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get fit for life

Majulah sukan untuk negara 💪🏻 #fitmalaysia #FitForLife #fitkedah2016 #getfit4life #kbsmalaysia2016 👍🏻

My 7 o clock ladies got it in today.... great job @raiment and V..... legs on fire......

Me in 2007 I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm not where I use to be!!!#stillworkinghard #noturningback #GetFit4Life #Becomingabetterme

Empieza tu día alimentándote bien #getfit4life #boxinggirl #happysunday

Do it For Y O U 💪🏼:: thanks to @jeanpaulgf for this amazing pictures #getfit4life #behealthy4life #goodmorning @btsmethod #fitnessmotivation

Loving the new shade of life #getfit4life


get fit for life

Beauty must be captured... bye for now Columbus Circle...

And I'm done! Been out here for 2 hrs, relaxing sounds of the water, kids playing, super sun, nice and cool, pleasant sights, and 😱sights. Time to hear back to Ailey... My seeds are calling my name... Actually screaming my name! #happyfridayfriends😘 #longdayforme #feelinggoodtho

Columbus Circle happenings...
Where are they going?

3 classes done! Break time before class #4... Destination... 59th Columbus Circle... Missing my sis, who's normally out here with me this time of year @kcarr10976 😘🤗
Swipe left to hear the soothing sounds of the water. I love it!💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧

Back to basics... it's been a while since I've had my tea fave ☕️ That first sip...aaaaahhhhhhh😌

Plexus Testimony - love how Plexus is helping g so many people!! I started plexus on April 20th(today is my 90 days), because I was so sick of being sick all the time and I had been praying for answers. I had bronchitis and sinus infections 6x since September and been on 8 antibiotics! That's not normal! My gut was so rotten, my tongue was white, I gained weight and I couldn't lose any weight. I feel like God intended for me to be on plexus.
So many improvements! My tongue is no longer white, it's pink! I seriously thought I was going to have to live with a gross white tongue forever! My gut is getting healthier and I've finally been able to get off the plateau I've been on for several months! My clothes fit better! My joint pain is barely noticeable, I don't have to wear muscle tape on my knee to reduce swelling! I can even exercise most days after work! I have energy and I feel happy, I even stand up in my cube in the afternoon cuz I'm ready to move! I don't feel anxious, stressed or depressed anymore. My menstral pain is gone! I no longer crave cake and ice cream (I used to eat it every day)! I drink 6 or more bottles of water every day. My skin feels softer, I don't have a ton of pimples, my nails are stronger, and my hair is growing faster. I have been approved by 3 specialist to take my plexus products!
I decided to become an ambassador with plexus because I want to help others feel better too.
This picture is of me standing up at work, with my headset on, cuz I just want to move and not be still!
I have been plexus triplex (slim, probio5, and biocleanse) for 90 days. I also take xfactor plus, vital biome, I use block when I eat carby foods, and today I started accelorator.

Flashback Friday ➖UNITARDS➖ 2016 Super Curly @articulatingbody and
@getkarenated Unitard Challenge. We rocked it. It's almost time Marimba! 😉😀

The power of one... Happy Friday friends!
#repost❤️ @mysimplereminders #inspirebeinspired

Diana shares her pleximony!! My TimeHop from a year ago made me realize what Plexus has done for me!!!!

This is a testimony of a lady with PCOS and how Plexus has helped her.

Anna Tindell Smith shares: “Can I just be REALLY vulnerable for a second?? Before I had my surgery my hair was thin due to PCOS, but after my surgery it literally fell out in CHUNKS! Im talking had to clean my brush everyday! It was HORRIBLE!! The amount of hair I was losing was SHOCKING!! Enter Xfactor plus. This is after using for 5 weeks!!! Your welcome!!👇👇👇👐👐👐”

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