm! We love seeing you all! Don't miss out this upcoming Tuesday. #GetinTheWord #SinglesDiscipleship #SeedGerminateGrowth #AnointedAndAppointed

Hate I missed this week's workout, but love this about @n.o.s.trainingfacility! #getinthegym #getintheword


I love putting the Word on my walls. I have a board which once served as homeschool headquarters, and now holds whichever verse the Lord is pressing upon me, to go over with the kids. Hebrews 13:8 reminds us of His consistency. We never have to doubt Him and His love for us, or whether His Word is still relevant today. We never have to consider false teachers or doctrine. He is faithful to us, even when we are not to Him. He still welcomes us back, no matter what. His consistency is the kind we need to show our spouses and children.
#hebrews138 #thesameyesterdaytoday #heisfaithful #consistency #faithandfamily #getintheword #family #heisneverlate #hiswordholdstrue #itsarelationshipnotareligion #christian #christianfamily #puthimfirst #forgivennotperfect #thankful

TGIF!!! Who are you listening to? #morningmotivation #faithfilled #getintheword #knowhisvoice

#Time2WakeUp...We Are NOT AFRICANS! (Descendants of Ham)...The Slaves in the Pyramid on the Hieroglyphs were BLACK!! (The Israelites)...*Exodus 11:7 "But AGAINST ANY of the CHILDREN of ISRAEL shall NOT a DOG (Other Nations) Move His TONGUE, AGAINST MAN or BEAST: that Ye May Know how that the LORD doth Put a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the EGYPTIANS (Africans) and ISRAEL." (African Americans)...The Children of Israel were in EGYPT (Which is in AFRICA) For 430 yrs. According to *Exodus 12:40 and they were SLAVES There! We were in AFRICA BEFORE WE were TAKEN to AMERICA!!...We Are The Israelites!!...Keyword: "NOT THE NEGROES" #Message #Deep #TruthComingOut #WeAreTheIsraelites #GodsChosenPpl #TheBibleIsOurHistoryBook #KnowledgeIsPower #GetInTheWord #TheBibleIsATrueBook #TheCURSESOfDeuteronomy28 #Something2ThinkAbout

Macey, Laz, Kimberly, Hannah Grace, and I have had total relaxation day! PJs-to swimsuits-to PJs!!! A perfectly lovely day while Scott, Jonathan, Benjamin & Cass spent the day at Comic-Con! @graciegirl928 ***view into our room and view out of our room and My #besthusbandever made his 1st purchase at Comic-Con was a #cinderella #glassslipper with GusGus for me-how cute is that!!!

#Time2WakeUp...Have You Ever Wondered, Why Our NAMES (Nationality) Changed So Much??...The Bible will Tell You!!!...We Are The Israelites!!!
*Deuteronomy 28:15 "But it shall Come to PASS, if thou wilt NOT HEARKEN unto the VOICE of the LORD Thy GOD, to OBSERVE to DO ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS and HIS STATUTES (Laws) Which I COMMAND Thee this DAY; that ALL these CURSES shall Come Upon Thee, and OVERTAKE Thee:....*Deuteronomy 28:37 "And Thou Shalt Become an ASTONISHMENT, a PROVERB,(Wanna Hide Something from a Black Man...) and a BYWORD, (Negro,N*,Colored, African American etc) Among ALL NATIONS Whither the LORD Shall Lead Thee. (For Us America)....*Deuteronomy 28:45-46...45. Moreover ALL these CURSES Shall Come Upon Thee, and Shall PURSUE Thee, and OVERTAKE Thee, till Thou be DESTROYED; (Not Know Who We Are!) Because Thou HEARKENDST NOT Unto the VOICE of the LORD Thy GOD, to keep HIS COMMANDMENTS and HIS STATUTES (Laws) which HE COMMANDED Thee: 46. And They (These CURSES) Shall be Upon Thee for a SIGN and for a WONDER, and upon Thy SEED (Children) FOR EVER."....*Isaiah 65:15 "And Ye Shall LEAVE Your NAME for a CURSE Unto MY CHOSEN: for the LORD GOD shall SLAY Thee, and CALL HIS SERVANTS (Israelites) by ANOTHER NAME:(Negro, N*, Colored, African American etc)...Our Names were Changed for a REASON, to HIDE OUR TRUE IDENTITY!💯 #Message #Deep #TruthComingOut #WeAreTheIsraelites #GodsChosenPpl #TheBibleIsOurHistoryBook #KnowledgeIsPower #GetInTheWord #TheBibleIsATrueBook #TheCURSESOfDeuteronomy28 #Something2ThinkAbout

By faith Abel offered.
By faith Noah built.
By faith Abraham obeyed.

Our God is a God of action. So if you have faith in Him, get ready to move.
This is the beauty of Christianity: our faith in Jesus saves us, and it also frees us from striving to be enough, trying to earn approval, stature, or recognition through what we do. I can do good works without having to worry about measuring the outcome. Faith in Jesus’ final, finished work gives me the security to do good without worrying that I’m doing enough.

What a gift.
To be saved by grace.
To be invited into God’s work.
To see that, in the end, it’s all His.
#cruciform #jesus #thebookofjames

There are days when the Lord speaks so loud and clear... that all you can do is be still and listen. Today's time in the word was exactly that for me!
#getintheword #jesuscalling #womanofgod #childofgod #travel #travelwithkids #fulltimerv

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes" Romans 1:16 #shereadstruth #romans #romansbiblestudy #getintheword #notashamed @shereadstruth

Mid Week Refresh!

Learning to WAIT on the Lord! The enemy wants us to FAINT but don't do it, just WAIT!!! #midweekrefresh #nofainting #wait #keepthefaith #staythecourse #nevergiveup #push #getintheword #faithful #alwayswithus #stand #itisontheway #godspromise

Thank you sooo much @crafty.verdigris.girl for sharing your gorgeous Bible journaling pages made with this kit from @onwingsofgrace Etsy shop!.
.To see the kit come to life on the pages of your Bible made my heart do a little happy dance! 💓😊💕 .

The new Bibles for the youth room! #godsword #nivstudybible #niv #getintheword #scripture #lovestory

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