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My #raider 😍🐢 #puppypower he's getting so big! He is really a smart dog! Shakes sits and lays down on command next will be attackπŸ˜‰

Snow days with the pup 😍😍 @j_mi11s #caleb #snow #puppy #germanshepardhusky

I'm getting so big mommy won't be able to pick me up anymore soon!!

My Niki talking and being silly #polardog #germanshepardhusky

I love my pup so much πŸΆπŸ’› #sapphire #pup #germanshepardhusky


I got my first toy today! I still prefer eating my leash, though.

I saw some weird creatures with wings today🐦. I feel the need to chase each and every one of them.

Almost been in my new home for 24 hours and I've already mastered the stairs!

We swiped right. #tinderdatefails πŸ™ˆ

My first car ride home was quite the experience! Just so happy to finally be out of that small kennel.

I went on my first walk today! Lots of new smells and noises! I definitely think I like it outside. 🌲

Hi Instagram! My name is Bronson! My new humans just adopted me today, and I couldn't be happier. I'm only 4 months old but my life before wasn't so great. Humans still kind of scare me, and I don't really like to be touched. My humans are hoping that with a lot of TLC and work that they can help me be the puppy I want to be.

My Niki talking and being silly #polardog #germanshepardhusky

But mommie you don't need to do homework.. pet meeeeee #pup #puppy #puppylove #germanshepardhuskymix #germanshepardhusky

The only good thing about baths is when Dad gives me treats #bathtime #germanshepherd #husky #germanshepardhusky #puppy #dirtygirl

When you try and rally for Friday night fun but just can't 😬#leavemehere

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