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You will πŸ’› #mybiglie #getbrave

we went 4 the quarterback #getBRAVE

I made myself a deal today. @whatsyourbiglie has grown like hell over the past year. But there's so much left undone. So with the help of @miraseeofficial, @iny.danny and his team, I am going to commit to bringing as much of the experience into the online education world as I can... and get it into the hands of the kids that are conquering their big lies. If we can figure it out, it'll be beautiful. Wish us luck...? #biglie #getbrave

SO @ygtgofficial is not only here but they're presenting in 1 hour!! I feel tremendously lucky to have the opportunity to watch these kick ass ladies do their thing today! #COCAWithCali #ygtg #getbrave

Experiment with colours and have fun! #havefunwithcolours #getbrave #colouryourdays

@diandragodiva & I are living the #lovelife, #jointheclub
Do you go to work everyday because you love what you are doing and truly feel you are providing earth and/or its inhabitants with mutually beneficial necessities and sustainable luxuries or services? Do you feel satisfied about the way you are rewarded for your work? Does a paper paycheck fill your chest with any lasting sense of accomplishment and pride? Do you trust that the portion of your profits allocated to the government is being utilized solely to enhance our society? Is it acceptable to you that you spend the majority of your youth acquiring costly pre requisites to obtain jobs that require you to specialize, limiting your potential skill set, and keeping you dependent on a consumerist society because then you have to spend your time working the job to pay off your schooling or start up costs and afford shelter, food and water, which are freebies provided by earth, along with all the materials that make not only your shelter, but everything you claim possession to, and get frustrated by the societal consequences that insist that you must spend your life working to pay someone with paper money for what the earth has to share, because man is so arrogant and selfish he believes it is his to sell? Did you like that run on sentence? ;)I happily accept trade for my work, and I think it's a more fair, honest way to be rewarded for my efforts. #barter Just wondering why you participate? Do you really love these man made rules and allowances, or are you acting from a place of fear? Fear of starvation because you can't hunt, grow or forage. Fear of homelessness because you can't build a shelter, and men lay claim to all lands so there is no place for shelter to be built. Fear of thirst because you can't dig a well, or find an untainted water source. Fear of loneliness because.. sheeple.. I was just wishing that more people utilized their time and their minds to share and evolve mutually. For those of you already on that path, I love you so much and I'm so grateful for your efforts! Keep thinking beautiful, compassionate and creative thoughts; they're contagious. If you don't love your life, #getbrave

I think that being brave and adventurous is important and must be modeled to our children. We had a great time on our little Petco excursion yesterday! Caleb held a bird like daddy and Camden pet a dog!! #getbrave #haveanadventure #familyfun #Petco


#GetBrave πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨

Single ladies in the house! Come and take their numbers! πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ’• #xinyidiary #getbrave #toocoolforwork #malaysia #instagirl #imeanit #theymeanittoo #comeandgetit

Experiment with colours and have fun! #havefunwithcolours #getbrave #colouryourdays

So whose ready for duck season.... because we are!!!! #getbrave #johndeere #babies #awesome #future #hunter

Mood going into today. Nurture your creative side; it's good for you and the others who get to witness your beauty.

I think that being brave and adventurous is important and must be modeled to our children. We had a great time on our little Petco excursion yesterday! Caleb held a bird like daddy and Camden pet a dog!! #getbrave #haveanadventure #familyfun #Petco

I need this hug on Mondays...

we went 4 the quarterback #getBRAVE

Some good advice

Remember, you are loved

Webinars are back and we just KNOW you can't wait for today's session! Link in bio!

Take a risk today, and try something new!

You must know your worth to be truly valued. Bask in your experience, confidence, and preferences. Get those goals accomplished and get Brave. .
#femalefounders #minorities #jobs #womenempowerment #sisterhood #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #startups #femmepreneur #getbrave #thebrave #thebraveco

A gentle reminder that tomorrow is promised to no one; stop taking your loved ones for granted either by deception, betrayal or neglect...every day you take their love for granted, is another day they are learning to live without you. Love cannot build a home based upon lies, secrets or apathy, so if your relationship is falling apart, start working on yourself first and getting your emotional and spiritual house in order. If you avoid the truth, honesty and those hard discussions with your mate by distracting yourself with secret friendships, emotional affairs outside of the primary partnership or actual affairs, you're setting everyone up for a painful outcome, you especially. The one who loves you will have enough, and they WILL HAVE enough of this nonsense, no matter how intent they seem to make this work today ~ and who you're taking for granted, will be taken away, guaranteed. True, not all relationships can be salvaged, and some clearly shouldn't be, but, if you have someone who truly loves and cares for you, put your house in order before you spend the rest of your life regretting EVERY SINGLE THING you did, to lose them! #affairs, #houseinorder, #deceit, #betrayal, #honesty, #emotionlaffairs, #stopdrama, #youwillloseher, #love, #lovedones, #gratitude, #grateful, #notforgranted, #lostlove, #regrets, #mistakes, #honesty, #truth, #respect, #getreal, #gethonest, #stoptakingloveforgranted, #irreplaceable, #preciouslove, #talktoeachother, #whatsup, #talktome, #imhere, #iloveyou, #getbrave,

Yes, it's Monday. And Yes, we're still coffee addicts!

I think I should of went with my dad and @bailey_morgan50 this morning squirrel hunting instead of dove hunting lol
#squirrel #seasons #limit #yeti #getbrave #dodge #hunting #country #living #goodmorning #getoutthere

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