“Just after school on March 24, 1944, two little white girls growing up in a segregated mill town set out sharing a bicycle and plans for a springtime hunt for maypops, the tart fruit of a pretty wildflower.
Betty June Binnicker, who was 11, followed the railroad tracks with her friend, 7-year-old Mary Emma Thames. They strolled past the busy lumber mill where just about everyone in Alcolu worked, including their fathers. They spotted two black children ahead.
George Stinney Jr., a seventh-grader, had taken his family’s cow out to graze with his little sister, Amie.
Betty June and Mary Emma paused near them, asking where to find maypops. George and Amie didn’t know. The girls walked on.
A deadly mystery that has haunted Alcolu for 74 years since began then, in the moments that the two girls stepped onward in their quest.
One version of the story, the one George would soon die for, said he followed the girls and single-handedly bludgeoned them both to death with a railroad spike.
Another version, still whispered through Alcolu today, said the girls also stopped at the home of a prominent white family to see if the sweet wife of a lumber mill boss could join them. She begged off. Her son, however, drove up in his logging truck. He offered to take the girls to find their maypops while he unloaded.
someone fingered 14-year-old George as the meanest kid in town. White men showed up and whisked him away. Alone with the white authorities, he quickly confessed. Or so they said.
After an unjust trial and gruesome execution, George too was never seen again.
Not that anyone with much power seemed to care. George was poor and black. A depraved child-killer to his executioners. A savage rapist to the governor. An unrepentant predator in the press.
Until new evidence revealed he probably wasn’t.
Three dead children, one undying mystery.” Excerpts from the @postandcourier’s March 2018 series
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It took 10 minutes to convict 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. It took 70 years after his execution to exonerate him.
By Lindsey Bever
December 18, 2014 Email the author

#GeorgeStinneyJr was executed in 1944 for the murder of two white girls. (Reuters)

In #March 1944, deep #intheJimCrowSouth, police came for 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. His parents weren’t at home. His little sister was hiding in the family’s chicken coop behind the house in #Alcolu, a segregated mill town in #SouthCarolina, while officers handcuffed George and his older brother, Johnnie, and took them away.

Two young white girls had been found brutally murdered, beaten over the head with a railroad spike and dumped in a water-logged ditch. He and his little sister, who were black, were said to be last ones to see them alive. Authorities later released the older Stinney – and directed their attention toward George. “[The police] were looking for someone to blame it on, so they used my brother as a scapegoat,” his sister Amie Ruffner told WLTX-TV earlier this year.

On #June16,1944, he was executed, becoming the youngest person in modern times to be put to death. On Wednesday, 70 years later, he was exonerated.

Stinney’s case has tormented civil rights advocates for years.

He was questioned in a small room, alone – without his parents, without an attorney. (#GideonvWainwright, the landmark Supreme Court caseguaranteeingtherighttocounsel, wouldn’t be decided until 1963.) Police claimed the boy confessed to killing Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 8, admitting he wanted to have sex with Betty. They rushed him to trial.

After a two-hour trial and a 10-minute jury deliberation, #Stinneywasconvictedofmurder on #April24 and sentenced to die by electrocution, according to a book by Mark R. Jones. At the time, 14 was the age of criminal responsibility. His lawyer, a local political figure, chose not to appeal.

Stinney’s initial trial, the evidence – or lack of it – and the speed with which he was convicted seemed to illustrate how a young black boy was railroaded by an all-white justice system. During the one-day trial, the defense called few or no witnesses. There was no written

Never forget George Stinney Jr was only 14 he supposedly confessed but no written records of his confession was apart from notes provided by investigators! HE WAS ONLY 14 CHARGED WITH MURDER AND SENTENCED TO DEATH 70 YEARS LATER THEY VACATED HIS CHARGED ..... A KID WAS MURDERED DUE TO THE JUSTICE SYSTEM #georgestinneyjr #injustice

On June 16, 1944
#GeorgeStinneyJr was 14-years-old at the time of his execution in 1944. 70 years ago, in the small town of Alcolu, South Carolina, the young boy was killed via means of electrocution. Stinney was so small that he had to sit on a stack of books in order to fit on the electric chair. Yesterday, According to NBC, Judge Carmen Mullins threw out the murder conviction.
The African American teen was convicted of the murder of two young white girls. Allegedly, he had beaten 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and 8-year-old Mary Emma Thames to death. Back in day, the white and black neighborhoods of Alcolu were divided by railroad tracks. The girls were last seen riding their bicycles on a search for flowers. Upon passing the Stinney property, the girls asked George and his sister Katherine if they knew where to find “maypops,” a type of local flower. Several hours later, when they didn’t return home, they were announced missing, prompting the police and hundreds of locals to organize a search party. The two girls were found dead the following morning in a ditch, with severe head wounds caused by being hit repeatedly with a railroad spike.

#GeorgeStinney was taken into custody the following day, where he would await an 81-day confinement period. The trial itself was all of one day. Since the Supreme Court didn’t guarantee the right to counsel yet (it was passed in 1963), Stinney was questioned in a room by himself, without his parents or an attorney present. His father fled town after being fired from his job and was forced to abandon his son and family under the threat of being lynched. The only evidence, or a lack thereof, against the young boy was from the three police officers who testified that he did indeed admit to the killings. There was no physical or DNA evidence pointing to Stinney, who received a guilty verdict after the speedy two-hour trial, with no witnesses. At 7:30 p.m. on June 16, 1944 Stinney was executed. He held a Bible under his arm when walking into the execution.

