Be || k i n d || to yourself.

Had a work out partner today 💪🏼💪🏼 thanks for working out with me mom! #happyhealthycrew @mailcatz

#parenthood with a toddler is a lot like the movie step brothers. You find your stuff is weird places all the time. Literally when Blake says “have you seen my keys” I say “check all of Gav’s hiding spots” 🤣😂

#TransformationTuesday – tough post for me. While I love the left picture of me & my son (who is now almost 17😢) it shows a girl who was uptight, very self-conscious, struggled finding outfits in the closet she was comfortable in, & oh yes, struggled with energy. .
The girl on the right? Now 10 years older, definitely has more wrinkles, & although still has curves, is all the way around a very different person. She’s happier & MUCH more comfortable in her own skin. She has so much more energy, doesn’t fret anymore in her closet, & appreciates those curves finally! .
I still definitely have goals, but when I look back I truly have become a better version of myself. Inside and out. Lots and lots of baby steps, lots and lots of learning, but all the while staying committed to myself. I’m more relaxed, I laugh more, I eat better because at the end of the day it really does make me feel better, and I’ve learned to love to move & challenge my body. .
It all started with a workout video that I did every single day. I was a full time nurse & had 2 small energetic boys. Total busy mom. But I needed this to help me feel better - for me & for my family. So I vowed to myself I’d always be able to keep up with my boys & stop wasting time feeling so self-conscious. .
I want to help you create that for yourself. To help you feel amazing in your own skin, & help you gain confidence, energy, & JOY. I’m looking for ladies to join me in my next challenge group. No strict diets, no hour long workout sessions, just your time on your schedule. ✅August 27 - October 21 ✅4 workouts a week/ 8 weeks - you choose your 4 days (your house, your gym, wherever you want, whenever you want) ✅30-40 min, each completely new
✅Simple nutrition plan w/cheat day ✅Myself & another coach to guide you all along the way
✅Virtual support group of ladies doing this too to support each other for added fun, accountability, and encouragement .
If you’re ready to feel confident again and finally commit to yourself then JOIN US!🤗 🤩Drop me a happy emoji below or message me. I’ve got all the tools - you just have to say ready!

It can be difficult to realize the truth of this and let go of insecurities and the need to prove yourself to others. #truthbomb #confidence #truetoself #authentic #tuesdaymorning #believeinpossible

I LOVE 💕 the person I’ve become. I’ve fought for her. Sweated for her. Pushed her past her breaking point. 👉🏼I don’t recognize the girl on the left. She was depressed, self conscious, tired, and so much more. 👉🏼Now the girl on the right! Let me tell you about her. She has confidence, is full of energy, less anxiety, wakes up with a purpose and drive again, can keep up with the kids and has NEW CLOTHES, all because she’s evicted a total of 37 lbs! 🙌🏼💙 🌟if you’d like to join me on a health/fitness journey pm or drop your favorite emoji and lets chat!

Mommy’s little helper 🤗 as we are closing in on our Vancouver trip mommy needs all the help she can get. In my anxious/overwhelmed moment this little guy made it all better. But for real I have no clue how to travel with a baby and I’m praying it all works out

I wasn’t going to post any videos or pictures of my workout from today but then I figured, what the heck why not 🤷🏽‍♀️
And I’m glad I did! Had no idea until I went to post this that my cat was by me!
Did she how fast she ran? 😂 @mr_smell_good and @jjsmith_84 come get your kitty!😂😂
I’m not starting any new groups right now because I have been out of the loop (you know that whole, “dear God what are we gonna do?! I need to get a job!” type mentality smh🤦🏽‍♀️)
Am I still a coach? Heck yeah! I love what I do and I believe in the products/programs!
I hope you all were able to get a workout in today. If you did, what did you do for exercise?
🏊🏽‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️🏌🏽‍♂️🥊🏋🏼‍♂️ #SillyCat #QueGato #Fat2Fit #WorkInProgress #GodIsntThroughWithMeYet #Cardio #ThunderCatsHo #GoodnightYall #MomOf3 #Wife #AutismMom #ConnecticutRaised #SouthernGalAtHeart #GeorgiaMom

🏃🏽‍♂️First day of high school Cross Country practice. It’s 5:45am.
My kid is not a morning person, mind you. At. All. But he rolled out of bed without complaint at 5:15. There’s something exciting about Day 1’s. It’s super exciting, we’re motivated, everything is planned out and we’re ready to start, to Do This! .
But then something happens. The honeymoon period rubs off. The newness that was so exciting is gone. The getting on the road at 5:30 when the rest of the world is sleeping is something you begin to dread. He might even begin to think it’s easier to just drop out. .
Motivation gets you started.
But Discipline and Commitment are what keep you going. And when my freshman runs his first high school meet, he’ll be so grateful he went through the sometimes very painful workouts and daily runs. It’s not always about the finish line, but about the journey. And it’s not always pretty. The 5am practices, the spartan workouts, the hot afternoon practices, the learning how to fuel his body and not eat junk all the time😆🤷🏼‍♀️. When you are working towards a goal you have to run through the muck and the mud, it makes you want to cry, it’s sometimes quite grueling, and you sacrifice temporary pleasures for long term goals (even when the goals seem so far off). But through it all, in the end it is worth it. And if you stay the course you come out so much stronger, both inside and out.
Stay your course. Allow yourself to be frustrated and feel the discomfort. But then grit your teeth, trust yourself, make a fist, and run towards that finish line. It is not easy, it’s not meant to be. But aaah it is so worth it.💪🏼💫

Happy Monday! Come work the weekend off with #bodyback at 10am and 7pm and #strollerbarre or #stollerstrides at 10am!! Visit link in profile for locations.

Workout, group check in, and a shower all before 8am! Now a little coffee before little man wakes up ☕️ 😊

A full day of playing with Gigi and Papa sure does make you tired. Thank you to my parents for watching my sweet man while we went to the Braves game. Him was so sleepy when we got home and I love all the snuggles 😊😊😊

I SO WISH all you girls, ladies, women, out there knew how unbelievably capable you are. Life ‘happens’ every day. We’re constantly given situations that test us, that shake us, that pull us out of our comfort zone. That we have zero control over. .
No matter what’s going on, though, the one thing you can do, to have control, is to show up. Show up Every. Single. Day. Why? Because YOU ARE THAT IMPORTANT. You are worthy, you are strong, you are able, YOU ARE YOU. Doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it, or how small it is, but you make sure you show up for yourself someway, somehow every single day. .
It’s not going to always be easy, every day isn’t going to be ON or perfect (or even close to perfect), and you will take 3 steps back. But you always pick yourself up, rub the dirt off, and make sure you take at least one step forward. One itty bitty step forward. .
You’ve got this, I know you do. Be THAT GIRL who decided to Go FOR IT. And through the voices of doubt in your head and the fear, you will be positively amazed at what you can do.💐

Happy Sunday! Hope all of your needs are met! #mamasneeds

Has a green thumb like his daddy 🌱 @herm3000

Even though I’ve felt really crappy all day, I got dressed and finished an ab workout. Trying to sweat out whatever is making me feel bad.

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