Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
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Four dog hike and a broken pinky finger. #keepitmovin

Grey, cold weather means we have the whole Pacific Ocean all to ourselves.

Every time I open my mouth to call #kilotheboerbull I find myself wanting to call Lizzie.
This was my main chick and also the reason we didn't want a dog for many years. When she died a part of us died too.
Throughout my pregnancy with #LittleK she was my fierce protector. Even protected me against getting robbed one morning. And when #LittleK was born she must have assumed it was one of her pups. Wouldn't allow anyone close to "her" baby.
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#throwback To add in a little variety between the pony paintings🌸🌞... here’s an old painting I did a quite a few years ago now! Some of the patterns are inspired by other artists but the overall design is my own🐾🌺 Crazy colours all the way!!🙌

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