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This has gotta to be the funniest and loudest vlog so far
Sahara Q and A
Visit link in bio to watch #GenZ where @fhavor__ @oluwaseyiclassic @darerah @kagetheactor @chum_blaq @mz_horlayinka and i answer your Sahara questions
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Filmed by @grandexplorers
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Only 13 DayZ till our new Album "Generation Z" is out!!! We can't wait for you guys to hear it, we are so proud of this album, we are gonna be telling you all about our journey & how much this album means to us very soon.
Its for all our loyal and amazing fans.
If you haven't already pre ordered the album go do it now!! 😁 Generation Z people. Click link in bio ❤️✌🏻as you can see charlie is getting ready for it to drop 🤣#genz

Exactly! #iPhone #GenZ

The daughter convinced me to get this @jeffreestarcosmetics unicorn blood lipstick and I love it. Thanks @iammarleydias. #genZ

¡Hola mis Elashowers! Estoy súper feliz porque se acerca la Vuelta al Cole pero también porque aún tengo días para seguir disfrutando con mi familia de las vacaciones 😃 Además estoy estrenando nuevo reloj, el GEN-Z Aqua de @relojes_gen_z , un reloj inteligente que incluye GPS y con el que puedo hablar con @nohewivlog y @fran_ciaro desde cualquier lugar 😍 Además es sumergible y súper bonito ¿verdad? #GenZ #GeneracionZ #Coolkids #besafe #nostress








leading camp, one friendship at a time 💚❤️ #TheMostEpicSummerEver#Genz

The Minnesota Vikings have retained 18-year-old author and public speaker Jonah Stillman to serve as “Gen Z Adviser” to the team. Stillman will consult with the organization “through the lens of the Gen Z population” on a variety of business initiatives, including team marketing, fan engagement, digital media content, workplace culture and U.S. Bank Stadium fan experience. #genz #vikings #nfl #jobs 🏈💵🏈💵🏈💵


What is the true bond between the Gen Y & Gen Z?
What better answer than hearing it from 4 youngsters themselves who work very closely together!
Join us tonight at Ascendance Cafe at 8 pm, Gamuda HQ to find out!

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Ikuti Talkshow "K13 & PPK : Susah dan Membingungkan?" bersama Praktisi Pendidikan dari Kuark di Radio Suara Edukasi (bit.ly/SuaraEdukasi) Rabu, 20 September 2017.
Di acara ini juga dibuka tanya jawab interaktif, lo! Jadi, jika ada pertanyaan, bisa langsung ditanyakan kepada narasumber.

Kuark tunggu, ya! Sampai jumpa!

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We have faith in #GenZ! Responsible young individuals like Frank are the ones who will eventually lead this great nation! #Freedom #Liberty #Prosperity #MAGA #Capitalism

I fucking love my generation #genz #conservative

The profession for the next generation. http://edsimental.myisavideos.com/v2_05156b19314957e03ecf24da447c0fdb #generationz #millennials #bam #geturs #genz #startup #love #formation #entrepreneurship generationyoung #generationfit #stayfit #unordinarylife #sharewithfriends #sharewithfriendsandfamily #shareandgrowtogether #edsimental

I dropped redpills the size of #moab's on a daily basis, and watched snowflakes melt on the spot. #MemeWars #MemeticWarfare

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Sila semak anda mengundi dimana? Tekan link biru dan masukkan ic number

Minta sebarkan kpd semua.. every vote is important 🇲🇾 #belia #geny #genz #malaysia

หยุดน่ารักได้ไหมใจฉันกำลังละลาย #genz #P

#genz views on current political leadership, regardless of your stance these tween video responses are awesome! Uncertain 🎥clip was passed along to me. #youthvotes #youthculture #trends #politicalhumor #teenmarket #tween

Our nation has taken a frightening turn in our leadership. As we have seen in our nation with the recent administration, many marginalized populations have been targeted with human rights violations. Leadership roles allow one to make decisions that impact important aspects of daily living for both the short and long term. Diverse leadership means that more views are considered, promoting the well-being for the community at large. Unfortunately, the leadership of many of our institutions in the country often times does not adequately reflect its membership, not just on the national level, but the local, state, and corporate world as well. Hence, the huge disparities in health, law enforcement, education, and employment we see today. We need diverse leaders in a variety of fields and environments who reflect the vast spectrum of identities. I encourage you to aspire to positions of leadership today. Apply to student leadership or management roles. Run for student senate or student government. Run for office. Become president or executive board member in a student organization. Start a non-profit or business. #Persist in fields or positions where you are an underrepresented minority. We need more diverse leaders! We need servant leaders. We need leaders that look, believe, and love like you. We need leaders that want to share power to the benefit of all instead of take it away from a few.

Trying to get those delts of peace ✌️
Physics and Calculus exams didn't go as I expected this week, even after constantly studying and working on Synthesis whenever I had even a small bit of time. Initially I took a huge blow to my confidence and started to get stressed out. But as always, I realized that a bad exam grade is only a stepping stone to something greater, and that 10 years from now, it won't matter what I got on a test. Yes, I'm still going to give it 110% and then some on the next few tests because I have an obstacle I have to overcome in order to make my parents proud, especially after all the sacrifices they've made to get me to where I am now. But I'm also keeping in mind that ultimately I've stopped caring so much about what college I transfer to in the future. I'm majoring in Computer Science but I don't plan on dumping even more money into a degree just to feel good about myself, say that I attended a prestigious school, or use it as a largely ineffective way of getting hired by a company. That's not the path that I'm taking, and I do everything in my power to not have to work a 9/5 and work for someone else's goals instead of building something for myself.
So yes, while staying in school is still the best option for me right now, especially in terms of having a backup and acquiring useful skills such as software and product development, I'm not losing sleep over not getting the most perfect grades, even though that's still what I strive to do to make everyone who wants to see me succeed proud. But like I said, a few years later, I'll look back having build something great and wish I wouldn't have worried so much.
🏆 Mind of a hustler, heart of a king.

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