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Me and @tuffytufferson at last week's 60k. I wouldn't find much to laugh about later in the race. That was a tough night for me!

Sunday Runday with @thedenuch : small breakfast, drive to Tiburon, long run on Paradise Loop x2, happy hour and late lunch at Sam's on the waterfront, second happy hour at Rare Barrel back in Berkeley, dinner and movie at home. Two people. Busy day. One bag. The Coyote II has quickly become my favorite lightweight gear bag for road (or trail) to happy hour and back days. It expands to carry all the stuff you need for even your longest day and keeps it organized. ❤️ #greatestgearbagever #victorysportdesign #getingetoutgetmoving

Introducing the Victory Sportdesign Grizzly! Today, I'm carrying lunch, dinner, two pair of shoes, one change of running gear, three handhelds of water, post run clothing....and all my electronics for work. #victorysportdesign #getingetoutgetmoving #greatestgearbagever @victorysportdesign

One step, two step. Red fish, blue fish.
#NeverStopExploring #NeverStopFaceplanting #GetInGetOutGetMoving

Pumped to be part of the @victorysportdesign and #teamtrot partnership this year! Be sure to check out their awesome products!
#bestgearbagever #getingetoutgetmoving

Victor raffling off some slick awesome Victory Sportdesign trucker hats at BTR's Whiskey Hill Redwood Run. Go get your #trailstoke on!! #baytrailrunners #whiskeyhillredwoodrun #victorysportdesign #victorybags #getingetoutgetmoving

Big thanks to @victorysportdesign for outfitting my family with travel and drop bags for this racing season. Oy prefers the Coyote II. #victorysportdesign #greatestgearbagever #getingetoutgetmoving #oytheterror

Last shred of daylight to shred some pow. 🎿🍕🍟 #neverstopexploring #getingetoutgetmoving


Me and @tuffytufferson at last week's 60k. I wouldn't find much to laugh about later in the race. That was a tough night for me!

Nature: "if you try to hold me back I might explode. Baby by now you should know. I can't be tamed."
But also me.

"Just shimmy, shimmy, strut, strut, give a little what, what
Up on the (mountains), we'll be dancing all night" #neverstopexploring

This was the hardest winter of my life. Now, here comes the sun.... #neverstopexploring #neverstopdroolingoverrainier

Just another woman in her kitchen.
#jkfuckthat #neverstopexploring #neverstopeating

Feelin like a princess climbing to the highest spires with a 95F dragon breathing down my neck.

The Victory Sportdesign Bear III is all packed up for @saramaltby 's Badder Marsh Night Ultras. In celebration of Statesmas, I'm gonna turn over the legs in the 25K. #greatestgearbagever #victorysportdesign #getingetoutgetmoving @victorysportdesign

Devoted to destruction. Dosage of detrimental dysfunction. I'm just a sucker for pain. - Wiz Khalifa


Summer Solstice is taking a 7hr exam, driving two hours, & running ridgelines in the golden light.
#questionmadness #neverstopexploring

David's been an amazing massage therapist and more importantly, a great friend. D is the proud new owner of a Victory Sportdesign Grizzly. #victorysportdesign @victorysportdesign #greatestgearbagever #getingetoutgetmoving

Running isn't easy.
It's hard, mentally & physically.
But not running is hardest.
Throughout injury, I've returned again & again, because the highs and ability to see the world is unparalleled.
The grind is worth it.

PC @thenorthface @greg_mionske

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