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#GeorgeChurch and his legendary conflict of interest slide at #EAglobal

I wish I had have been this excited about book deliveries when I was a kid. Few people are shaping our future like George Church. Looking forward to this one.
#syntheticbiology #geneticengineering #georgechurch

Just a little documentary filming in the lab with #georgechurch about the #genetics of the #microbiome

Preeminent geneticist George Church for @statnews .

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Speakers at #KnottyObjects, choosing to appear as ectoplasmic entities and do away with the old 'human-on-stage' cliché. It's @mitmedialab after all. BTW, they're talking about metabolism... @nicolatwilley #georgechurch #davidbenjamin #nerioxman

@wyssinstitute and #emulatebio are doing some amazing things like these microchips lined by living human cells that could revolutionize drug development, disease modeling and personalized medicine. Not to mention coming soon #fitbiomics creating a healthy microbiome through those of super athletes! Thanks #jonathanscheiman and #georgechurch @harvard

Это он)😃😍Отец синтетической биологии, гуру секвенирования и персонализированной медицины по имени Джорж. #georgechurch #gp-write


High-tech room!! This is our DNA Synthesis, Nanopore Sequencing, and Dolomite Emulsion Microfluidics room. These technologies enable some awesome research platforms around the Wyss 🤓

Cool equipment (rotovap) reminds me of my organic chemistry, single compound isolation and structure determination, days in the lab of Phil Crews at UCSC ⚗️

Safety officer left, going on 14 hours with no end in sight, so ima do what I want and wear shorts in the TC room 😈 man.. I used to be such a troublemaker back in the day

Multiplex, multiplex, multiplex!
Is it scalable and multiplexable?
No: 🚫 Don't bother.
Yes: ✅Go big, fail fast, and fail as a team.

Back in lab today after a short, crazy trip to California, and my cells are still alive! 🙌🏽 Am I spoiled that I get a whole incubator to myself? 😏 Not drinking for a while... (wine doesn't count)

Driving to @harborbookssgh for a fun signing on Sunday at 11am! Swing by if you're around!


Harvard Tıp Fakültesi profesörlerinden, genetikçi, moleküler mühendis ve kimyager George M. Church'ün dediği gibi; "Bütün insanlar madem birbirinden farklı ve her vücut kendi içinde bir bütün, o zaman genetiği de fizyolojiyi de, tıbbın bütününü de kişiye özel yorumlamak ve uygulamak zorundayız." #georgechurch  #tıp #medical #medikal #medicine #genetik #genetic #genetics #saglik #kisiyeozelTIP #genitara

Counting cells and assaying viability after puromycin treatment.

Cool equipment around the Wyss: Electron microscope 🔬

3:3. Me n my boo! 💖 @benmezrich. What are you n your boo doing for date night? @benmezrich is gonna be talking about #Woolly at the very cool #PageToStage series at @nantucketdreamland. Editor in Chief @robert_cocuzzo (who also happens to be my bff's @msjennyjohnson's fiancé ) will be interviewing him on August 17th so mark your calendars and pre-order tix, they are going fast! [link in bio] or read all about it in @nantucket_magazine at :http://www.n-magazine.com/mammoth-undertaking/ .
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There's about 20million T cells in each of these. Except for one, it grew a little slower.

Inspired by @astronomer_amber I took some time out of my schedule for a brief thought session outside ☀️ What biological and technological demonstrations would convince me to consider long term space travel? And how could we use the properties of space to uncover novel biology? 🚀

More fun pics from the writeup in @bostoncommag about our Woolly 🚀 launch! 185 of Boston's best were out on the town to celebrate Woolly and experience Serafina's brand new Beer Garden. For the full article [link in bio] or goto: https://bostoncommon-magazine.com/ben-mezrichs-vip-woolly-book-launch-party
Necklace: @nicoleroamonnyc
👗: @forloveandlemons
👠: @seebychloe 👛: @shopbop 📸: @russmezphoto
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Days like this build character! 7am-10:30pm. Time to 😴 and back at it tomorrow 🤓

Mouse and human T cells! Flask: unmodified base cell lines. Plate: Cells undergoing viral transduction. Dish: FACS sorted modified T cells ready for functional testing. Few steps to go before I can scale this up to multiplexed library scale #summerofstem

#ICYMI The Who's who of Boston came out for the Woolly VIP book launch party @serafinaboston 🎉 📸 @russmezphoto @bostoncommag [link in bio] or goto: https://bostoncommon-magazine.com/ben-mezrichs-vip-woolly-book-launch-party for more deets and fun pics!

Two literature posts in one day 😬but ohh snap, it's out! What do you guys think about germline editing?

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