i joined an open collab with @overmeow!!!
collab w; @overmeow

the better pair
[Don’t Repost]
art cred: milagrosen, feliadraws, ghostbananas, yuidreams, nikodere, prom-knight, bees-free, radycat, nekitoototo, pbyums
song: Demi Lovato- everytime you lie


[𝘼𝙣𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙥𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙚]
ac @s.oftaudios | dt @zeniist @xmissfrazer @okaygenji @tindrvs @strawhatrose @co.lomar @captilvated @mcflurryy_ | grp #demonsionsgrp #imperatrixgrp
(Adding artist credit later im not at my computer rn)
This is really shit but I’m posting a genji edit that is an actual edit tomorrow


when you’re gone
this isn’t a ship edit!😅
sorry I took so long to post! I’ve been super busy trying to finish up school shopping and making last minute summer plans. I can’t believe break is almost over, it flew by so fast. I’m super nervous for school to start oof. Hopefully the school year will fly by as fast as summer break did😅 Anyway, enjoy this edit that I scrapped together!
Ac: @/shoeaura
#overwatch #overwatchedit #hanzoshimada #genjishimada #hanzoedit #genjiedit #shimada #shimadabrothers

Genji’s Nightmares
ac : mp3.audioss

《 мер рагт 》
Surrender the throne ~ Genji

#overwatch #overwatchedit #ow #owedit #genji #genjishimada #genjiedit #hanzo #hanzoedit #shimada

my edits are so simple i cri and it literally won’t stop raining here at our place MY DEADLINES ARE COMING UP GG
{grps: #kabukigrp #vivantgrpe #freezinggrp}
ac: @s.oftaudios
art: smoltinny, l-avieja, day-dream-fever, varllai, aquaxleonhart

I guess this skin is pretty cool...
sorry it's kinda basic and crappy😖😖

For Lisa
I love you so much and I know times are tough but stay strong, you have a lot of people routing for you ❤️
You got this bb, good things are coming, I promise. Storms don’t last forever 🌸
{Dt @okaygenji}

Ik...2 post in a day but I cant wait to post this! 🤧
I just found the @genji.lul open collab and I just fall in love with her/him part cuz is so pretty! (Ignore my ugly part) lul 💕

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