#getback2daPeople, they need U 2B the next Governor of Florida, so #getOnDaBusB4its2Late!!!!!!!!!!
#swingVotes, they count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@megaBeastKOG did a comparison study base on the Facebook Page Likes, of Andrew Gillum & Ron De Santis and Gillum won by 44,352 Total. Gillum 146,000 -131,648 DeSantis! But, there's 9,370,620 FB users in Florida and some would say that's low for a population of 21,312,211.

Anyway something more interesting is that voter registration since the primary has only increased largely to Independents! Some even looking at Andrew Gillum differently since donning more suits & that pre-primary Man is fading.

Since the primary election Republicans 32,442, Democrats 25,163, and 95,366 Independent newly register. What does that mean? It means those now 3,500,042 swing votes are more important than ever!

People are sick and tired of being sick and tried! The Governor's campaign now hinges on the money and its Politrickery, again!
Also, with the new numbers the Republicans weigh in at 4,594,373 & Democrats 4,840,119, registered Voters! The still of the water makes the blue wave a mere puddle!

Plus the history of the Dixiecratic Party, so-called Liberal Democratic Party, Ha!, in the Sunshine State🤔! Isn't this the same Party that got outvoted in the August primary! The worse Voting Party in this State! Independents outvote these pretenders!

This race is for Andrew Gillum to win or lose! But, he needs to #bringithome, with the people and not the traditional way with the money! Get on that Bus and get back to talking grassroots!

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