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“Jedi Night” & “DUME”
Spoiler Review
Wow. I don’t even know where to begin... to start off I love the first episode, and the second one is solid. To me the first one starts off a little cheesy, even the soundtrack was kinda-off-setting for Star Wars... the scene where Kanan cuts his hair and shaved while Ezra and them make gliders had symbolic meaning behind Kanan’s actions, but the score was so weird. I got a Caravan of Courage vibe which isn’t a good vibe from the start of the episode through them taking off in the gliders. After that the episode ramped up and kept getting better. Pryce v. Thrawn as Imperial leaders was very cool. Thrawn is cool, calculated, and precise. Pryce is semi-trigger happy, brash, and act without thought of consequence - much like many typical imperial leaders. She’d rather take out one rebel target of high priority and sacrifice their fuel. The mentioning of project ‘Stardust’ and Krennic was a nice addition. The action was great, Kanan and Hera dynamic was satisfying even if she was intoxicated 😂. The wolves at this point annoy me. They are mysterious for the sake of being mysterious. They haven’t explained them that much at all and continue to raise more questions... but they are in to fill Dave Filoni’s wolf fetish. And final point before the big hitter Thrawn responding the Pryce’s actions was superb i can not wait for him to confront her.
Kanan’s sacrifice was perfect. He went out like a Jedi, had a one with the force moment to hold back the blast and save Hera and the Ghost crew. The score was absolutely amazing and the animation captured the moment so well 😭😭😭. My only complaint is that it is happening with in the last couple weeks of the show... it’s been nearly 4 whole seasons and the Rebels have had basically no real consequences for the action against the GALACTIC EMPIRE. So this isn’t me complaining about his death or the episode, both are great, rather a gripe for the show in general. In response to Anakin not being able to hold back the blast inTCW, Kanan was one with the Force in the moment. He has accepted he may die long before the events that killed him. After he was blinded he has dived into the

I was so hyped for this movie ever since I saw Batman v Superman for the first time. And then, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the movie finally came. And it was fun. Flash was funny. Aquaman was funny. Cyborg... Funny at times. Wonder Woman also at times. Superman was funny. And Batman was the funniest of em all. *sigh* I don't really mind the movies not doing a completely accurate representation of characters as in the comics. I liked Jesse's Lex. I liked Ego from GotG. I liked Hela and I loved Vulture. But I really want the character to be him or herself in all the movies. After I watched Batman v Superman, the one character I wanted to see more than any other was Batman. And when I watched JL, I did not get that. The JL Batman, was not one bit, the BvS Batman. The BvS Batman did not crack lame one-liner jokes every other second. I couldn't help but cringe a terribly lot of times every time he made a joke.
Then The Flash. The Flash was funny. He was quirky. And he tripped awfully lot. That's basically his whole character. There was nothing about him that made me think "ahh, Barry Allen!" (I know this is countering what I said earlier about movie interpretations) There was absolutely no real character to him than "the comic relief". Aquaman was more or less as expected. Wonder Woman was fine. And I loved Superman, I'm not gonna lie. I am seriously ready to overlook the CGI moustacheless face cuz every time he was onscreen he stole the show. He was so super, he basically put the rest of the JL to shame. Superman was all it needed in the end. He even made Steppenwolf, who actually seemed quite intimidating at first, an idiotic punching bag.
But holy shit that scene after his rebirth where the Flash runs behind him at super speed and then Superman's eyeball starts to move and.. AGH! That was the best scene in the whole movie.
I loved both the end credits. Deathstroke looks spectacular and I can't wait to see more! Well actually, I can. I've really lost all hype for any future DC films, except for Man of Steel 2, whenever that's happening, and Shazam, which I really hope would do well cuz I love the cast.

