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I'm a LESBIAN. Took me three years to be okay with that word. Lesbianism is often fetishizied and seen as vulgar, lesbianism is often considered to not be real, that it only exists because a man did us wrong or we haven't found "the one." That it's an adult thing, something that you have to be older for, but not too old or else you're having a midlife crisis. A fucking load of bullshit that is. Lesbianism is beautiful and soft and it's butch and dykes and femmes and it's Muslim and Christian and Jewish and Black and Asian and Hispanic. It's disabled and abled and mentally ill and it's trans and non-binary. It's monogamous and polygamous. It's the a 7 year old girl or an 80 year old woman. Lesbianism is a someone. Anyone. Sometimes it takes you a lifetime of experience to realize and other times you've always know. Every experience, every lesbian is different and unique, but we all have one thing in common and that's the love we have. I love women and I wouldn't fucking change that if I had the option to. I don't really give a fuck if people have a problem with me talking about my sapphicness. I've been and still continue to be in the closet to a certain extent for so long and I'll fucking talk about how much I love women for however long as I fucking please because not only me but a whole ass community out there had been discriminated against, oppressed, judged, and mistreated simply for who they love or who they fuck. To all my lesbians out there closeted or not, I stand with you, I am you, you are not alone.
also a major thank you to anyone who shows some love with this filter, we need more people that will stand with us, who believe in us, who believe in equality and a BIG fuck you to all of the straight girls who use this filter as a joke. I'm tired of y'all saying "omg wifey !!! look at my girlfriend !!!! lmao I'm gonna become a lesbian I'm tired of men ugh !!!" and then the moment you suspect a girl is gay or the moment you find out you treat her like shit saying things like "I'm okay with gay people but just don't have it around me" or "omg what if she hits on me" sit down because no one wants your lesbophobic bitch ass. -a chaotic Mexican-Cuban lesbian

If only they actually made a queer character-erik

I’ve never felt compelled to write about the beauty in the earth
I’ve never felt the need to capture the beauty in a smile.
Or the waning of the moon.
The trees will be the trees with or without me
So I let them be
I bask in the presence of beauty constantly
Living in their moments
Soaking in their jubilance
Sharing a certain stillness
Where a mind can finally rest easily
Where a heart can beat freely
Where worries rush away with the currents of the streams
That never stop for the minor displacements if it’s surroundings.
I’ve always wanted to be like those streams.
So I sit in the surrounding trying to absorb nature’s lessons
Be still like the forest
But let your mind be as cohesive and chaotic as its ecosystem
Be consistent like the evergreens
Always knowing who you are
Never faltering in a world that can be so cold
Be spontaneous, like the wind
Keep things interesting, keep them moving.
Be as free
Yet as structured
As the stream,
Who knows where it’s going on it’s set path
Don’t let external displacement
Disrupt your internal peace.
But again
I’ve never felt compelled to write about things like these
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