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In me the universe has its origin
In Me alone the whole subsists
In Me it is lost—Shiva
The Timeless, it is I Myself
Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham! ✨

Shiva in his ParamShiva state is Swayambhu, which literally means self-manifested, without birth or without origin. Shiva is not born, he manifests on his own. Shiva is birth less, attribute less, formless and he is so because of his own nature, so he is Swayambhu. There is a verse in Vedas singing 3 well known names of Brahman as SHIV, SHANKER, SHAMBHU. One of the verses in Yajurveda invokes Brahman through 6 names including 3 highly popular names,' Shiv Shanker & Shambhu. Millions of devotees daily chant these names while worshipping HIM. ✨Shiva has been described in 6 forms.
1- SHAMBHAV (well being)
2 - MAYOBHAV(manifested as the forms of delight)
3 - SHANKER ( creator of well being)
4 - MAYASKER (creator of delight)
5 - SHIV (peaceful & unmanifested form of Brahman)
6 - SHIVTARA ( the form further beyond the Shiva form ). ✨Three names of Lord Shiva are always fascinating Svayambhu, Tejaswi and Akshar. If you talk of Shiva as one of the Trinity, then these names may not attract you much. When we talk of Lord Shiva, as Param Siva, then the names have great meanings. Shiva is the origin of the universe. It is He who manifests as Ardhanarishwara and then Shakti separates from him and the universe starts unfolding. It is then that the trinity is born and then other devas and asuras and all living being takes birth.! ✨🌲👁🐍🔱🕉💀🌀🌙🐚🌳📿🏞🔔✨🌴art courtesy @achyutam_studio

The Floraform Chandelier casts a forest of shadows #3dprinting #floraformChandelier #generative

Informative Archetypes V1.0 - Revit + Dynamo Workshop

A building information modeling workshop with Revit and Dynamo in Sofia, Bulgaria from July 22nd to 29th.

Taught by:
Arek Keshishian - of DesignMorphine and SkillShop
Zlatko Yanakiev - of DesignMorphine

Special discount for previous DesignMorphine, 3D-Dreaming, and SkillShop workshop attendees.
Discount also available for UACEG students.


RepostBy @soad_arch: "Antler' School of Architecture and Design 2030. Designed by Charlie (3rd year architecture studio, 2016) SoA+D

Ensō 178/365


Some live visuals I've made for the upcoming 'NNNNN' event this Saturday (Jul 1st) at the Smokehouse in Ipswich. :) Music: RUWA - Hello My Name Is.
OG Video: Ghost In The Shell (1995)

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Rediscovering lost music from Britain's Asian Underground Scene back from 2001.

Flight IC408 to Calcutta
by State Of Bengal (Sam Zaman)

#lostmusic #musicvisualization #music #generativeart #generative #electronic #digitalart #artofvisuals #forms #lostmusic #ethnotechno #lostmusic #ethnotechno #ethnotechnomusic

@arexity work from Transcendent Realities V1.0 day 1 webinar session.

Transcendent Realities V1.0 @jumpintothelightnow
Taught by:
Michael Pryor - DesignMorphine
Pavlina Vardoulaki - DesignMorphine
Lee Souder - DesignMorphine/End Space VR
Evan McCall - MLBAM VR

Inspired to play with cube emition by @zach.lieberman
#stardustae #aftereffects #generative

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