The movie looks quite intriguing and interesting, not to mention a good cast and great director! #Annihilation #NataliePortman #OscarIsaac #2018 #geekrant

“Star Wars: Canto Bight” (novella collection)
. . .
Well this place gotta lot of hate in #TheLastJedi, and imo it’s not completely justified. I don’t mind the world, just it’s plot elements were horrible for the movie, plus there are yet again no recognizable species in the movie from the original 6.
But this rant is bout the book not the movie. It’s four short stories in a collection... the first was memorable but painfully boring, the second was completely forgettable and the last two were cliche but I actually thoroughly enjoyed. I listened to the audiobook of this and was bored af listening to the first 2 stories. So in short either skip entirely or just skip he first half of the books #StarWars #CantoBight #Canon #StarWarsCanon #TLJ

Ik I said I’ll post a lot more tlj stuff in the new year... but frankly this movie is so split and so divided you give that to the Star Wars fan base and we have bashful comments directed at me and at my followers just for having differing opinions. Cause ima say it right now. I am not really a fan of the film. Like TFA I can watch and enjoy but ultimately it is a let down. Does this mean I hate those who love it? NO! I work with a guy who doesn’t consider it perfect and has some issues but overall it is his 3rd fav Star Wars. We have great discussions on our shifts and it’s not hateful in anyway even tho we disagree. I talk with people like @officially_starwars and @starwars.warriors @swfact @all_starwars who all like the film and yet I’m not calling them idiots for liking it I respect them and their opinions and they respect me and mine. So this is a call out to everyone to start being more civilized in the conversations. Agree to disagree. We all don’t share the same opinion and that is fine. Enjoy Star Wars for what there is like what you want to like and dislike what you don’t like. No need for hate no need for a TOXIC environment. Let’s make this fan base the greatest it can be.
#StarWars #ThisFanBaseisToxic #KyloRen #Rey #TheLastJedi #TLJ #PraetorianGuard #Snoke

Sorry no post today was busy. Just saw #TheRoom by the talented? #TommyWiseau!!! It was a fantastic time so fun to watch with an interactive crowd... I mean ofc the movie is bad but it’s all about when and where and with whom you watch! #DisasterArtist #Movie #GeekRant

#TheLastJedi #GeekRant
SPOILERS. characters
. . .
To start off if you don’t agree with my opinions don’t take it personal. Agree to disagree as we all have opinions.
. . .
I found this film to be “okay.” Had some great moments and many less than rememberable sequences.
First I’ll talk characters. Rey was kinda redeemed from TFA but not really she still has limited training and yet never faces a single struggle when challenged (in the force) in comparison to Luke OT he struggled when learning A LOT... idk she still is a weak character imo especially since she “came from nothin...” and hasn’t had the proper reasoning/training to justify her power. Finn seemed to be almost useless to the movie and adding in Rose just to give him a 30 min sequence in the film. Canto bight sucked and was useless to the movie pretty much making Finn and roses role useless should’ve been cut from the film and made the story more streamline. His near death would have probably been a good end to him rather than having that awkward kiss from Rose and cringy ass line he had a role in TFA that served well some development to the point of support for the resistance in this movie but besides that felt like filler. Snoke was cool but his death was premature even tho I found it to be quite well done. 2 movies in he is dead and still a mystery. Holdo shouldn’t have existed she should have been either Akbar or Leia (preferable Akbar) who did the suicide hyperspace jump. Hux was the same as TFA loud, young, zealous for the First Order... nothing much too him. Luke was quite different from where we last saw him and this made a lot of fans mad. Personally I just want some explanation as to how he got there cuz it’s kinda unbelievable. Poe had great development that needed to happen but only happened because the stupidity and secrecy of Holdo. Kylo Ren is still the sting point struggle with the light to stay in the dark. His chemistry wth Rey was great and 2 movies in he still stands as my favorite aspect of this trilogy.
Overall, this film is like TFA to me i can sit in in enjoy it but so far 2 of 3 sequels are meh... I can say no doubt I prefer the prequels. #StarWars #TheLastJedi #Rey #KyloRen

