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Sam & Gilly or [GENDRYA] cr: @khalayse is the god of ship edits, follow
My two nerdz are probably my 3rd GoT otp, so i really do love them. But hey 2nd is gendrya, I love them dearly. Brilliant dynamic and they were genuine. Reunite asap dorks
#aryastark #gendrywaters #gendrya #gameofthrones

Gendraya; Yes or No? And do you think it will happen in season 8? Gendrya is my biggest ship, I want it to happen very badly but I am afraid it won’t. She is not the kinda person who would settle down and since Sansa wants to marry, Arya might make Sansa and Gendry marry and it would just be heartbreaking 😪
This is a very good edit (what’s up with the crossbow though?) let me know when you know who made it so I can give them credit -
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gendrya & arya (game of thrones) // stop they look like father daughter but i lovr them. also new theme

a nice oak tree..( ignore the glitches )
ac @sxperkara | cc ceiestial
#direwolfgrp & #martellgrp


love these two smol soulmates sfm wow [cr; @stydiasanctity] #slsfavfilms

you bet your ass I just watched the recent tw ep and skipped all parts except lydias 😛😛 love this kween [cr; @notanotherfandomacc] #slsfavtw #slsfavlydia

my entry for #gottask2
I had to:
Choose a very underrated character ✔️
Make a collage style edit ✔️
No blending ✔️
Song lyrics ✔️
Color blue ✔️

For this I chose Yara Greyjoy because I personally feel she is hella underrated. She's a badass, powerful woman. Her backstory is pretty cool and I think she is deep and intriguing individual. I chose the song "Young as the morning, Old as the sea" by Passengers because I thought the title and the lyrics fit her so well. She's still very youthful but is knowledgeable, mature and smart. The sea is old and wise and strong which represents her mind. Young as the morning represents her outer beauty and youth. The sea is also a huge apart of the Greyjoy/ironborn characteristics

qotd: favorite underrated character?

still waiting for this to happen... i'm so scared to find out when Season O8 finally airs 'cause whenever it will air, it will be too far in the future. #gendrya #got7

This is an old edit but I've been really inactive so here ya go !
Why does insta ruin quality

the reunion I live for💙

Q: do you ship gendrya?

― ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴘɪᴇᴄᴇs ✧・゚: *
» ac./ ib. spook-y [yt] | cc./oc. evilherself » i love them
[#gendrya | #omgpage]

gendry & arya [never be like you]
cc: autumnfantasy

dt: @midnight_minho @howlingtempest
Lemme just say I was robbed in S7. THIS Arya with THIS Gendry is what I've been waiting 4+ seasons of their separation for.

#gendrya #gendrywaters #gendrybaratheon #aryastark #gameofthrones #got7 #omgpage #maisiewilliams #joedempsie

i made an audio for you guys hope you like it and please give credz if you use :')
[song•the 1975-somebody else]

I wonder how their reunion will go down! Rumor/spoilers have it that it will be in episode 2! ❤ cr: @catellynstark. #gameofthrones #gendrya #gendrywaters #aryastark #maisiewilliams #joedempsie

What's favourite Gendry and Arya moment???
🐺🦌 (Mine is the first time they met in 1.10, The "I can be your family" scene and when he's shirtless) #gameofthrones #gendrya #gendrywaters #aryastark #maisiewilliams #joedempsie

my top 9 GoT characters 💗:
Arya Stark (ofc)
Robb Stark
Sansa Stark
Jon Snow
Daenerys Targaryen
Theon Greyjoy
Samwell Tarly
& Olenna Tyrell
— qotd: top 3 fav out of these?

Super obsessed with these two recently #gameofthrones #gendry #gendrya #ayrastark #maisiewilliams #joedempsie

my entry for #gottask1
[jaime and cersei]

I had to:
make an edit of - my least favorite couple ✔️
- blended edit ✔️
- two different fonts in the quote ✔️ • this is super rushed and ugly because I have been so busy with school but oh whale 🤷🏼‍♀️

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