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For most of the time, it’s a bit like having a sensitive ball of flesh attached to your front. Think of having a small boob in your crotch area. You can feel it’s there most of the time, but it’s not something you think about. When it’s flabbing about freely it feels more… complex. What is usually restrained in your pants is now like a boob octopus that will flail around if you move too fast. I’m pretty sure the first piece of clothing we invented was the loincloth to help us run and move without fearing that the dick would slam into our balls. That said, it’s hardly ever in the way. Just like the vagina is lower than most guys expect, the dick is upper than most girls expect.Now, when the dick decides it’s going to fuck something, never mind the social or physical situation you are in, it gets a mind of its own. You can trick it, but you can’t control it. In fact, it controls you. Let’s continue with the boob analogy. Tighten your thighs and feel them. Do you feel the muscles, how hard they are? Imagine if the fleshy glob of fat that is your immaculate boobs suddenly turns into that. And your nipples become oh so sensitive and large. And then imagine those boobs in the shape of a dick in your crotch. In your pants. At your grandma’s house. Where you are hosting a wake for you grandma. And you are delivering a speech in front of your family. You feel embarrassed, not horny. But your stupid dick saw all those crying women in front of you and decided that, yeah, this is a worthwhile fetish. So now you are hoping to god that the creases in your pants are hiding your dick. Let’s take this analogy further, we’re all pretty uncomfortable by now... |🔽CONT'D IN THE COMMENTS BELOW🔽| #funny #funnyaf #funnyshit #dick #penis #men #women #genitals #boobs #man #indiagram #indiaig #indiaigers #indiaclicks #indian #india_gram #india_ig #indianblogger #indialove #love #sex #delhi #kerala #goa #chennai #calcutta #guwahati #mumbai #Bangalore |👇CONT'D BELOW👇

The 3 best #QUIZDOODLE pics from tonight.... Topic: "Your host (me) as a woman...." I'd apparently look pretty good with the exception of 1.... 😂😂😂 #poledancing #HarleyQuinn
#Genitals hahaha (Drawings reposted from @sarahsabear21 , @cmurraygraphics & @freejugs )

Time sustains
Genital remains
Height refrains
Dick size gains

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no more dreaming 2 be found #genitals

Posting this merely because it creeps my girlfriend out. Tag someone to ruin their night too. #genitals


Crabs STD: Are Tiny insects that live off human blood. Although they’re often found around the genitals, they can live in any part of the body with hair. Crabs are usually transmitted via close contact with infected person including sex. It is commonly followed by various symptoms and side effects such as itching. If crabs disease has been diagnosed, patients need completing STD treatment course which involves insecticide creams and lotions which help to terminate the lice. In case infection was obtained after sex with your partner, you are also recommended to pass examination on other infections transmitted sexually. Sex is not the only source of obtaining lice. Close body contact within unhealthy and poor sanitation conditions may also lead to the infection.. In case you want to avoid such health problem you are recommended to wash regularly and avoid wearing the same clothes all the time can add to why lice are a common problem. How is crabs STD contracted? Through sexual transmission, skin-to-skin contact or through clothing, bedding and toilet seat harboring the insects. Contracting lice can be divided into two main classifications. They include pubic lice and body lice. Every type of lice can be contracted in several ways. Pubic lice can be passed from one person to another after close contact. The most common way is having sex with infected person. At the same time there are several non-sexual ways to catch lice. Various physical contacts may also be the reason of infection. They include kissing with a person who has lice in his beard, for example. Pay attention that pubic lice can attach strongly to your pubic hairs. It will be quite hard to wash them out using common methods. They will not fall out by themselves. Keep an eye out 👀
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