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- RIP 90 % jump press w/ lateral shuffle.
A few days ago I posted a video of me demonstrating a RIP 90 degree jump press where I was stationary and no locomotion.
A progression to the stationary jump press would be adding in some locomotion. @tiffanytimebomb demonstrates this by adding in the side shuffle prior to the 90 degree jump press.
Great exercise for rotational power, footwork, agility, speed, balance, movement efficiency and all around Athleticism.
This is definitely an advanced exercise. Remember that you have to earn the right to do it by breaking down all the elements of the exercise and mastering each movement before performing it at full speed. 💪
Get after it and let me know your thoughts. 👊🙏

Lifestyle made healthier, easier & yummy😋💚

Vidste du at dette lille produkt forbedrer din fordøjelse? Vidste du at den forbrænder mavefedtet hurtigere end normalt? Vidste du at du vil svede mere når du træner pga. du indtager dette produkt? Vidste du at denne urtete renser din krop og smider dine affaldsstoffer? Og... vidste du at du kan have en bedre energi til dagligt fordi du indtager dette produkt? Det gør JEG! Fordi jeg indtager produktet HVER evig eneste dag, gerne flere gange om dagen. Jeg har det altid med inde i min taske. Og du vælger selv om du vil drikke teen varm eller kold, effekten er den samme! Også smager de bare himmelsk!😍 kan fås i citron, fersken, hindbær og original😉 Jeg kan bedst lide original. #herbalifetea #herbalife #detoxyourbody #gethealthynow #askmehow ☘️

holiday vacation(!)😋
.#gethealthynow #holidayfun #syalala #cihuwahuwa 😋

Day 1 of training. St. Louis Missouri Extravaganza. #808getfitstayfit #gethealthynow

Heidelbeeren: Blaue Powerkugel
Warum gehört sie ab sofort in jeden Obstkorb?
✔️Verhindern Faltenbildung
✔️Enthalten Vitamin C & E
✔️100g Heidelbeeren enthalten nur 36kcal
✔️wirken antibakteriell
✔️beschleunigen die heilung von Schleimhautentzündungen
✔️beugen Krebs vor
Einfach jeden Tag ein paar mit in dein Müsli oder Smoothie #gethealthynow #heidelbeeren #fitforsummer #fit #sport

I'm absolutely in love with this new workout program 💜 and the fact that I can do it from anywhere makes it all the better! If your ready to shift your mindset and your body to become the best version of you, fill out the link in my bio ⬆️ we are doing 3 rounds of this program so it's not too late to join the fun 🔆

Rob lost 36lbs in 40 days.87% was dangerous FAT! 'I have more energy, not hungry, I eat real food for my specific metabolic and hormonal optimum, no bars or shakes. Dr.Ben and Trish have been the best support and teachers ever. My diabetic issues greatly improved. I know now, what's best for MY body and am in control of my health!' #NutriMostMontgomeryCounty #DrBenGrisafi #losefat #gethealthynow 610 275 3355


Fights my fingers for the keys, then fights my fingers for my fingers!😂
He's the best interruption. Problems of a bird mama.😍
✨DOUBLE TAP if you have this "interruption problem" with your animal babe!✨
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From #tbt to today, Jennifer is serious about her #weightloss nutrition plan. She is working for these results consistently and it's showing. She also earn 20pts this week 🙌 #staytuned
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How to get a lean healthy body. Dump the dairy, gluten, soy, & artificial additives. Watch the excess pounds fall away, #eatcleangetlean #gethealthynow #longandlean #rockyourbody #veganprotein #healthyeats #glutenfreelife #dumpthedairy #eathealthybehappy #eatcleanstaylean

Ladies... ladies... am I getting close?!

Wanna know what this awesome guy has launching in September?! Ask me!!😀 @sagikalevthebeast #beastup

Defeat is only in the mind. Do not accept it, overcome it! #overcomer #poweredbyplexus #brucelee #philosopher

No run tonight, just a nice walk, enjoying the gorgeous sky. Aside from the little tumble my phone took, it was an awesome walk with my little walk/run buddy.

There are a lot of coaches out there that need you to realize how broken you are in order to motivate change within you... in order for you to realize that you are broken and they can help fix you.
I'm not that nutritionist. I'm not that coach. And I'm not out to fix you or anyone else.
You are not broken. You are not somebody who needs to be fixed. And you don't have to be perfect or seek perfection in order to create the life you want to live.
I'll go one step further; your imperfect self IS perfect. Today. Right now. You are ENOUGH.
And knowing that you are ENOUGH right now, knowing you, as you are now, have the ability to create the life you want to live... that's the assurance you need to make the choices that are going to propel you in to the life you want for yourself!!!
So today... how are you going to LOVE yourself enough to make the changes that will propel you into the life you want to live?

Love yourself, self care is so important 💕💚💕

It's a pink workout day today!! Crushed my abs with Shaun T (@shauntfitness )!! Can't wait to feel them be sore tomorrow 😍 it's one of my favorite things!!

Sometimes I see negativity about direct sales careers so I just want to share some fyi's:

When you buy supplements from GNC, you are helping Michael Archbold make over $950,000 a year. When you buy Plexus from me, you're not only helping yourself, you're helping me out!

When you buy MAC make-up, you're helping Fabrizio Freda's 5 year compensation to grow over $17,780,000. When you buy Younique Cosmetics, you're helping a girl pay for her college tuition.

When you buy leggings from Victoria's Secret Pink, you're building Sharen Turney's compensation to over $10,645,000. When you buy clothing from LuLaRoe, you're helping a single mom pay for her child to play t-ball.

The direct sales market is growing, and a large amount of companies are shifting towards this approach. Support those who choose these careers just like we would support you in yours. Invest in yourself and build the life you dreamed of instead of funding someone else's goals. #directsales #networkmarketing #homebusiness #plexusworldwide

I'm absolutely in love with this new workout program 💜 and the fact that I can do it from anywhere makes it all the better! If your ready to shift your mindset and your body to become the best version of you, fill out the link in my bio ⬆️ we are doing 3 rounds of this program so it's not too late to join the fun 🔆

Tomato Update!🍅🍅 I actually have three nice size tomatoes on one plant and nothing on the other one! 🤔. That's weird! And the other plant is huge! I'm hoping something will come of it! 🌶And no peppers popping up at all. I didn't even bother to take a picture of those plants! #jerseytomatoes #smallgarden #potgarden

💫Personal DEVELOPMENT has become a must for me in this life!!! It's also a vital behavior as a coach, which I think is pretty rad!!💫 💫"One of the MOST difficult times to control our thoughts, attitudes, and words is during the storms of life.... BUT it is also one of the most important time to DO IT!"💫 control and feed your mind with positivity INTENTIONALLY!!💫❤️ #personalgrowthjourney #puppy❤️

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