Gemma loves to babble, blow raspberries, eat mamas milk popsicles and carrot purée is the current favorite. She has been introduced to the sippy cup and as of last night, said her first word: MAMA 😭💗
That is all. I’m going to go cry now my babies are growing too fast!!! #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #7MonthsOld #MomLifeIsTheBestLife

Dress all the way from the Aloha State 💛Gemma now weighs 18 lbs and her personality is starting to shine! She loves her brother but I think she’s going to be the fighter of the two. She scratches him and grabs his shirt when he’s smothering her too much 😂 She’s definitely teething but still hasn’t cut a tooth. She has FINALLY rolled over!!! Also, she fake coughs when she is upset or wants attention (potential drama queen? lol) Being her mommy is so much fun, I wouldn’t trade this for the world. #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #6monthsold #omg #wheredoesthetimego #mysweetprincess

🌼5 M O N T H S🌼
Gemma now weighs 16lbs 10oz and loves to eat rice cereal. Soon, we’ll be starting fruit & veggie purées and I’m so excited to discover her favorites! She has also begun teething so she’s chewing on her hands 90% of the time lol. I love my beautiful girl & all her smiles 💛💛 #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #5monthsold #flowerchild #beautifulchild

Happy 4 months my beautiful girl!! 🌸 Gemma now has her ears pierced and no tears were shed! She is starting to reach for objects and loves feeling new textures. I find myself really needing a sling cause this little girl loves to sit on mommy’s hip. I love you so much baby girl and love watching you learn and get chunkier everyday ☺️💕 #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #4MonthsOld #MyPrettyGirl #GabrielsMyLittleHelper #BrotherSisterLove

MY GEM IS 3 MONTHS OLD TODAY💕 She is growing beautifully and now weighs 13 pounds. She has discovered her laugh and loves to lay on her play mat with Gabriel. She actually likes how Gabriel smothers her with love and sings to her at bath-time. Safe to say he loves his baby sister. #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #3monthsold #OurPrincess

Happy 2 months of life to my sweet Gemma ✨ She now weighs 12 lbs and is full of smiles every time we talk to her. It surprises me how well she holds her head up and her gaze is always on mommy even if I’m at the other side of the room. I love you princess 😘 #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #2monthsold #growingtoofast #micachetona #hermosa

Happy 1 month to my sweet Gem 💫
She loves: mama’s milk, snuggles, listening to daddy’s voice, getting kisses from her big brother and bath time. Also, she sleeps in her own bed (yay!) Thank you God for such a beautiful, healthy blessing 💕 #GemmaSofiaAlfaro #1monthold

Our world just got a whole lot brighter 💖 Our princess Gemma Sofia Alfaro arrived at 6:48pm. She is 7 lb 12 oz and 18.5 inches of perfection. Mi niña hermosa is finally here 😍💕#GemmaSofiaAlfaro #OurPrincess #MiCachetona #blessedbeyondbelief

I can't wait to see these little booties on my lil Gem's feet 💖 #mamasready #6weekstogo #ourprincess #GemmaSofiaAlfaro

The most incredible thing about pregnancy has to be getting to feel this tiny little human dancing around inside you (especially when she gets the hiccups). I can't wait to hold my Princess Gemma 💖 #23weeks #babybump #GemmaSofiaAlfaro

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