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#GerardWaySpam (ignore this) people don't truly understand what it's like to hate yourself. They just say it to get compliments, you don't want fucking compliments you just want someone to fucking agree with you and say it. Some people don't know what it's like to be in darkness all the time, pretending there's some sort of theoretical light to make you "smile". What do the people do? They pretend they have darkness that they're stuck in to get attention and take the light from the ones that truly need it but won't speak up because they're too scared. I'm sick of it. I'm done pretending to be happy, getting fake compliments when I say something under my breath. And yes, I am scared of posting this, I hate having to try multiple magical pills and liquids to make me "better"or "normal". And those of you who are faking all of this please guck off because thousands of teens A C T U A L L Y need help to know that they're perfect. proof? Look at most of my followers! Trying to bring everyone up when they're dying inside. Still hiding on the Internet, not having an outlet to just let everything out.

Me: I wish I was born in the 60s so I could date and marry Kurt Cobain
Anna: well he's dead so..
Me: *gives her the nastiest look*

#GerardWaySpam I'm seriously losing my mind..

Good moaning I mean morning, no I don't #gerardwayspam #gerardway #blackhair #cute #geeway

#GerardWaySpam I'm gonna do another question!
what's your favorite complete Frerard fiction?


PINOT NOIR BABE-SERVING UP SOME GERARD WAY REALNESS 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 #menshair #mensfashion #redhair #bae #pravana #texture #movement #kenra #hairtaffy #wahl #winoforever #gerardwayspam #ghostintheshell #animeboys

If any of you guys are feeling depressed, suicidal, anxious or pissed off at something. You can always message me. If you wanna rant, rant about anything to me, if you wanna get something off your chest than I'm always here if you need a friend. If you're feeling suicidal however I will try my best to get you though the night, but the best thing is to be strong. So if you wanna talk, just dm me anytime. ~Jess<3
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