Luke in the Last Jedi (Vague and NonSpoiler, but I advise not reading if you haven’t watched yet)
. . .
Personally, I find they route they took Luke to be very different, and a pure that I could get behind... but since there is a virtually unexplored period of 30 years between ROTJ and TLJ we don’t get to see that development that turns Luke to what he became. I’ve never been a die hard Luke fan... always thought he was cool and all but Legends offered much cooler characters that I was drawn to over Luke. But it’s hard to back up #TheLastJedi’s Luke since there is no development from ROTJ to TLJ. Imo he’s a flaw of the film in some regards and a very cool aspect/positive for the Last act of the film. And in comparison to Grand Master Luke Skywalker from Legends... Legends Luke is cooler. #StarWars #TheLastJedi #tLj #LukeSkywalker #Skywalker #AnchTo #Rey #Canon #StarWarsCanon

A community divided!
. . .
Everybody has their opinions. Film is ALWAYS subjective and when it comes to Star Wars even more so. If you LIKE anything Star Wars you are a “Star Wars Fan” if you read all 250+ legends books and despise canon you ARE A STAR WARS FAN! If you cant stand anything that’s not the OT you ARE A STAR WARS FAN! If you find AOTC to be the best Star Wars film ever.... you ARE A STAR WATS FAN. Get what I’m gettin at? Whether or not you liked the Last Jedi if you like star wars you are still a fan. Period. There is no such thing as a “fake fan” yet that the the term getting thrown around in all the hate comments. For example i don’t love TLJ but if i say anything good about it im instantly hated on and bashed. My ranking of the movies was bashed since i Love #RevengeoftheSith, but ever think about the fact that im 18 and the first season film in theaters i Saw was ROTS i grew up on the prequels... ofc i like them. My good friend over at @mr.star.wars said it perfectly. “If it wasn’t for the great friends i have made with this account i would’ve quit a lone time ago so i can enjoy Star Wars without all the hate.” Yeah my account has over 56K... cool but i like this account for the community cause it’s not all about followers sure it’s a nice refresher to keep growing even if my account seems to grow slow in comparison to others it not just about that so i am completely fine with it. It’s ridiculous how divided and hateful the community has become because when it comes down to it that’s that str wars community we have all kinds of fans not just 3 generations of fans. There are TCW fanboys the originals only lovers, prequels lover, EU lovers, canon lovers, legends lovers, etc etc etc PEOPLE HAVE different opinions if it doesn’t a line with yours respect them for their opinion and humbly disagree. Have a civilized discussion as to why that’s your opinion. Don’t just hate. Grow a pair and help make this community great again cuz atm #Thiscommunityistoxic.
#StarWars #Canon #Legends
@swfact @star.wars.dude @officially_starwars @all_starwars @starwars.warriors

“The Last Jedi” (NONSPOILER)
. . .
Three viewings. Hours of reviews. Timeless amounts of discussing. The Last Jedi comes down to being a mess of a movie- both Star Wars and just as a movie in general. Now it’s not persay a “bad” mess, but it sure isn’t “good.” To me, there is a lot to like about this but nearly just as much not to like. Gotta keep this brief since not much to talk about till Jan 1. When I️ start spoiler talks. But the new characters were all mostly good with Rose feeling unnecessary as well as the whole escapade she and Finn went on. But besides that Finn, Poe, Kylo, and Rey all were positives to me, now Luke was different/went a direction that isn’t expected, but the lack of build up to this point makes it kinda unbelievable. Leia was good and had a semi-cheesy moment that I️ still like. Snoke was cool/powerful, but face-value. And Phasma and Hux were exactly the same as in TFA and had no development. Visually, it was phenomenal, soundtrack was great, and general premise had the opportunity to be GREAT. Last thing this movie lacked consistency with any past movie, or material and with a 30 year gap virtually unexplored there is no lead up to quite a bit that happens in this movie. I️ Still enjoy the movie, but it’s a let down in the sense of how many opportunities it missed how many thing they could have done but didn’t. Idk and the humor was jarring to the story and tone. Some jokes landed others didn’t. Like I said I️ enjoy the film and the risks taken, but it lacks consistency some risks I️ can get behind for the betterment of the new characters of this trilogy, but it’s just that a fun time. Better than TFA and AOTC and possibly TMP - still deciding- but I don’t think I’d put it above anything else.... 3/4 #StarWars #TheLastJedi #TLJ

