Taylor of @dames_a_la_mode has done it again! Her newest release of girandole earrings are swoon-worthy. 😍😍😍 I picked up three of the small versions and I am going back for the large sizes. ✨✨✨ #girandole #gemgossipjewelbox

But if you had to pick a favorite (or 3)? 👀🤓 A selection of rings from our inventory, all are available! Please DM us for more info. #vintage #antique #diamond #gold #rings #chic #vintagejewelry #antiques #collection

IG SALE - Sweet old stock Czech lucite cameo rings, circa 1930! Perfect for the little jewelry loving lady in your life. The rings are around a size 3 1/4. $20 each, or claim them all for $60! Comment below to claim ❤️

Vintage meets Modern. #maejean #maejeanvintage
⇢ Shop: www.maejeanvintage.etsy.com
⇢ Follow: @maejeanvintage 💎

Ask and you shall receive! We are thrilled to announce we will be selling Maejean velvet ring boxes! We received the prototype a few days ago and have it listed for sale now! Stay tuned for more colors coming soon 💍💙

Some of our gorgeous and rare antique jewelry collection! 💙🔥💣 👉swipe for quick video. Will post a full video on our IGTV. 👉DM for details.

We are freaking out over @__honeylavenderfox__ & @davepetrofske ‘s engagement. Here’s how he did it: “It was supposed to be a stylized shoot. The photographer was in town from PA and originally we were going to use models but then the models mysteriously “weren’t in town” so she suggested Dave and I model. When the day came she started shooting photos of me then invited Dave in and while I was fixing his boutonnière he sneakily pulled out the ring of his pocket and asked the question! Completely unexpected and perfect.”.
Have you heard of anything sweeter? 😭

So glad @kategoldjewellery posted some antique jewelry boxes for sale. I bought this one from her—it’s shaped like a half circle but I like to think of it as a big D 🙌🏼
(My first name is Danielle in case you didn’t know) #gemgossipjewelbox

It’s pretty darn impossible to pick a #favorite here, but we’d probably go with the gold one... or the one with diamonds. 👀🤔😎😅 All of these stunners are #available, please DM us or shop tags above. #vintage #antique #diamond #gold #rings #chic #vintagejewelry #antiques #collection

Regrann from @samanthaknightjewelry - Because who doesn’t love a good ring tray shot? ✨ A selection of antique, vintage, and modern rings we have available. #vintage #antique #diamond #gold #rings #chic #finejewelry #gemgossipjewelbox - #regrann

Sharing a picture from my archives, one of my most liked picture from last year. ❤️❤️❤️ All #personalcollection . #showmeyourrings #gemgossipjewelbox #antiquering #vintagering

IG SALE- top one is 10k, bottom is 14k. Size 1/2. $85 each, free US shipping!

flash back to the 1970’s! we had such a blast this weekend channeling the many trends of the decade. .
photography: @jdub_photography .
photography assistants: @tammy_barlett, @rachelmettee.
jewelry, styling: @maejeanvintage .
van: @__avantgarbage & @sultan_of_sludge, @chevrolet .
flowers: @fultonstreetflora .
venue: Brae Barn

It must be engagement season! Peep @taragiorgio ‘s Maejean rings - what a stunning combo! 😍

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