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When people get in your truck and ask what's that and you casually reply the blood of fallen ducks... 😂 #getbrave #aboutthatlife

You will 💛 #mybiglie #getbrave

I made myself a deal today. @whatsyourbiglie has grown like hell over the past year. But there's so much left undone. So with the help of @miraseeofficial, @iny.danny and his team, I am going to commit to bringing as much of the experience into the online education world as I can... and get it into the hands of the kids that are conquering their big lies. If we can figure it out, it'll be beautiful. Wish us luck...? #biglie #getbrave

When she wears your waders to show you they came in. Cant wait to get home to you @mollybarr. #gatorwaders @gatorwaders cant wait to try em out. #getbrave #getducks

Day 2 of #COCA35! Come check out @ygtgofficial at the @disrupttagency booth ✌🏼 #COCAwithcali #YGTG #getbrave #YOUGOTTHIS

The awesome peeps at @ghcstudentlife hosted @whatsyourbiglie yesterday and the team got creative with projections. Check it! #getbrave

“People who get offended at people with their tits out are corrupt” - 25.10.17
#freethenipple #corruption #getbrave #repeatafterme #90s

@diandragodiva & I are living the #lovelife, #jointheclub
Do you go to work everyday because you love what you are doing and truly feel you are providing earth and/or its inhabitants with mutually beneficial necessities and sustainable luxuries or services? Do you feel satisfied about the way you are rewarded for your work? Does a paper paycheck fill your chest with any lasting sense of accomplishment and pride? Do you trust that the portion of your profits allocated to the government is being utilized solely to enhance our society? Is it acceptable to you that you spend the majority of your youth acquiring costly pre requisites to obtain jobs that require you to specialize, limiting your potential skill set, and keeping you dependent on a consumerist society because then you have to spend your time working the job to pay off your schooling or start up costs and afford shelter, food and water, which are freebies provided by earth, along with all the materials that make not only your shelter, but everything you claim possession to, and get frustrated by the societal consequences that insist that you must spend your life working to pay someone with paper money for what the earth has to share, because man is so arrogant and selfish he believes it is his to sell? Did you like that run on sentence? ;)I happily accept trade for my work, and I think it's a more fair, honest way to be rewarded for my efforts. #barter Just wondering why you participate? Do you really love these man made rules and allowances, or are you acting from a place of fear? Fear of starvation because you can't hunt, grow or forage. Fear of homelessness because you can't build a shelter, and men lay claim to all lands so there is no place for shelter to be built. Fear of thirst because you can't dig a well, or find an untainted water source. Fear of loneliness because.. sheeple.. I was just wishing that more people utilized their time and their minds to share and evolve mutually. For those of you already on that path, I love you so much and I'm so grateful for your efforts! Keep thinking beautiful, compassionate and creative thoughts; they're contagious. If you don't love your life, #getbrave


When people get in your truck and ask what's that and you casually reply the blood of fallen ducks... 😂 #getbrave #aboutthatlife

It starts with conversation. #conversationmatters #getbrave

When she wears your waders to show you they came in. Cant wait to get home to you @mollybarr. #gatorwaders @gatorwaders cant wait to try em out. #getbrave #getducks

YES!!! #daretodecember starts 😄✌TOMORROW 😎💖
Every day in December we will post about something we did that took some daring.
Finally put some courage, some motivation and moxie behind that "if only I would just go ahead and do" list. Use the hashtag #daretodecember and show us what #december has gotten you into. 💥Let's cheer eachother on as we let love in and take big, bold steps toward living our best lives! 💥Know what could be fun that just came to me? If this sounds like a good idea.... Share this post and tag @betweenblueworlds with #letsdaretodecember so I can share your acct on my instastory and we can connect with one another to be like "Hell Yeah! And "Woohoo"! If you are wondering how to share posts (super common question): to share posts, I use a free app on my Not-an-iphone called Repost and I have never had any issues with it. Once it is installed it will give you instructions that are easy to follow ✌😎
💥 I think this could be really fun.
Here's to a badass December
Let's do this!
#daretodecember #instagramchallenges #bethechange #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #lightworkers #starseeds #inspo #motivation #courage #getbrave

It’s #SelfCareSunday and we’re spending it at @blakefly’s New Year’s Evolutions appreciating our progress this past year, acknowledging the highs and the lows, and recognizing the people in our life. Think back on your 2017 and take some time to be thankful for yourself and those around you!

We had such a great discussion at our workshop on academic stress led by @amftherapy. Thanks to all the @uoft students who came out and shared their experiences. Getting through university can be a struggle but when we open up and share our fears and anxieties we realize we’re not alone!

