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😁Too cute to handle! - @Regranned from @africathisiswhyilivehere - Not sharing my #waterhole with a #pig !

These moments are so breathtaking. Simply leave you speechless.
A humpback whale breaches from the depths of Skjálfandi Bay in front of a cheering crowd. I’m pretty sure that if you listen carefully, you can still hear the shouts and applause! 👏😅

I know exactly how to #headtilt my way into moms #heart ❤️ especially when she’s asking me if I’m the one that dug the huge hole on the side of the house 🐾🏡 #sorrynotsorry #productivemonday

Family reunion of @wccberners !!! I got to hang out with my mom @cedarcubpc, 2 of her other pups @maslowtheberner & @kodabearpc & her niece Ditto! So much fun hanging with my family 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 _______________________________________________________
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Thirty is off to a good start spending the last two days at the Elephant Nature Park being close to these incredible animals. #elephantnaturepark #gentlegiants #acrossthewildblue

Monday morning kisses 💋 #mommyandme


Take me back out to where the whales wave by tail slaps and the sun and wind blow cobwebs from my mind 💙💙 #whales #migration #nationalpark #water #sydney #boats #coogeetobondi #gentlegiants #tailslap #whale #marinelife #lifeonthewater

Tracy Ward shared Colton Thomas' message and photo:
In August of 1976 my Grandfather Jim Daneille flew Burt in for an autograph signing at his department store which was called "The Golden Rule" in the small town of Sutherlin, Oregon...I believe my Grandfather even picked him up at the Eugene airport...
Before my Grandpa passed away in 2014 he gave me these signed photos of Burt..
They mean alot to me since my Grandpa gave them to me and because I'm also a fan of the original 1966 series..
Since 1976 I'm sure Burt has done thousands of signings and wouldn't remember this one or my Grandpa.....But these signed photos will be a family heirloom from now on. And I'll pass them down to my Grandkids when the time comes!
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Colton Thomas
This made my day thank you!
Tracy Ward This TOTALLY made My Day Too!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love · Reply · 3 · October 12 at 5:14pm
Linda Leonard love
Sarah Brannock
Tracy Ward thank you so much for sharing your post with us and keeping us updated on things in the world of Batman and Robin. Also many thanks for all the animals you have helped to have a better life. ❤❤❤
Jackie Zagleski WOW VERY NICE PIC
Bobbi Rizer Cory I like the fact that it has a date on it. What a rare gem!
Shane Blackstock Very cool story
TGrey MacNeil love
Marc Montoya Castro Never changed one iota!!!!! Xxxx
Gulsah George Love the photo.
Matthew Mark Meyer
I have a friend in his 50's who met Burt at a signing when he was a kid. To this day his eyes light up like he's five years old again when he talks about it.
Nathalie Daoust
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like a Rock Star!!!!!! _____________________________________
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I can't even describe the joy that I felt spending two days with these incredible animals. It was a life changing experience and I am so thankful for all that this park does to give these elephants a second chance at a better life. #savetheelephants #ENP #elephantnaturepark #thailand #stoptheabuse #karma #gentlegiants #bucketlist #happy #travelnurse

Chow time in the Kenai Peninsula ! Notice the puffins in the foreground and sea stars in the background. Humpback whales 🐋 are baleen whales 🐳 - they don’t have teeth, but have baleen plates instead. These plates serve as a sieve and enable “filter feeding” Humpbacks feed on tiny animals - krill, fish 🐠 and shrimp 🍤. Zoom in to see the baleens on this gentle giant #kenaifjordtours #kenai #kenaifjordsnationalpark #kenaifjordscruise #kenaifjords #alaska #nikonphotography #nikond500 #nikond500photography #kenaifjordtour #humpback #humpbackwhale #humpbackwhales #humpbacks #whales #baleen #baleenplates #baleenwhale #seastars #starfish #whalewatching #gentlegiant #gentlegiants

There Could Be More Batman 1966 Animated Movies
Robin actor Burt Ward says that the Dynamic Duo could continue despite Adam West’s passing.
By Scott Collura
It has been assumed that Batman vs. Two-Face, the new animated film from Warner Bros. and DC, would be the last adventure for the classic 1966 TV version of the Dynamic Duo starring the late Adam West and Burt Ward. Since West is sadly no longer with us, this was surely his swan song. Or so we all thought.
But today at New York Comic Con I spoke to Ward, who of course plays Robin, and he strongly implied that if Batman vs. Two-Face is successful, there could be more animated films based on the 1966 show. I asked him what it was like knowing this movie was the last teaming of his Dynamic Duo and his response was, “I don’t know about that.”
“I don’t know much,” he hinted. “But I do enough that if this movie does well, it won’t be the last.”
So that’s mysterious and cryptic and possibly controversial (would they recast West? Did he record dialogue before his death that could be used?), but we’ll have to wait to see what it all means. There’s a Batman vs. Two-Face panel happening at NYCC today, so maybe news will break regarding this development during that. If so, we’ll update this story! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel…
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Michael Skelton
I think this could work....as long as Burt is still willing to be Robin who ever played Adam West’s part it could continue as a living memorial to Adam West. Would love to see and hear Burt continue as the classic and best Robin the Boy Wonder!!!
Darryl W. Riley Really. Id like to see the stories continue.
Thomas Joesph Pryor yes
Zachary Nevel I would love to see Burt voice a Nightwing feature
John Ledbetter
Would be a little different without ADAM !! But the right voice and script could do it !!!
welll, they brought Peter Cushing back in Star Wars Rogue 1 right? The animation was awesome..could the same technology here not be applied???
(Continued in comments

Although we didn’t get to reintroduce fire into this well-managed ecosystem on this day, we got to walk trough the prescribed burn units and glean as much knowledge from the locals about fire ecology, and the inspiring fire-dependent giant Sequoias.
#WTREX2017 #Yosemite #Prescribedfire #notaburnday #gentlegiants

Someone's trying on his new Halloween scarf 🎃

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