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Happy 18th Stasia ✌🏽🥂 #getinstagram

This post is a shoutout to all the amazing people in my life. The first picture you see is of my girlfriend, @destiny.bennett who, in these past 9 months, has brought out the best in me. Knowing l have you in my life at all makes me happy day in and day out, but calling you my person does so much morn than that. Thank you. I love you. The second picture you see is of my household family. My mother, @rosiehanrahan my sister, @hanrahan_96 and my Dad (no tag #getinstagram ). What can l say. Were it not for incredible parents like you, l wouldn't be the person l am today. The opportunities l have, the many high points on my life l have to blame the hard work of you guys. You guys would walk off the edge of the Earth if it meant l could be happy. Thank you, for everything. As for my sister, l can't imagine growing up without you. You were the first best friend l've ever had. Thank you for being a great sister (even tho we fight a nice bit. But that's only when you're contrary 😉). The third is of my Nan, @pathunt1957 you're like a second mother to me. You have gone to EXTREME lengths for me, my family, my relationship... you have done so much for me and l'll never be able to repay that to you. The fourth is of my Pop and my other Grandmother. Pop, you've been the best neighbour, babysitter, and friend to me for years. You've been a man l could depend on for my entire life. If l wanted something, you were always there for me. Your reliability to me for everything from cooking my food when l was knee-high to a grasshopper to when l was 17 (l can't cook lol) is truly worth thanks. As for your wife (Nan Ruth), l'm pretty sure when we first met a long time ago you introduced yourself with about 10 kisses on my cheek 😂 l knew then you had yourself a keeper Pop 😉 and in the final picture, the person l couldn't get a picture with on the day of my graduation. My Pop Wiscombe. You were my idol for years. You thought the world of me, and l of you. It's been over 7 years since l last saw you Pop. And l wish l had a picture with you on my special day to share with everyone. Thank you for everything you did for me.
I love you all so very much. Thank you ❤️

Everyone kept getting us mixed up on Sunday... twinning winning! Great having a fellow Brit in town for a few days. Thanks for rooming with me, laughing at my jokes, and helping me feel not so alone in my choice of jeans. Much love. #kingkingsley #getinstagram #manofGod #london

🤦🏼‍♀️ So obsessed with him 🍾 #6.5years #getinstagram

Happy Birthday Dinner Shawnsy!! #getinstagram @chefbedford @kristarizzi @valeriebrasil

Lewis (No Shoes) Knox #getInstagram #U

A friendship that no one could get between ❤ #getinstagram

Some people are dog people. Some are cat people. I personally prefer bunnies. Love this little feller. Thanks for hanging out with me every evening when I get home from work #getinstagram #bunbun


It was time for our yearly check in and @coachLeeBoyce made it count 💪

Lee, I appreciate you... For blessing the set breaks with your dance moves and eloquent movie reviews... And it goes way beyond the physical strength and coaching. Your drive and perseverance speak volumes about the incredible person that you are. I feel grateful to be privy to your journey. Thank you for the life inspo, Proud of you!

#MakingWaves #Motivation #CoachLeeBoyce #GetInstagram #WorkOut #Squats #DanceBreak #WelcomeBack

When one friend doesn't have instagram but you want him involved with the ongoing joke...
Especially since it's about him. ..
I am a complete jerk...
But i mean well...
And make people laugh at times.
#oldtimecamera #tintype #saycheese #friends #getinstagram #flash #darkroom #developingfilm #screencap #text

Cheers to the woman who made me all that I am today. L. Alderton, You da real MVP! (Also, can I just say that she made us stop to take this photo because those are her initials and she made me😂) #happybirthday #mom #bestfriend #getinstagram

A friendship that no one could get between ❤ #getinstagram

Happy Fathers Day to this epic legend, my dad... (tagging my mum as my dad doesn't have Instagram 🤔 @robyngerke ) #fathersday #thanksdad #getinstagram

happy birthday to not only a fellow virgo but also a brother of mines. IG or not, i still try to keep him photo fresh for bae. #virgoseason #brothers #familyiseverything #distanceisnothing #bangbang #asu #pike #ttka #bjflowers #getinstagram #dreadhead #whosthatgirl #reflection #thatsbae

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