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315# x 3 Cl + 3 FS + 3 Jerks @zeusmethod testing
#ouch @crossfitgames #lift
#2pood #muscletech #bearkomplex #getbetter #greaterthan

@dribblebridge #dribblebridge
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5% off and Free Shipping tag a friend being low is a key too! #squitostyle #INSPIRINGTHENEXT #GETBETTER #quickdontlie

Use an emoji if your going to use this move. @tesupreme Working on the between the legs crossover with a slow stop them behind the back pull up. If you want to take your game to the next level click the link in our bio now. #mjmondays

@lild_themosquito getting it in with the 2ball drill here and rocking his Get Buckets Silky Socks 🏀👣🔥#work #mondaygrind #getbetter #handles #play

Wait till the end ... powerful video 😳🙏🏽 #worthofmouth

Colin Winn doing a good job as we work on the lockdown this morning at the Bridge. @colin_504 #GetBetter


2️⃣ data until the National Tournament! Tag us and use the #canadatournament17 in your posts for a chance to win a ball singed by all the technical directors ⚽️🏆👍🏻

Finally got some shirts on the way. Let's lace up your hard work right.

Plus que 2 jours avant le tournoi National à Toronto 🔥🔥 Xavi est déjà en route 💼⚽️🚝 #canadatournament17

My lil' cuz smokey just got out of operation, hope you get better smokey!! Stay strong @supermannizzle smokapy is gonna make it
Att: @estebanp_204 .
#getbetter #smokapy

Dont be so consumed with the number. Focus on being healthier and setting goals for yourself. Keep going.

And that's how our day has been like 😞 fever, couch, Netflix and lots of cuddling. I hate it when she gets sick. Just hoping the fever will go away soon. .
She hardly ever gets sick but when she does it breaks my heart.

When Bob first came to me to train, he had issues with his shoulders. He couldn’t lift his hands over his head. In just 6 sessions, he is able to get his hands over his shoulders. We still have work to do but he is progressing quickly. Once we get his shoulders better, we will focus on his weight loss. It takes time to get better and healthy. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We really focus on getting our clients better.

One of the tough spots for many athletes is the #thoracic spine. We love using a foam roller and barbell to pull against to warm up this trouble spot. For 10 reps, contract/relax for 5 seconds each. Test prior and retest after! #trainingtiptuesday #triumphsc #crossfit #getbetter

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