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Black Pastel Pied! This little gem is from the Ian G Line of Black Pastel which really shows in the color and contrast of her pattern. I can’t wait to see her offspring in the future.
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Had another fill last week and I’m extremely late posting 🙈 I have 500cc expanders and I’m sitting at 390 on the L and 380 on the R. Planning to fill to 500 on Monday. This was the first fill that gave me a little discomfort. These little rocks 💎💎 are really starting to get annoying. My arms go numb when I lay on my side because of the hard structure digging into my blood supply. Can’t wait for my exchange!! 🙌🏼 Hoping to set a date on Monday!! *swipe to see a pic of my underboob to see my scaring up close.
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Though she be but little she is fierce! ♀

This little warrior and I would love and appreciate if you could spare a few dollars 💰 and donate to our fundraiser (no donation is too small!). Click on the link in my bio to get to the donation page! By supporting my ride for strength you'll be funding groundbreaking research like the CRISPR/Cas9 (gene editing) study dealing with my dear friend's exact mutation. Your donation could change her life and so many more!! Thank you to all who have already supported, love to you all 😙🎉

In the fruit market in Chiang Mai one of the vendors had this fasciated pineapple on display! Fascinating fasciation. Fasciation is a rare abnormal growth of a meristem of a plant which cause a lateral growth of tissues which would normally grow upward, causing a widening of the afflicted area. Fasciation can be caused by hormonal imbalances in the meristem brought on by a genetic mutation or infection by bacteria, virus or mites. #fasciation #fasciatedpineapple #pineapple #ananas #ananascomosus #geneticmutation #planthormones #botany #botanynerd #plants #plantscience #biology #naturalphenomenon #mutation #fruit #abnormalfruit

Back at the plastic surgeons office in my sexy paper gown today! 5 weeks post-op tomorrow. This appointment was by far the easiest. I was so nervous, (and extremely sweaty) for all the others. He actually had to wipe my boob sweat off in the pre-op appt. so he could do his markings. 🤦🏼‍♀️😓 He was very pleased with my healing so far, and with his work. 😉 We will probably do some revisions at some point, but I’ve got a lot more healing to do first. Still need to take it easy, and limit my arm movement for a couple months. But, considering that just 5 weeks ago, I had a skin sparing, nipple sparing, double mastectomy, with a lift, and went direct to implant, all in one surgery, we’re both thrilled! The best part.... when I look in the mirror, I no longer see ticking time bombs! 💣💣All smiles today!😁

Surrounded by mystery, the elusive black panther has captured the fascination of humans for centuries. It is a member of the big cat family, native to Asia, Africa and the Americas. However, in reality, the black panther doesn't actually exist.
The black panther is not a distinct species itself, but is a blanket term for any black coloured feline of the big cat family, most notably, leopards and jaguars. A true black panther is actually the melanistic form of a leopard.
Melanism is an increased amount of black, or nearly black pigment, in the upper layers of the skin. The presence of melanin in the big cats occurs as a genetic mutation caused by the agouti gene.
If you look closely enough, you can see spots amongst their dark fur.
Think you're ready to identify a 'black panther' now?
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Yesterday was a whirlwind, so I didn’t get around to posting, but my baby turned 8!! I love this crazy, spunky, girl more than words. She is so beautiful, inside and out, she’s strong and confident in who she is, and loves with her whole heart. I so admire these qualities in her, and feel lucky to be her mom. ❤️ We had a great time celebrating with friends, and have even more celebrations to come with family! #luckygirl Ever since my ATM mutation diagnosis and surgery, I am really trying to appreciate every moment, big and small, and not take anything for granted. Sounds cliché, I know... But, going through all this can really change your perspective on life. #luckymom “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

The #Babylon system is all about #mutation #degeneration and subjugation of the human race. #Liberalism #Fascism #GMO #GeneticMutation #Extinction

This picture took a L O T of courage for me to post!! Due to a medication known for weight gain paired with a genetic mutation that makes me more susceptible to weight gain and medication side effects, I gained FORTY POUNDS in just ONE YEAR!

I'm learning to love my body for what it can do. I'm learning what supplements and lifestyle choices help control my migraines in the hopes that one day I won't need any preventive medications. What I've found to help so far...
▪Krill oil two times daily
▪Methylfolate [my body can't break down b-vitamins] nightly ▪Magnesium nightly
▪Beta blocker nightly •

And of course...
▪A well-balanced diet
▪A magic shake that has So. Many. Great. Things. For migraine prevention
▪30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week
▪A community of amazing women to help me stay motivated and on track for my health!!

Want a preview of what I do? Comment below 👇 and I'll get you added to my F R E E group starting Thursday!!

A simple selfie in gratitude to my valentine @mommaloveali who gave me this T & knew that embracing my imperfect heart is the only way forwards. #dilatedcardiomyopathy #heartdefect #geneticmutation #bigheart

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