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One more day to make sure this orphan is safe (or on fire) at booth 2129!! #gencon #indy #conseason2017 #gencon50

Just realized I never posted this! Huuuuge thanks to @sirkirkules for his patience with me 😁
#pokemon #vaporeon #cosplay #gencon #gencon50

More #gencon photos: Star Wars Legion skirmish unpainted minis game. Figures are bigger than 28mm. #warmongers

Sunday shenanigans at GenCon! Finally got to meet the lovely Tabitha Lyons ( @artyfakes ) AHHH! 💜 check the video at the end, also😂
Also pictured @jedimanda @aleestudios @ginozacostuming #gencon2017 #gencon50 #gencon

been up to no good

sick photo props: @browncub
#gencon #boardgames

Shelley here from @conquestjournals and I'm taking over Gen Con's Instagram today! The first photo is me with my business partner Ted. We always go to Shula's for dinner, order Hot Box pizza and after the show, we go to Kilroy's for breadsticks, smothered tots and Long Island iced teas. What are your go to eats during Gen Con? #gencontakeover #gencon #gencon50 #conquestjournals #allthetatertots

Had such a great time at #gencon this weekend and performing with @d20burlesque ! Fell in love with this fountain and thanks to @vonkaromanov for snapping a quick shot of me! and for being the best con buddy ever!!!

This is a great photo oml
#gencon #gencon2017 #homestuckcosplay


Gencon 2018 ready #gencon

"Disintegrating the gate, warping the steel support - the intense heat of the rift opening scorched and burnt everything within two hundred miles, leaving nothing living in it's wake. The walls of the gateway melted and collapsed in on itself as the portal opened. A bright green light from inside resembled the light of the ship's core. 'Is this what took us here, to the edge of the world?' The Creator asked, looking to his shadow. Finally, as the rift became fully formed, a dark figure emerged. He spoke in a deep, distorted voice. Every word echoed as if it was being whispered a thousand times by a thousand different voices. 'I came to the edge of my world to meet you there the edge of yours,' he explained, 'to help you decide the fate of your world.' The creator's eyes opened wide as he realized his shadow was gone - no - not gone. It no longer followed him. It was the dark figure standing before him..."

Our modest haul from #paxunplugged. Comparatively modest to our #gencon hauls, I think. I’m over the moon to finally have a hard copy of Aethera, though! Starfinder didn’t impress me much, so I’m hoping this does the trick! #aetherarpg @aethera_rpg #kingdomino #pathfinder #sentinelcomics #sentinelsofthemultiverse #rpg #mrdarcy

🚨 Convention Alert 🚨
Tentative and confirmed conventions for 2018. There are so many more I'd love to go to but unfortunately I'm poor and time off is damn near impossible to get at work. 😭 Time to start costume planning! 😍👏🏻👏🏻
#convention #conventionschedule #indianacomiccon #c2e2 #animecentral #colossalcon #indypopcon #animemidwest #gencon #wizardworldchicago #animeweekendatlanta

The 'Wanting' are creatures made of ink. Shadowy figures in the shape of animals which are summoned by dark figures called Leviathans. The Wanting showed up the same day that a massive pillar of black ink and smoke suddenly appeared in the midst of a battle between the Stormbgyorne - a rich noble family who rules in the east - and the Hinterland Savages - a collective of men and creatures from the wilds of the southwestern regions of Stormbgyorne. Wanting have never been documented officially by the Council. Anyone who talks about them is thrown into prison or even sentenced to death for "publicly inciting a panic", a law which to break is considered treason.

Saw this in a Game Stop ad and thought it would be fun to draw. I'll have to post an update once I get it finished.

"Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?"
📸: @photography_by_homme 🍔

#TokyoGhoul #TokyoGhoulCosplay #KenKaneki #Kaneki #KanekiCosplay #GenderBender #GenderBenderCosplay #GenderBenderKaneki #Cosplay #GenCon #GenCon2017 #AnimeCosplay

Happy #XYZFriYAY! We had a huge week and a lot to beep and yay about.
1️⃣#RobotLab is now available on @Amazon Prime! This is a huge milestone for us and we can’t wait for more mad scientists playing our game. Link is in our bio above! ☝️
2️⃣We’ll be at #ChiTAG this year at Navy Pier. Check us out at the inventor’s table 1021 in our RobotLab t-shirts! 🤖

Checked out Dice Throne from the #paxunplugged library. We liked it! She won 😜

We found Bruce and Clark!
#JusticeLeague #GenCon #movienight #APNTS

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