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Workin on my hang time😎

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A happy Monday indeed 👍🏼 #godisgreat #getintheword #hisjoyismystrength

I was gifted this bible 17 years ago by one of my besties. Her note that she wrote on the first page of the gospel of John is still there and makes me smile every time. She was one of three girls who led my heart to Christ, by simply doing life with me. Not pushing me away cause I didn't believe what they believed...but instead loving on me during my AWESOME high school years (let's just say I was a treat back then 😑). I love how it all comes full circle when the Bible study I'm doing is camped out in the gospel of John. I get to smile at this note every time I open to John - and I get to remember their love for me, that literally changed my life❤️ PS This bible study - so good!

We love the pages these ladies made today in this morning's Bible Journaling workshop! #biblejournaling #getintheword #becreative #watercolor

SCRIPTURE Memorization this week! #getintheword #getintotheword #bibleverses

Remember to read Romans 6, 7, & 8.
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#GoForItSummer Word for today: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17. What does this say abt God? What does it say abt people? What is this telling you to do? #GetInTheWord


May~ 25: Presence Centered. •
True Confidence comes only from Jesus and your eyes are set on Him and not your self, your circumstances, or your surroundings.
It's so easy to become disappointed because we don't see life going the way we want it to and we are not able to see the big picture that God is working through everything to produce in us a character to be more like Jesus.
Don't lose hope. Don't allow pride and arrogance to fill you when your eyes and heart are not presence centered.
Remember the goodness and grace of your sweet Heavenly Father.
You will continue to struggle with confidence until you allow Him at the center of your life. Surrendering all- even what your final destination might look like.
Know this that He does prompt you daily, so when you are ready to leap, He has equipped and strengthened you to move without hesitation and reservation. Wait on Him and Know Him so you learn to recognize His prompts, His voice. •
{Psalm 27:13-14}

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Jesus is the only One who can redeem, save and transform us. And no one has the authority to add or take away from His gospel. He is our source of peace, love and joy. And the assurance and freedom we long for can only be found in Him.
Jesus has the power to redeem anyone, no matter what they’ve done. You may know someone whose actions and words speak the complete opposite of what God represents. Keep praying for them because their story isn’t over, and God can do amazing things in restoring them for His glory – just like He did for you & me. #cruciform #redeemed #jesus

We worship such an amazing God.
Not only is He mighty to save us but He also rejoices over us with singing. 🎶
He saves us from sin, death, anger, anxiety, fear, doubt, worry and all of those other chains that entangle us...
And lifts us up to life, freedom, safety, protection, provision, a stress free, worry free, anxiety free life in Christ! Why in the world do we think we need to take matters into our own hands? Why in the world do we fret and live in fear? We serve a God who is alive and cares for our every single need. Oh Lord, I surrender all I am to all you are. Thank you that I am safe in your arms as you rejoice over me with singing. ❤️ 🎶 ❤️
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It's linkup day!! Come linkup your awesome posts and if you don't have one, come visit us anyway! I'm featuring @livingfreeindeed today with her post on what it means to hunger for God's Word. You won't want to miss this one!

#PressPlay A mid-week reminder that You've got the victory! Pastor @semajvsr brought forth a mighty word this past #Sunday from sermon series: Kids of the King! It was also our annual Family & Friends week, but don't worry if you missed it! 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾JOIN US every Sunday at 10am 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾for worship or Wednesday #BibleStudy at 12pm or 7pm to get a refill and finish the week strong!! #KingdomFocused #GloryBound #WordDriven #BraggingOnJesus #AsburyPark #NewJersey #GetInTheWord

Tag a friend to encourage!

#Amen....Something You Never heard before, This Bible is About Us Israelites!!(Blacks,Hispanics, and Native Americans!!) 💯🤗😁☺️#TruthComingOut #WeAreTheIsraelites #TheBibleIsOurHistoryBook #KnowledgeIsPower #GetInTheWord #TheBibleIsATrueBook #Something2ThinkAbout

#Amen...Have you Ever Wondered Why We're the Only Ppl, that if asked what's your Nationality We come up with Multiple Answers?!(Negro, Black, African American, Moor etc.)....Hmmm!🤔Because We're None of those Names!....We Are The Israelites!!!💯#TruthComingOut #TheBibleIsOurHistoryBook #KnowledgeIsPower #GetInTheWord #TheBibleIsATrueBook #Something2ThinkAbout

May~ 24: Eyes to see.
When we are reminded of His goodness and what is our eternal reward-we cannot help but rejoice.
His goodness and
His mercy.
This will follow us to the end of our life, and beyond.
It's all about perspective.
His goodness and mercy~It's there around us and all we have to do is ask the Lord,~ "Give me eyes to see." Then praise Him for it. Before you even begin to see. •
Surely: used to emphasize the speaker's firm belief that what they are saying is true and often their surprise that there is any doubt of this.
Surely? Yes. No doubt about it.

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I will patiently wait and follow. Guide my life God and give me the wisdom to know it is your desire. 🙏🏼 #faith #trust #getintheword #loveoneanother #encourage #happiness #joy #love #jesus #family

Doing a little devotion and bible journaling with my girl! I told her we needed to make a schedule for summer of thinks we needed to get done every day (nothing crazy) and she said "We need to make sure we do our devotions every day." Love my sweet Allie! Love it that she is into artsy crafty stuff like me. I love it that she is growing daily and starting her sweet relationship with Jesus so young! 💗💗Watch out world...she is going to change you!

What seems like ashes in your life — can be the actual fertilizer that grows your life.

Souls grow most in soil made rich by ashes.

Fire makes a fertilizer for growth — and ashes can be the best soil for the best soul growth.

Do. not. ever. be. afraid. of. ashes.

The flame of the unexpected, the unwanted, the unnerving, that can make kindling of your life, that disaster, that diagnosis, that debacle that burns up your people, the burns down your dreams, that you blink and turn around and your life is ON FIRE.

What you can’t explain in your life — may be explained as being a gift.

What ashes from your hope and dreams that you still have in your hand, God will make into abundance that will be too much to hold in your hands.

Hear this: The same Hebrew word that means abundance — also means ashes.

Abundance rises from ashes.

What looks like your ashes — is the beginning of God’s abundance.

What seems like the discouraging ashes of your hopes — can be the nurturingashes of your growth.

Abundance, not ashes, are the last line of every story of God. #cruciform #jesus #beautyforashes

Why am I STILL up? Por que??? It's hours past my bedtime lol. Welp, no more coffee for me in the evening. #devotiontime #goodstuff #getintheWord toddles!

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