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Simple. Do it. Don't let a cell phone be the most important thing on your bedside table. #getgungood #liveanotherday #selfdefense #secondamendment #2a

Skills, then equipment. Train. You'll be pleased with your newfound confidence. #getgungood #training #selfdefense #liveanotherday

#suuntotraverse #getgungood www.GunIQ.training

Defenders of the Second Amendment. #guniq #secondamendment #2a #getgungood

GunIQ's Principles of Self-Defense. #liveanotherday #selfdefense #safety #getgungood


Live Another Day. Fitness. Nutrition. Rest. Personal protection.

Revolver or semi-auto? It's not close. Semi-auto. The US Army ditched the revolver in 1911. Is the revolver right for anyone? Yes. The person who won't train at all.

Good sense and a love of the right of self-defense.

Regulation is less dangerous than legislation

Respected, not feared.

If you forget all else, keep this.

What's the simplest thing in your life that you wouldn't give up?

Don't pretend to be smart or experienced. If you're either, people will know.

Great day on the Cuyahoga River!

There's a process for change, if you don't like the Constitution. Change ain't supposed to be easy.

Live Another Day. Bone broth. Make it your first cup in the morning.

The Second Amendment applies to everyone. So, not everyone wants a gun. That's not different than the First Amendment. Not everyone has something to say.

Want a fantastic health food? Here you go: bone broth. Good for joints, skin, hair, and gut health. Take care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is a large part of defending yourself and those you love. Is it time to get off your ass? Only you can answer that.

Eating keto. Shrimp stir fry, with only good green vegetables. The oil is extra virgin olive.

Live well.

Any port in a storm? Remember, it's skills first. Always.

The 2018 label will reflect changes to bring the label in line with the 2015 guidelines. While it is generally an improvement, there's no reason to trust it (or me) without your own close examination. In fact, don't trust it. It is chock-full of compromises made with the food industry. For example, the suggested cap on added sugars of 50g is too high. You should hit this kind of number only on a sometimes treat day. And, although the total number of carbs (which includes natural sugars, added sugars, starches, and fiber) has been reduced from 300g to 275g, that's still too high. These calories are the great insulin spikers (excluding fiber), that are responsible for most of our metabolism issues (including T2 diabetes). A person with a normal BMI should be at or below 200g. The rest of us, far lower. Two cents.

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