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I started making the strawberry this Friday night for Geneviève because She liked little strawberry things. She gave me little beans that she had made. For my birthday this year. She was always thinking of others and gave such thoughtful gifts even when she was sick. I miss her. She makes me want to be creative and follow through like she did. #genevièvecastrée #genevièveelverum #genevievecastree #genevieveelverum #genevièvecastréeelevrum

Great fun this evening but also thinking about my buddies gathered to celebrate this one. From a very short role in May 2005. As if we need enough reminders that life is great and cancer sucks. #woelv #genevievecastree #genevieveelverum #genevièvecastrée #genevièveelverum

#MoonRaw begins. In loving memory of a dear friend, tonight we commemorate our songs to #GenevièveCastrée 😓🌷💜

INSPIRE — Geneviève Castrée, 2016

Unpacking. Finding reminders of happy times with old friends #genevièvecastrée


#JulyVinylChallenge Day 15: An album that makes you think of your spouse

Ô Paon - Courses (2010, Ô Paon Records)

One year and one week ago, a daughter lost a mother she would never know and a husband lost everything else. Geneviève Castrée was an illustrator and recording artist under the names Woelv and Ô Paon. She frequently collaborated with her husband, Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Mount Eerie. She died of pancreatic cancer on July 9th 2016, only one year after becoming a mother.
I started writing this entry about her and Phil and I actually used the phrase "we all lost a spouse that day". I deleted all of it. It was stupid and it was contrived and it was insincere. I didn't know where the hell I was going with it. But I still want to talk about it. So I'm gonna usurp the category so that I can say something real today.

I'm not married. I hope to be one day. But when I had heard of Geneviève's passing, I was reminded that the same pain her family feels is certainly coming for me too. I nearly had a breakdown earlier this year. I don't like to talk about it much outside of my family but I was dealing with a similar sense of loss. With the help of professionals, I eventually made peace with it. But for a while, a question plagued me: Is the love we give others worth the pain of losing them?
After a while, I made up my mind and decided that the answer had to be yes. There'd be no reason to carry on otherwise. So no matter what happens in your life, promise me that you'll give all the love you possibly can in one lifetime. Because I'm certain it's the only way we can keep moving forward.

Annie Dillard & Geneviève Castrée accompagne si bien le Gibraltar du St Henri 😍☕ petit matin doux.

#currentlyreading #lectureencours #écrivaines #anniedillard #genevièvecastrée #bd #recit

This album.

Big, fat package of heartbreak arrived today from #pwelverumandsun to help us remember the late, amazing, #genevièvecastrée

Music about death really gets me. I think it's that death and dying are among the greatest mysteries of our human experience. I'll grab on to anything that honestly tries to make sense of it. Whenever I come across art that opens up a window into that mystery, I am utterly captivated. Mount Eerie's album, A CROW LOOKED AT ME, is a masterpiece of an attempt to understand loss and how to continue on afterward. A breathtaking and heartbreaking work of art by Phil Elverum that follows his thoughts as he tries to mentally work through the untimely death of his own young wife Geneviève Castrée. #💔
#MountEerie #PhilElverum #ACrowLookedAtMe #GenevièveCastrée #death #dying #mystery #cancer #cancersucks #folk #folkrock #quietfolk #spokenword #poetry #heartbreaking #rawemotion #sadmusic #bestalbumsof2017 #newalbum #newmusic

Rediscovered this photo of Geneviève Castrée that I took five years ago when she played at Festsaal Kreuzberg with her husband Phil Elverum. The picture shows her as the strong and cheerful person I remember her to be when she took the stage and played her songs for us. And yet she referred to herself as this fragile little flower, asking us to not smoke cigarettes inside the room.
Last year Geneviève passed away. Fuck cancer. Phil has written a collection of songs about it that will come out this week as the new Mount Eerie album, repeating her memory like a prayer. Some reviewer said he hates this needs to exist. And he hates that it's so completely wonderful and resonant as a record. Which is very true.
#genevièvecastrée #opaon #mounteerie #acrowlookedatme

Unpacking. Finding reminders of happy times with old friends #genevièvecastrée

Geneviève Castrée Elverum #genevièvecastrée #comics is it harder to pack things up to move or to unpack at you destination? All I wanted to do when I heard Geneviève passed away was read her comics only they were all in storage. Think I'm gonna take a break.

Blankets Are Always Sleeping by Geneviève Castrée. My favourite illustrator passed away recently, so I bought the edition of #drawnandquarterly with my favourite illustrations of hers. #rip #genevièvecastrée #drawnandquarterly25 #illustrations #beautiful #blanketsarealwayssleeping

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