Pies para qué los quiero si tengo alas pa’ volar. - Frida Kahlo // Who needs feet when I’ve got wings to fly. - Frida Kahlo
Probably one of Frida’s most popular quotes. Getting to visit Frida and Diego’s home in Coyoacan last month was an artistic pilgrimage for me. .
Seeing her studio space, contemplating what it would have been like to stare up at those butterflies over her bed, and to understand the struggles and challenges she had physically and emotionally was a very heavy experience for me. .
Frida’s strong voice empowers and inspires me to find my own voice, get a little braver and get comfortable with the way I relate to my own physical body. Muchas gracias, Frida.
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🚫No muzzle for these mouth muscles🗣...there is power and liberation in letting your truth hit the surface, so #SPEAKTHAT
#fearNOT #GetBRAVE #GetFREE (poem by the always amazing nayyirah waheed)

Texas fields forever, except I made the bluebells purple. Hope this isn’t considered sacrilege 😬😅 #sorrynotsorrytexas
Not pictured: 50 million biting ants 🐜🔥
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Seriously, its ridiculous how many people have goals and dreams and legit WORLD changing shit that could benefit us all living inside of them but they are afraid to get up and go. . why? .
Because your parents dont agree? Grow up.
Because bills need to be paid? Ok - strategize & plan.
Because you feel alone? FAWK THEM
Because too many other people do it? My nigga, how many schools are in your city? How many doctors? How many gas stations and grocery stores? .
Leave the excuses. They are only excess baggage that is preventing your greatness. Boss the fuck up. Take control of your reality. Remain grounded and get to work ! .
📷 @letif.b.photo
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How has God shown up for me today? For this one i have to go way, way, waywaywaywaywaywayway back! Once upon a time- pre 3 pregnancies in 4 years- i loved running. I wasn’t really fast or good at it. I simply enjoyed the process. A year ago (exactly) I was frustrated with my inability to run and the physical pain it caused my body to try so I decided to quit being a runner and just do intervals instead and move on with life. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with this decision- it all boiled down to my fear of failure (Hello, I’m a 2 on the enneagram) - but i just let it be. On a whim i put my shoes on in March for a race i had not trained for at all with the plan of “seeing what happened” and IT FELT GREAT! Fast forward to today and i laced up my shoes for a run in the rain (#thanksalberto) and I looked forward to it! So this is where i have to #getbrave and share the God thing. In those first few days of running again i got hooked into #thatsoundsfunpodcast with @anniefdowns and these runs became my place for spiritual growth. It’s where I learn and pray and devour scripture and message in a space of life that previously wasn’t even carved out. God has not only gifted me with the ability and time to run, he’s gifted me with His presence in those moments. (There’s a lot more to unpack in this story- but for now this is my Brave moment!!) #100daystobravesummer #day2

Sunday evening in Sweden.
We’ve got out for a walk in the neighbourhood in the evening sun☀️ - met those 2 fellows and could see if they were happy to see us or upset that I woke then up.
So suddenly it became a speed running training! 🏃🏼‍♀️😂.
This was second meeting with those beauties, third time I’m going for a selfie with them! .
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Full circle moment🌒: On January 9th we kicked off the 5th season of dance @studio7okc with a lemonade toast🍋🥂. I read a story about how female elephants show up for one another, the community, the trumpet shouts of joy and the tight formation when any enemy tries to attack a member of the herd.
Over the the weeks that followed, I stressed the importance of showing up for each other, of community and growth (not in dance, but in self) and how joining my vision for recital would deepen their connection to this 🐘 herd.
It was an incredible thing to see these women scream praise✨ and work through doubt and worthiness together. This recital season was a beautiful reminder of the tenacity of women and how dance is universal (and snacks and wine)😂. On May 15, we set that stage on fire and then spread that joy into an impromptu Flash Mob @thejonesokc 🔥🔥🔥. I can’t believe I get to lead these women. Each has a gift they bring to us and we wouldn’t be complete without them. Now that I have caught up on sleep, I’m just as full and proud of this herd and the whole studio 7 pride for their tremendous work. 🌈I’m on a dance break until June but don’t miss Chair Class June 8 & 9 and hiphop fitness is Tuesday AND Thursday at 6pm until August💪🏾. #GetBrave. We’ll see you on the dance floor in June.

