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#GeorgeChurch and his legendary conflict of interest slide at #EAglobal

Speakers at #KnottyObjects, choosing to appear as ectoplasmic entities and do away with the old 'human-on-stage' cliché. It's @mitmedialab after all. BTW, they're talking about metabolism... @nicolatwilley #georgechurch #davidbenjamin #nerioxman

I wish I had have been this excited about book deliveries when I was a kid. Few people are shaping our future like George Church. Looking forward to this one.
#syntheticbiology #geneticengineering #georgechurch

Preeminent geneticist George Church for @statnews .

#georgechurch #statnews #harvard #onassigment #makeportraits

@wyssinstitute and #emulatebio are doing some amazing things like these microchips lined by living human cells that could revolutionize drug development, disease modeling and personalized medicine. Not to mention coming soon #fitbiomics creating a healthy microbiome through those of super athletes! Thanks #jonathanscheiman and #georgechurch @harvard

Just a little documentary filming in the lab with #georgechurch about the #genetics of the #microbiome

Saw Jurassic Park for the first time on the big screen. It still holds up!!! And plus a great intro talk featuring #georgechurch


이 정도면 #모델 아님?
게다가 #위인 처럼 생기심. #포스ㅎㄷㄷ
#교수님 들 모두 사진 찍을 땐 이렇게! 의 표본

I cook how I science and I science how I cook. Wrap up one experiment with the counter ready to start another. It's a never ending cycle at the bench - in the kitchen I get rewarded and eat 👨🏼‍🍳

Monday mood ☁️

Large scale TC! Labmate goes through this many on a daily basis 😵

A paper a day keeps the doctor away. Well not really, but it may help prevent you from getting scooped 😂

Most days get this room to myself and blast whatever music I want 🎶

The Wyss threw a dope summer BBQ last night. Really appreciate the amazing environment they provide us with. Could only fit ~9% of our lab in this picture

Start the morning properly, and the day will go great 😃 I like to get an hour of reading and/or writing every morning before the craziness of lab, 5:30-6:30! ☀️

Ingber Lab TC room where the 'Human Organs-on-Chips' research is done.
Link below 😃

Early bird gets the worm. Night owls also eat... to each their own 😊

I'll take any opportunity I can to sit outside in the sun ☀️

Our lab does a lot of PCR... A fraction of the GC lab PCR machines.

T cells.

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