“The Force Awakens”
. . .
First thing that comes to mind is copy-cat, lazy, safe. Nothing in this film is original and every aspect can be mirrored with something from the Originals (and some from the prequels).
It’s not all bad. i liked SOME of the callbacks and the new characters had potential, but really only having Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) be the stand out. Finn was decent with potential but fairly plain being First Order bad, Resistance not for me, REY! Poe was trigger happy fly-boy, Rey was the stupid powerful protege from nothing, and Hux was the young hot-headed lead of the villains, Snoke was just a mystery with a cool voice. All the planets were the same - “D’Qar” = Yavin, Starkiller is Death Star/Hoth, Jakku is tatooine, Takodana was just the cantina from Tatooine with a forest environment. Han’s death had very little build up and basically no questions were answered.
Force the good, it was visually amazing! Looked absolutely beautiful, and the action was intense and fun. Like i said a safe way to start the new trilogy, but lacked originality and an emotional connection to the story/characters. i give 2/4.
#TheForceAwakens #TFA #starWars

“Return of the Jedi”
. . .
In simplest terms this movie is a solid conclusion to a trilogy with fun moments and powerful moments, but falls short of what it could have been by having a repeat plot and portraying the bad guy force as incompetents.
Now that makes it sound like i dislike the film, but that’s not true. The first act was one of my fav first acts of Star Wars films with the whole Jabba the Hutt sequence making us feel right home with the usual OT fun and characters. The conclusion is also fantastic with a great 3 front Battle. Luke and Vader, moon of Endor, and space. Luke turns his father back redeeming Anakin Skywalker and stopping the emperor.
My complaints of the film are the Ewok who are cute and funny yes but kinda annoying tbh the fact that cute teddy bears beat trained soldiers of the Empire is just kinda dumb. The Death Star II is also lazy. It’s like they thought oh no idk how to conclude this lets have the same threat to the rebellion as ANH.
Both the complaints I️ can get by as I️ grew up on these and the Prequels but the one is easily the weakest of the OT.
I️ give it a 3 of 4. Solid fun movie but not perfect. Has it’s issues that are easily able to be looked over. Love this movie but it’s no ANH or ESB.

#StarWars #ReturnoftheJedi

NON-SPOILER #geekrant
Glad I️ decided to watch 2x back to back today. It’s a lot to process. I️ had some negatives about the film, but overall a positive view of the film. Good job @riancjohnson.... and Mace Windu is Jar Jar Who is the porg’s cousin and daddy of Snoke.
#StarWars #TheLastJedi #TLJ #kyloRen #BenSolo #Rey #LukeSkywalker

“Empire Strikes Back”
. . .
I️ mean what is there to say about this film that hasn’t already been said! It’s perfect! Hands down one of the (If not the) best Star Wars Movie to date (really hoping TLJ tops it). Great character development, exploring new worlds and creatures and going against new threats! From the Battle of Hoth to Luke’s duel on bespin this film stays interesting. Han and Leia’s romance is displayed so well with an amazing chemistry between the two. And then the big reveal, the twist in the story. Vader is Luke’s father?! Simply phenomenal. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of 4 hands down. Sorry for a shorter review but I️ honestly don’t know what to say it’s just amazing! And let’s not forget the fantastic sound track! #StarWars #EmpireStrikesBack #ESB #empire #DarthVader #LukeSkywalker #TheLastJedi

“A New Hope”
. . .
This movie is phenomenal! Engaging start to finish with graphics and cgi that still hold up 40years later! The score by John Williams is just purely phenomenal! It adds so much emotion to the scenes, not in a “this is how you should feel” sorta way but more of an accompanying way that helps provoke the right kinda of emotions, feelings, moods, and tones in the scenes.
I️ mean there isn’t really much to say that you don’t already know. Great villain, great heroes, great story! Sure you can claim the Death Star’s weakness is a cop out for the plot but I’m fine with it and Rogue One did a phenomenal job explaining away the “flaw.”
Overall a fantastic film! A classic that everyone everywhere should watch! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 4!
#StarWars #ANewHope #ANH #Review #LukeSkywalker #LeiaOrgana #HanSolo #Chewbacca #DarthVader #ObiWanKenobi #R2D2 #C3PO #DeathStar

