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🎉Progress Report🎉 Here's a bit of progress made by @anniethorkildsen in just TWO DAYS 😍 she came to the #PhysioFlexBALI retreat with lots of previous flexibility and Contortion training experience, but one thing she struggles with is upper back flexibility. During her privates we focused A LOT on adjusting the technique in her exercises to shift the focus to her upper back, and she's already starting to feel some big differences! Great work so far, Annie 👏👏👏 Lets see how much further we can get in the next few days 👌❤️ #trainingwithcatiebrier

Do you meditate? What does the word meditation mean to you?
There could be hundred and one different perceptions of the word ‘meditation’ and a thousand more reasons as to why you choose to practice.
I’ve a messy interior, a mind that doesn’t stop wandering and a body that moves all day. From work to the studio to home with simba. It gets overwhelming to be the one always giving and not receiving. Not complaining about life I love life as it is 💖
I’ve been taking 10-15 minutes out from my day to tune inwards, (try to) block out the external world and find rest. Using this time to check in with myself, my feelings and breath. To restore and recharge my energy and S L O W D O W N.
I used to dread it, it was easy keeping the physical body still but a different story when it comes to the mind. Sometimes I fall asleep for 10mins and I’ve learnt that it’s okay. Perhaps that was what my body needed.
These days I look forward to 10mins of me time with my undisciplined mind and a little vacation with my thoughts. Some days i let my mind wander and it takes me to the beach 🌊☀️ my favourite place.
I would love to hear all about your experience, come share it with me in the comments below 👇🏻💕.
Mala from @malabella_jewels
PC: @vahlahweeeee @clickphotographysg
And the cute 🍑 belongs to @ericatenggarayoga

🧘🏻‍♀️YOGA TIP TUESDAY! #yogawithsarahu
🤸‍♀️Hey guys! Every Tuesday I'll be releasing some tips, specially for beginners, about how to improve on your yoga poses and other stretching exercises. Alignment is very important so you can target the muscles you want to work and also because this way it will prevent you from getting injured.
📶Forward folds must happen through the bend of your hips and not of your spine, so you should always have your spine straight. Also have your core engaged, feel your weight evenly distributed on your feet and relax your shoulders, pulling them away from your ears.
Take a few breathes here and feel the stretch of your hamstrings!
What would you like to see next? Which pose would you like me to correct or how to get in to? ☺️ All your feedback is appreciated!! Thank you!! 🙏💕
@yogaalignment @yogalife.tips @yoga.tutorials
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It feels cramped, full and stressful lately. When I thought about stepping on my mat this morning I felt a sense of guilt. I felt that I could be doing so many more things in that moment.
I then reminded myself the importance of taking time to breath. The importance of stepping back from everything to see the full picture.
So I made myself a tea, rolled out my mat, and flowed.
Beyond grateful I did. 😌
#yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming

A much more even bend in 2017. Got my legs straighter too. Yay!!! ✌🏼
Happy happy Tuesday friends!!!! ❤️❤️
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My favorite Dubai #barre studio @definedubai has added vinyasa flow yoga classes to their schedule! If you haven’t been to their barre class, it’s tough - you’ll definitely ‘feel the booty burn 🔥’ Their yoga classes are fast-paced and open to all levels. Wearing @nuxactive

It's #transformationtuesday my yogi friends! 💚🙆‍♀️
This week I want to went with my #FishPose progress 🐠🙏 Okay, it needs long time to get a bit bendier in my back but I feel more comfy in this pose today. I'm not a backbender but I love it more and more to practice bends 🙆‍♀️🤗💕
All is coming when you keep in practice 🙏💚👉 #practiceandalliscoming 🙆‍♀️💚
Happy Tuesday my friends! 💚🙆‍♀️💚💪



Annie is looking so good!! 😍 I'm hoping when this week is over she'll be able to work her press from this height on her own 💪 this press has been a long time goal of hers, and with some small adjustments to her approach, it seems well within reach now! 🎉 Great work, @anniethorkildsen 👏👏👏 #trainingwithcatiebrier

My favorite Dubai #barre studio @definedubai has added vinyasa flow yoga classes to their schedule! If you haven’t been to their barre class, it’s tough - you’ll definitely ‘feel the booty burn 🔥’ Their yoga classes are fast-paced and open to all levels. Wearing @nuxactive

One day you’ll be the best thing to ever happen to someone... - @r.h.sin
PC - @tipsylily_0199

Can I slow down now?

Jumping into #thankfulforinversions with @coffeeandrainbows @yogoskenz @hollybentley_yoga @amandastammy
Yesterday's #lotus combined with today's #bowandarrow legs and the best wrist stretch ever #thechicken (try seated too, with wrist in hip crease) ...💯% inspired by Steph and Erin @casa_colibri @erinkellyart 👍🏼👌🏻
Hitting the yoga hard because I know there will be very little mat time over the next few days.
Happy Tgiving week 🙏🏻#igyoga #yogavideos @yoga.vids #inversionjunkie #mypractice #myyogalife #dropthehammer #pinchaflow #getbendy #viparitadandasana
Wearing @teekigram

Perspective is a powerful thing. Sometimes it's worth taking a glance through the looking glass. #yoga

•fearfully and wonderfully made•

I got a little picture happy today 😜 BUT this is the furthest I’ve been able to get my leg behind my head🎉 I had to get different angles to prove to myself that it was actually happening 😂 #legbehindhead for Day 21 #Yoga4x7
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Host: @cyogalab
And alternatives: @yogawithaislinn @rachely.wang @gmcyoga
Super awesome sponsor: @livesankalpa ❤️❤️❤️ #grateful #yogacommunity #learnnewthings #challengeyourself #getbendy #stretch #fuel #mindful #sore #yogapants #meaningful #praisegod #workinghard #lovelife #choosehappy

Finally feeling confident enough to bare that mid section once again😲😲😲😲 Piyo is definitely changing my body in more ways than I ever thought
Today was,all about that #piyosweat
I'm starting my next challenge on November 27th

Send me a p.m. or comment below if you want in on what I'm soo obsessed about!

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Get stretched out like @steveyoga on his @giraffeathletic yoga mat.
The @giraffeathletic yoga mat is 85" x 36", high-density and high-quality. Amazon link in the bio.

"Cause I ain't no hollaback girl
I ain't no hollaback girl"
Jokes. I am.
Late night hollowback practice 🙏🏻
My body is still figuring this asana out but I was able to find some stillness AND I came down the way I came up - WINNING 👏🏻

“Everything is energy, light and dark, positive and negative,love and fear, all balanced and evolving perfection.”

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