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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell breaking necks in #GentlemenPreferBlondes 👑
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Marilyn with Jane Russell "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" 1953 ❤

Channeling my inner Marilyn. #gentlemenpreferblondes 💋

#MarilynMonroe on the set of #GentleMenPreferBlondes ❤️🌷 I’m so sad that I can’t post as much at the moment. I feel like I’m taking out of touch with everyone 😭

Все мои подписчики знают, как я люблю красный и как он мне идёт. На вручение наград победителям игр @worldclassclubs я не стала изменять себе💃🏼 спасибо моим любимым и постоянным @dulcis_shop ❤️! #этокрасноеплатьедлячеготынадела #группаштар #youth #gentlemenpreferblondes #полинамаксимова

Jewelry In The Movies: Vol 6: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
You may or may not believe this, but we have yet to ever watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. We know, we know. It’s almost criminal. But it’s on our bucket list to watch this fall. That said, we ARE very familiar with the jewelry in the movie. Who doesn’t recognize Marilyn in her pink strapless dress dripping in jewels, as imitated by Madonna in her music video Material Girl, after all.
This movie may be the movie that has had the most impact on the jewelry industry of any yet. Yes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a close second, but to our recollection, GPB was chocked full of sparkle power. How could it be anything but when you have Marilyn Monroe uttering phrases like, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me about it,”among others? It’s said that diamonds weren’t necessarily equated as a must for an engagement ring until 1) this movie came out and 2) DeBeers’ advertising agency rep, Frances Gerety, with N. W. Ayer out of Philadelphia, coined the phrase, “A diamond is forever,” in a morning strategy meeting in 1947. Ironically, at first the phrase was poo-pooed by not only all of the men in the men in the room (almost all of the folks in the room were men), but also by Gerety herself. DeBeers had hired the agency in 1938 to make Americans fall in love with the idea of diamond engagement rings. It worked, albeit almost 10 years down the road. And the phrase is still as powerful today, seventy years later, as it was back then.
But on to what we’re really here for - to learn about the jewels in the film. For starters, as Marilyn is dancing around in her pink satin strapless gown, with men literally falling at her feet, she’s wearing one heck of a necklace (actually, she’s wearing a couple but there’s one that’s truly notable) - possibly the oldest piece of fine jewelry ever worn in a movie: The Moon of Baroda is a 24.04ct pear-shaped, yellow, canary diamond necklace, with an interesting story of its own, one that stretches for centuries before landing in Hollywood. (Cont. in comments) #hollywood #marilynmonroe #diamondsareagirlsbf #gentlemenpreferblondes #jewlelryinthemovies

Hello Thursday! #GentlemenPreferBlondes

What's the most romantic thing you have done or given to your partner? [Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, 1953]


"And I'm just out here sprintin', I'm runnin' right through my vision
I'm trying to outrun my past, but still trying to defeat my limits"-angel haze
#angelhazelyrics #throwback #party #swing #ck #fentyxpuma #gentlemenpreferblondes

Pennarello nero

How iconic is she ?

Jane Russell 😍 Watching 'gentlemen prefer blondes' to cheer myself up before going back to work tomorrow and wondering how fashion has fallen so far 💕 #janerussell #gentlemenpreferblondes #vintagebeauty #takemeback

Blonde Bombshell💕#marilynmonroe

#MarilynMonroe on the set of #GentleMenPreferBlondes ❤️🌷 I’m so sad that I can’t post as much at the moment. I feel like I’m taking out of touch with everyone 😭

Marilyn with Jane Russell "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" 1953 ❤

reality vs posing for pics 🙄 #thoseabstho

second great day in a row what is this 🌚 my life apparently lol. did ya hear that we booked flights to tel aviv for spring? AWESOME huh
photocred go to babe @kaesoo 👅

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