“Rogue One”
. . .
Let’s start by stating the obvious. This is the first anthology film and for the first I can say it did a great job! There is no denying this movie was “safe” in terms of time period and basic plot, but besides that it takes some leaps for a Star Wars (story) movie. The entire main cast is brand new never before seen and they ALL DIE! The overall tone of this movie is very dark with an element of hope being the Rebellion’s constant silver lining. In terms of film genre sure it’s still Sci-Fi and Fantasy but it also goes in the direction of a war film something we haven’t gotten as the OT was the hero’s journey. The PT was the fall of the Republic and rise of the Empire and the New Trilogy (NT?) is seemingly being a hero’s journey again but it’s too early to tell.
R1 is a great film the pacing is kinda off in the beginning but it’s forgivable as they need to introduce all the characters that this movie revolves around. It wasn’t too heavy on the OT nostalgia and had just the right amount of cameos and Easter eggs to other Star Wars media. Finally he score, for an Star Wars film it was weak but for a stand alone movie it was pretty solid. Unfortunately it was a rushed score so only a few pieces actually stick out but nothing very memorable.
Overall I really love this movie! It’s an expanded universe film which I’m a fan of. It was a good place to start the Star Wars Story Anthology movies playing it safe but also taking quite a few risks for a movie with “Star Wars” in the title. And hey who the hell in their right mind doesn’t just love the Vader hallway scene at the end?
I’m giving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of 4.
#StarWars #RogueOne #AStarWarsStory #R1 #JynErso #CassianAndor #K2SO #GarethEdwards #WaitforVIII

Can he do it? I guess we will find out December 15th. What do you all think?

“Revenge of the Sith” (reposted updated review and better pic)
. . .
I LOVE this movie! The pacing is great the CGI is mostly good with some decent. And the character development feels natural.
To start off, The opening scene is definitely the best off all currently released films and as probably my fav space battle followed by R1 and ROTJ. with the opening battle and continuing into the duel against dooku (and the rest of the film) You can see the progression from Padawan and master to brothers. “He’s the closest thing I have to a father.” to “you were my brother Anakin!”
I feel this movie felt natural especially in the long run of the prequels and TCW. Though it’s just under 2.5hrs it is paced very well to not feel extra long.
It’s a beautiful movie as well giving more planets that haven’t been seen yet all very cool! Sometimes glimpses like during order 66 others shows for a long time like Kashyyyk and Utapau and Mustafar.
Finally, there are some fantastic sequences in here from the I’m pregnant scene, the opera house scene, the chancellor arrest scene, order 66, and the final duel. I find Hayden gave a solid performance with his best being in the Ik pregnant scene he was able to show what I think would be all the emotions rushing through someone in his positions head all with just his facial features and a couple laughs or words. His second being the chancellor after sequence. Sitting in the Council Chamber looking out as Padme In her penthouse looks back you can see the emotions in his physical features and he is struggling between right and wrong and his love for Padme and fear of losing her.
I love it it’s Just a great film overall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of 4. Best of the prequels and one of the best overall. #StarWars #RevengeoftheSith #ROTS #EpisodeIII

“Captain Phasma”
. . .
This 4-part #StarWarsCanon comic series directly follows up the events of TFA. From the trash compactor to her covering her tracks. Overall it’s decent doesn’t do much by explain how she isn’t killed for turning off the star killer base shields and why she would. It reaffirms what the books shows how she is a survivalist to the core then loyal to the First Order second. Like I said plot was fine and the character development was basically what the book gave but on a smaller scale. ⭐️⭐️ of 4.
#StarWars #Canon #Phasma #CaptainPhasma #TheForceAwakens #TFA #TheLastJedi #TLJ #FirstOrder #TheFirstOrder

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