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George Stinney Jr., at age 14,
became the youngest person executed in the United States) "Born 21 Oct, 1929, George Stinney Jr., at age 14, was the youngest person executed in United States in the 20th century. In 1944, George Stinney Jr., a ninety pound, Black, fourteen year old boy, was executed in the electric chair in Columbia, SC. Three months earlier, on Mar 24th, George and his sister were playing in their yard when two young white girls briefly approached them and asked where they could find flowers. Hours later, the girls failed to return home and a search party was organized to find them. George Stinney, a member of the search party, casually mentioned to a bystander that he had seen the girls earlier. The following morning, their dead bodies were found in a shallow ditch. George was immediately arrested for the murders and subjected to hours of interrogation without his parents or an attorney. The sheriff later claimed that he confessed to the murders, though no written or signed statement was presented. George's father was fired from his job and his family forced to flee out of fear for their lives. On Mar 26, a mob attempted to lynch George, but he had already been moved out to an out of town jail.
On Apr 24, George faced a sham trial virtually alone. No African Americans were allowed inside the courthouse and his court-appointed attorney, a tax lawyer with political aspirations, failed to call a single witness. The prosecution presented the sheriff's testimony regarding George's alleged confession as the only evidence of his guilt. An all white jury DELIBERATED FOR 10 MINS, before convicting George Stinney of rape and murder, and the judge promptly SENTENCED THE FOURTEEN YEAR OLD TO DEATH. Despite appears from Black advocacy groups, governor Olin Johnston REFUSED to intervene. George Stinney remains THE YOUNGEST PERSON EXECUTED in the United States in the 20th century." On Dec 17, 2014, his conviction was posthumously vacated 70 yrs after his execution, because the circuit court judge ruled that he had not been given a fair trial; he had no effective defense and his Sixth Amendment rights had been violated.

"THEy Now Say That THE REal KKKiller & KKKidnapper Was #GeorgeBurkeJr A WEll KKKonnected WhITe Man Who Died 3 Yrs After THE KKKriME Not #GeorgeStINneyJr#R2c2h2Says


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"6/16: #GeorgeStINneyJr Gone But #2Pac Born...SOMEWHERE!!!" #R2c2h2Says
#1944 #1971 #AncestorStrong

On this day his life was taken! He was interrogated without his parents or a lawyer present! Convicted in less than a day by an all white jury. He became the youngest person executed in the United States for a crime he did not commit! He was exonerated in 2014. George was only 14 years old. #georgestinneyjr #uwillnotbeforgotten

We recently wrapped on #83days & I was lucky enough to get the chance to do makeup on a whole hoard of amazing folks. If you’re unfamiliar with the true story, I highly recommend looking into this injustice and technically, still unsolved crime.
http://facebook.com/83daysmovie/*Unfortunately no matter which way I edited it Instagram cut something off so head on over to the FB for the full picture, more info on the film/cast/crew & BTS shots*

Lets not forget.. he was only 14.
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74 years ago today, June 16 1944, George Stinney Jr became the youngest person in U.S. history to be put to death by electric chair for two murders he didn’t commit.

5 years ago when I first came across this project online, my first question was “Why have I never heard about this before?” I immediately contacted the writer Ray Brown. I was literally “pulled” to be a part of telling George Jr’s tragic story. Ray and I were immediately attached at the hip and have become close friends ever since.

George Jr’s plight aligns with much of what’s still happening today. If I can somehow be a vessel that shows why LOVE and HUMANITY are necessary in this world, #83Days among many other buried and untold stories will serve as a testament to that.

Today, June 16th 2018, is the anniversary of the day George Stinney Jr. was executed. In his honor, I ask that you share this post. Help us remember George Stinney Junior.

Thank you,
Lucius Baston
Producer - 83 Days
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June 16 - Remembering George Stinney Jr. Executed in the U.S. at age 14 for crimes he did not commit. Follow 83 Days - The Movie (link in bio) #history #83daysthemovie #83days #georgestinneyjr #justice #film #anniversary #todayinhistory

JUNE 16 - Remember George Stinney Jr - executed in the U.S. at age 14. Follow 83 Days -The Movie (link in bio) #remember #GeorgeStinneyJr #today #83DaysTheMovie

Huge THANKS to @eatontonga for their gracious support. Big shout to #Team83 for coming together to bring this important story to life. I am deeply grateful. #GeorgeStinneyJr #83Days

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Have y’all ever not known how to feel about something? I’ve been holding on to this BIG secret for a while now. I’ve been writing a play for the past year about the life of George Stinney Jr. I have cast the play and we will be having our first read through in a couple of days. The play is titled 84 Days!
The show goes up in September and I’m super excited and nervous! I just found out today through @luciusbaston that there is a film of a similar name that will also be telling his story. I’m shocked about this but at the same time grateful that his story is being told via multiple avenues. Wishing both my cast and the cast of 83 Days nothing but blessings and love. His story needs to be told, and I’m grateful it’s happening.

Have y’all ever not known how to feel about something? I’ve been holding on to this BIG secret for a while now. I’ve been writing a play for the past year about the life of George Stinney Jr. I have cast the play and we will be having our first read through in a couple of days. The play is titled 84 Days!
The show goes up in September and I’m super excited and nervous! I just found out today through @luciusbaston that there is a film of a similar name that will also be telling his story. I’m shocked about this but at the same time grateful that his story is being told via multiple avenues. Wishing both my cast and the cast of 83 Days nothing but blessings and love. His story needs to be told, and I’m grateful it’s happening.

His story will be told to the world. #83Days

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