Them mornings with ice tho..... #cold #ducks #getbrave #riseandgrind

Asking yourself thought-provoking questions can cultivate good thoughts and allow for self reflection. We challenge you to ask yourself questions that make you think about the way you live and the way you look at the world.⠀
Repost by our very own @mswjake
💡 Ask yourself questions about yourself.

We work hard to bring our collaborative mental health programming to schools and businesses across North America. This week, our partner and speaker @jordanaxani is offering the “What’s Your Big Lie” workshop to several schools in British Columbia.
Are you looking for a change? You can start with thinking about what’s your “big lie"—that thing you hide from the world. It may be the source of the anxiety, worthlessness, hopelessness, and pain that you carry around every day. Reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Who’s coming to New Year’s Evolutions with us? Come out for a night of appreciation and gratitude for the amazing progress you made this year and get ready to start 2018 off right! Use our coupon code celebratingmyshifts for $25 off! Get your tickets at bit.ly/newyearsevolutions

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance and we remember and honour the lives lost to anti-transgender violence and discrimination.

It’s #SelfCareSunday and @sessionswithshannon is sharing one of the ways she takes care of herself: On Sundays, and any other day I feel like I need to unwind, taking a warm bath with a bath bomb, lighting up some candles, and turning the lights down is my favourite way to relax. Not only can I choose to focus on my different senses with a relaxing mindfulness practice, but having the world shut off around me for a short time is what I need to really recharge my batteries.

If your from Arkansas and your truck don't look like this right now... you don't duck hunt lol 💯🇺🇸😂 #hevisteel #winchester #remington #870 #nextone #rigemrightwaterfowl #truglo #getbrave #itsfinallyhere #limits #drake #fortthompson #mojo

We don’t often share what being entrepreneurs is like for us. Jordan spent 200 nights on the road last year and I often work 14 hour days. We wanted to piggy back our speaking trip with one day of vacation. We used points to upgrade to a fancy hotel in Washington and focused today on self care. I am so grateful for what we have, to do what I love, and to meet inspiring people every single day as a therapist. Today, my self care started with coffee and a stroll around DC. I feel so lucky. — @meganrafuse

We are so happy to be at Old Dominion University this evening opening dialogues about love, sex and relationships!

Attention all students! Are you struggling in school? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed and want to learn how to cope? Our therapist, @amftherapy, is running a free workshop with @uoft students on managing academic stress. Come out on Friday, November 24 at 2pm @woodsworthcollege for “The Struggle is Real: Surviving University” and learn various coping mechanism to help you lead a more balanced lifestyle. We’ll also discuss how anxiety and stress manifests cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Don’t miss this, especially as we finish up with the end of the semester!

We love when Arthur visits the office! @jordanaxani is enjoying last minute snuggles before he and @meganrafuse head to @olddominionu in Virginia to present “Love Honestly”—an interactive keynote that uses an anonymous text messaging platform to allow people to share their experiences, ask questions, and have a dialogue about sexual violence and harassment...without fear or judgment. The program works because it's not us talking “at” anyone; rather, it's people sharing their own stories, seeing that they’re not alone, and being celebrated for their strength and bravery.
Interested in initiating this discussion at your school or work? Reach out to us to learn more!

Happy Monday! We have our warm caffeinated drink and we’re ready to read this week’s Mood Boost Monday from @meganrafuse and @jordanaxani. It’s so important to start the week with some thoughtful content on mental health and wellness. Join the conversation and sign up! It’s free! Link in bio.

Jordan Axani, our partner at The Shift Collab, was at the Summit LA conference last week and was elated to meet one of our favourite couples, sex, and relationship therapist, Esther Perel. In true Jordan fashion, he took care of his team by sharing a big hello to Megan who adores and is inspired by Esther’s work. Check out her podcast, “Where Should We Begin?” on iTunes. We promise you will not be disappointed! Thanks @estherperelofficial for sharing your message and being a strong advocate for mental wellness and connection!

As we pause to remember and reflect on November 11, let’s not only think of the people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others but also the physical and psychological impacts and trauma from war on all involved.

It’s FriYAY! We love when our therapists and clients share what they’re grateful for and we’re loving this fun Friday note on our gratitude board.
Let’s all start our weekend with thankfulness and appreciation. What are you grateful for?

“...I love how people are different. There are so many different kinds of people and… you can force everybody to dress the same and speak the same, but human beings are not all [the same]. We all don’t have the same hair, bodies . . . and that’s just wonderful. The painful thing, of course, is what we do with difference, what human beings [tend to] do with difference. Which is, you know, using it in a way that drives one another apart, using it in a way that forms hierarchy. But I feel like it’s a lot more comfortable to accept it, to talk about it, than to pretend it’s [not there].” #racemakesmefeel #shamelessconversationsaboutrace #yourbravebox #talkaboutrace #getbrave #race

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. It’s a great time to bundle up and start working with a therapist! Many young professionals begin therapy in November, especially those who like to take advantage of their benefits before the end of the year. For our fall promotion, we’re bundling 3 psychotherapy sessions for $375 for all new clients. Interested? Email us at info@shiftcollab.com or call 416-962-8255.

