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😃🤘Put in my USP Paddle Extensions today courtousy of @sangeseven he reached out to me and I was in the market and he managed to beat USP price by a decent amount so I had them shipped. DM him for ordering info if interested! They were also available in light silver. 🤘 I have posted the how to install/reveal video to YouTube at:


And we're done ✅ thanks to everyone that cleared me out of parts , just Front Seats and engine/turbo/gearbox really left to shift . Can also supply ecu and clocks .
😒 lets see what I can find to mess about with next 👏🏼 #rollhard


Can't waste the light. #audis4 #b7 #S4 #25quattro #german_refined

🙃 The DSG Hate is REAL this week! I just wanted to reach out today and establish some friendly rules for the page going forward. I want the page to become more of a forum base so I am welcoming all the comments and questions you have about the cars and mods I post about. With that being said we have had some over the top negativity these week in some comments. I just wanted to establish early on that opinions are welcome however blatant disrespect towards someone's car won't be tolerated. Those that bring pure hate and negativity towards the page will force me to block them in order to keep a positive environment for my followers. So keep the comments coming guys but please if you have nothing nice to say just pass by the picture. Thank you 🙏🙏 and to all the fans I would like to thank you once again for the continuous support! I hope to be able to keep bringing you the best content possible and am always here for advice so feel free to reach out!

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