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⚠️Looking for 10 ladies/gents ⚠️who want to get in the best shape of their lives. Let’s try my 30-day plan and get those results before the Holidays. Text me your goal and IG name now at 347-210-3465 📲📲
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¿ got shapes ?

Got me a new setup going to get back in the skate thing again#skateforlife#nevertoold#getinshape#...

🥞RICOTTA PROTEIN PANCAKES🥞 with what appears to be Unicorn guts all over the top 🦄😂
100g egg whites
30g light ricotta cheese
30g protein powder
10g coconut flour
10g sweetener
1/2 tsp baking powder
Dash almond milk
Dash vanilla essence
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch salt
1️⃣Blitz egg whites in a food processor until soft peaks form
2️⃣Transfer egg whites to a bowl and combine all the ingredients together into a smooth batter forms
3️⃣In a greased pan over low-medium heat, add 3 tbs of the batter
4️⃣Flip the pancakes when small bubbles begin to appear; cook for a further minute and transfer to a plate
5️⃣Repeat with remaining batter and stack the pancakes on top of each other
6️⃣Add your favourite toppings before demolishing. I used @macr0mike PB+, melted chocolate, crushed peanuts, unicorn confetti and sugar-free maple syrup
Makes 3 average-sized pancakes (but in the picture, I doubled the recipe to make 2x servings)
MACROS (without toppings)
4.1F 35.8P 12.1C

Saturday night lights 🚥

Just chilling in my Packers blanket + watching The Santa Clause!
Scotty’s parents came to visit today & brought a 500 piece puzzle! I can’t wait to start on that!
ALSO stay tuned for a new group announcement coming in the next few days! This one will be FREE!!!!

“Look in the mirror...that should be your only competition”

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