Congratulations to our friends Aliza Israel and Avrum Nadigel on their latest book! Our Clinical Director, @mrafusetherapy, helped the authors by compiling a team of therapists to go through the book's practice worksheets to ensure best practices for clients. "It Takes More Than Love": is a great workbook for couples to review together!

As the cold weather rolls in, Monday mornings can be even drearier than normal. However, this Monday is a bit brighter because of Daylight Saving’s time and random acts of kindness. The customer in front of me @jackedupcoffeeto paid for my coffee! Small gestures like this can help brighten your mood and remind you to pay it forward.

It’s #SelfCareSunday, and we asked our team what they do to take care of themselves and get ready for the week. @emilyspringgay starts her week off by giving herself a manicure!
What self-care practices are you doing this Sunday?

We were so thrilled to be part of @theburpeeproject_ to raise awareness for youth mental health and to support the @maddie_project!

Our team has been having some interesting conversations on building inclusive space through our language. We recreated @upworthy’s helpful graphic for our office kitchen to help remind ourselves to try to not describe things as “crazy,” “mad,” or “insane.” We all know that this takes practice, and we know we’ll make mistakes. That’s ok! Apologize and move on. Habits are hard to change but it’s worth it to try so we can continue to build an inclusive environment.

Happy Halloween from the Shift Collab team, especially Arthur the official Cuddle Intern and Spider Dog!

Good morning and Happy Halloween!🎃👻🎑
That's what is really scary, staying the same! 💀
Get brave and stand up to the monsters in your own head! 💪✌❤
#getbrave #noregrets #run #gym #health #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #tampabay #halloween #momentum #shifthappens

“[Race is] definitely an uncomfortable topic, just because of the history of injustice, and . . . you know, people like me are responsible for [that] injustice. It’s a strange feeling and doesn’t feel good all the time and you might not know how to handle that.” #racemakesmefeel #shamelessconversationsaboutrace #yourbravebox #talkaboutrace #getbrave #race

If this doesn’t motivate me then heck!!!!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️IM AWAKE AND THRIVING!!!! Happy Saturday!!!!!!! #thrivewithus #sisterswhothrive #getfit #getnaked #getbrave

We had fun scaring people last night💀Tyler makes a creepy little clown🤡! Come check out Screamfield tonight from 7-9 or tomorrow night from 7-9! There is a dance afterwards tomorrow night as well!! Community complex in Springfield!! Hope to see you all there🎃 #makeupbyme #ilovehalloween #clown #clownmakeup #getbrave #screamfield #mentalhealthawareness

Come out and support mental health!! Hope to scare you there!💀🎃 #getbrave #screamfield #springfield #mentalhealthawareness

“People who get offended at people with their tits out are corrupt” - 25.10.17
#freethenipple #corruption #getbrave #repeatafterme #90s

Crafts are good for the soul!

"'What if I fail?' Oh, but darling, what if you fly?"

"Probably the most influential aspect of race on my life was my boyfriend through high school and part of college [being] black. We lived in Indiana, and even though friends and people we surrounded ourselves with didn't object to [us being together], we could tell that people were noticing it, and I had extended family who were opposed to it so we didn't talk about it. And looking back, even he and I didn't talk about it. We didn't talk about the bad things, we only talked about the good things. I don't know if it was the time when people didn't want to face any difficulties, or we were just young. I have specific feelings about race probably because of that experience most of all. I wish it wasn't a factor, and to me it isn't a factor, but I felt [that] because I was white, lines were drawn. We went out for almost four years. We talked about all kinds of stuff, but not about that. Because I think it was the one thing where if there isn't a rosy, easy solution when you're young, how do you talk about it?" #racemakesmefeel #shamelessconversationsaboutrace #yourbravebox #talkaboutrace #getbrave #race

Sometimes it's okay to have your head in the clouds. Some of the greatest inventions and discoveries are products of the imagination!

Sitting in my wilderness, reading about true belonging in today's society. Feeling like you truly belong means being surrounded by people who love and support you. People who you feel safe to be vulnerable with and sometimes that means getting comfortable with being BY YOURSELF for a while.
This is for anyone who has ever felt lonely or that they didn't fit in. #wisdom #brenebrown #getbrave #selflove #selfcompassion #truebelonging #findyourtribe #vulnerability #ibelongtomyself

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