This is life. You never know what is the end. #Getbrave

Every Book Come With Different Pages , All When A Same Book Still Different Pages ! #Life Changes #GetBrave
#TheChasers #Day3 #ChangesInLife

Our past feelings and events are juicy.
They draw a hard line in the sand of what we wish to be, and what we refuse to be.
They create these lists of things, people, places, feelings to avoid in life.
We take the shovel of our harmful experiences as soon as possible and say “yep, learned that, gonna bury that now”…
Unearth it.
Who were you when you weren’t the liar, the gossip, the judge and the jury?
Who were you when you weren’t the harmed, the judged, and the exiled?
I will never tell a lie again, I will never be harmed again.
This lack of neutrality, this polarizing play — stops us from really seeing and forgiving.
Did you stop to forgive yourself, and THANK yourself, show gratitude for these people and these places that made us awakened to the experience?
Thank you for being the liar, thank you for being jealous, thank you for being the judged and the exiled.
Send love to yourself, celebrate yourself, and bring back all the pieces of you that were cast away when you decided to not let them go, but bury them deep. You’re worth your own love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

I balance out my crazy with a hefty amount of yoga, a dash of running and wallop of camogie. Camogie is an insane Irish field sport that brings communities together, let’s out ones inner wild thing and unlocks skills you didn’t think you’d have. I had never played before and took it up with Portland’s Columbia Red Branch hurling team last year - and never looked back. @portlandcamogie are hosting a FREE clinic on Saturday over at Westmoreland Park 12-3pm giving the ins and outs as well as an introduction to ladies Gaelic Football.
Come hang out. And play. And meet some awesome people.
#portland #camogie #ladiesgaelicclinic #portlandcamogie #westmorelandpark #ladiessports #portlandsports #gaelicfootball #getbrave #trysomethingnew #warriors #usgaa

“Og før hun vidste af det, var den april hun have gruet, frygtet og ventet gået og foran hende stod hele verden atter åben. For alle ved at kvinder lever af håb og at gevinsten afhænger af hvor meget man satsede ”... nå! Tilbage til koldskål på karton og regnvejr 🌸 #hope #getbrave #beclear #goforit

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done? #motivationmonday #courage #freedom #horse #equestrian #getbrave

Thanks Mom. I love you. 💕
For everyone who has had the courage to listen and be present.
For everyone who has been vulnerable enough to share.
I love you all with my big messy heart ♥️ #joyful #wholehearted #courage #vulnerability #strength #listenwithyourheart #listenwithlove #empathy #resilience #healing #growing #embraceyourself #loveonyou #lifeisyourstolive #selfkindness #getbrave @brenebrown

How do you find strength?
What makes you keep pushing through?
Some people say you need courage to keep pushing through challenges, adversity and well, life, in general.
I say you GET courage by pushing through. Most of the time, the people who we call brave or courageous grew to be that way exactly because they pushed through.
Life is full of problems and hurdles to jump over, some worse than others ... but...
What if we started seeing each one as something to conquer.. something to push through and realized that in doing so, we would build more and more courage as we did.
Look, you've got two choices: stay stuck in all of the drama, the issues, the problem or actually push right through.. DO something.
Stop trying to figure it all out or do it perfectly.... .
You will get stronger and braver and more courageous by doing the very things that you "think" you can't. But if you don't do them, you won't grow.
Trust me when I tell you, learning is a lifelong journey... you simply must keep learning if you want to grow personally, physically and spiritually.... .
Be the chick that everyone wants to be.
Be brave.
Be strong.
Be courageous.
Your life, your marriage, your family, your health, your business and YOUR influence depends on it. .
Need help figuring it out. I'd love to give you my tips.❤️❤️❤️

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