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As recent leaked documents confirm (and Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners eventually admitted), progressive anti-Christian foundations fund and “rent” Christian leaders as “mascots” serving as surprising validators for their causes. These organizations are following the lead of billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. The consequent realities include injury to the Church, the sovereignty of the United States, and western civilization.

Watch: https://sovereignnations.com/2018/04/19/progressive-strategy-rent-an-evangelical

In this video you will hear the Director of New Models of Policy Change at Jonathan #Soros’ New America organization. He explains that one way to accomplish changing previously conservative voting groups to progressive liberal voting groups is by “renting evangelical” leaders to push for progressive strategies.

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We’re not surprised Hungary followed US in pulling out of the UN migration pact.

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George Soros the Financial Crocodile

George Soros the Financial Crocodile

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I will reveal as much as i know from a common sense knowledge.
The talk of the #SPIRITWORLD is nothing but a higher dimension just like in space
"As above, so below" is basically saying that what you see above you is just like down here on earth.
This plane is a complex system of different dimensions.
The original draco reptilian and annunaki are #BROWNSKINNED #EBONOID #starpeople who exists in the spiritual and can manifest in the physical if we use our own power of creating reality.
The #Dracoreptilians look like native American dark skinned people. They have elder reptilians who haven't died yet that take order from the #4beastsofgod.
The #annunaki look more animated but still are #BROWNSKINNED star people and are builder angels who built the #cityofjericho for the Israelites!
There is a pattern !! The modern day 3d human think many impossible thoughts these days. First if all, if we had a race of huge ass green reptilians running our government, their had to have been an invasion that we never heard about!. idk about you, but i dont think a huge green monster is gonna know how to create human like distractions. The way these people talk is that we have a race of 13 feet tall green scaley lizard beings and no one has seen one just yet.... More people have seen the Grey alien more than these things. Im starting to think they are a fantasy sent by #Georgesoros to cause a galactic racism. all #davidike does is complain about how reptilians are bad. newsflash , not everybody has seen these before.... I have met the real reptilian and they have a very important job! the original reptilians are WATCHER angels. The annunaki are BUILDER angels. Dont believe the paid lies, they have snatched the gullible...

#GeorgeSoros Bet Big on #Liberal #Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing. — The New York Times https://buff.ly/2JCnRAB

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