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#shazam Might be the most COMIC BOOK ACCURATE DC movie EVER!

Is this a good thing?

Let's talk about the pictures of his costume! Do you love it? Do you hate it?
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If we're going to continue to make a big deal about a weapon used in ONE episode, lets be correct about it-its his actual arm, not something he holds.


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Alright... Turn me up on my mic.
#KelleyMarieTran #RoseTico left social media due to reported cases of #cyberbullying #Racism and #Sexism ... Did Rose Tico Deserve the HATE?? LET'S #RANT


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Guilty confession: as a life long PC Gamer and computer geek this was my first time visiting a Microsoft store. Hey @microsoft and @halo we have long awaited the remastered Halo 1, 2 for PC but more importantly the release of 3, 4, and 5 for PC: aka The Master Chief Collection. Have you seen the positive response of the Halo Forge and PC audience? I'm sure you have and the demand is there. We now have conformation Halo 6 is coming to PC and we're thankful but is it too much to fill in the gap with a PC MCC? Btw the visit to your Microsoft store was an amazing experience. 😎👌. Where are my PC gamers at?
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https://youtu.be/1g4-qMXbQDc #youtube channel #linkinbio
#ICYMI Had a bit of a #nerd rant over the fake #backtothefuture 4 announcement last week and broke down why it's probably never going to happen. Thanks for watching! Let me know your thoughts!
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Also check out his website: Tu Wank Clan
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@oldrunkengeek wasn't allowed to get into a Jaeger and fight some Kaiju because he hadn't seen the first "Pacific Rim." All he could do was witness the spectacle of big dumb robots fight big dumb monsters. ODG reviews "Pacific Rim: Uprising."⠀

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I HATE NINTENDO! New YouTube video! Nintendo is a great company that I have loved for years for so many different reasons. My very first video game memory was created by Nintendo But now... I HATE NINTENDO... or do I? Watch the video to find out! Link in the profile!
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NASA's Virtual Interface Environment Workstation (VIEW)

I accept the challenge from of the "Seven Book Covers". Post a book you love. No explanation. No review, just the cover. Then challenge some friends to do the same.
Day 3/7 ——-
Imma break the rule.
I am a staunch believer in Guillermo Del Toro’s genius, and so very happy that finally he got the recognition he deserves.

When he did ‘Hellboy’, some people were saying he’s a sell-out, after only watched ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ once 🙄, and without ever watching ‘Cronos’ or ‘Devil’s Backbone’ or his Hollywood debut, ‘Mimic’ that made him heart-broken on how badly cut the movie was ( a.k.a. given a Hollywood treatment). But there are still gorgeous shots from it that has all the Del Toro’s signature. From then on he splits his movies into two languages, the dark and dramatical ones are in Spanish, while the more light-hearted ones and appealed to his unabashedly geeky persona in English. #
Google Del Toro sees Gundam, it’s the cutest thing ever.
I still cried each time I saw ‘Pacific Rim, considered a Hollywood flop thus struggled to get financing for the sequel, oh how my geeky heart love him so. ‘The Shape of Water’ rekindles the romance between Hollywood and Del Toro in a way. And I am praying my hardest that it will open the way for ‘At the Mountain Of Madness’

Love and Cthulhu Fhtagn,


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Rebels- A World Between Worlds
I’m not gunna say much about the first half of last nights episode, but here’s a SPOILER WARNING for the second half.
The first part was setup for A World Between Worlds (AWBW). The overall episode was fine, but nothing to freak out about. Looked cool, still don’t care bout the Wolves.
AWBW tho... a lotta shit went down and it was pretty freakin cool. Simple put “they dared” in this World Between Worlds Time isn’t linear and isn’t finite. It’s just another element you can interact with. Ezra saves Ahsoka from death by Vader, which was a cool way to show the fight and show fans that no Ahsoka isn’t a match for Vader HE WOULD WIN. Yet she is able to survive and be used later on idk where exactly or what exactly her role will be. But she’s back to teach Ezra one more lesson and that lesson was learning to letting go both Ahsoka to Anakin and Ezra to Kanan. What’s interesting tho is the portal Kanan was in appears to be the same portal Sidious was in as if he was tempting Ezra to save Kanan and therefore cost the crew then give the Emperor access to this Force realm and the UNLIMITED POWWWWEERRRR it possesses lol. The idea of this tho weird since the best time travel example from legends is Flow Walking, which is more of a Force based time travel. Not so physical and direct with the contact and possibility to alter time. I like it and it works for Canon as the Force has evolved in Canon into something that is very broad and beyond comprehension we gets grasps and buts if it but it’ll be impossible to fully grasp how immense and expansive it truly is. As for the AWBW I don’t think it’s unaccessable permanently, just the temple on Lothal and the access point there is gone. For example Yoda talked to Ezra on the supernatural plain from Dagobah... now he is very powerful and may just be able to access it, but so is Sidious so maybe there is a way to access it from Dagobah much like the Force Cave there. Other planets like Ahch To and Jedha I could see as options. Finally, Kanan influencing through the wolves was nice-ish and a cool-ish final farewell, but I still don’t like the wolves that much. Still too weird and mysterious.

“Jedi Night” & “DUME”
Spoiler Review
Wow. I don’t even know where to begin... to start off I love the first episode, and the second one is solid. To me the first one starts off a little cheesy, even the soundtrack was kinda-off-setting for Star Wars... the scene where Kanan cuts his hair and shaved while Ezra and them make gliders had symbolic meaning behind Kanan’s actions, but the score was so weird. I got a Caravan of Courage vibe which isn’t a good vibe from the start of the episode through them taking off in the gliders. After that the episode ramped up and kept getting better. Pryce v. Thrawn as Imperial leaders was very cool. Thrawn is cool, calculated, and precise. Pryce is semi-trigger happy, brash, and act without thought of consequence - much like many typical imperial leaders. She’d rather take out one rebel target of high priority and sacrifice their fuel. The mentioning of project ‘Stardust’ and Krennic was a nice addition. The action was great, Kanan and Hera dynamic was satisfying even if she was intoxicated 😂. The wolves at this point annoy me. They are mysterious for the sake of being mysterious. They haven’t explained them that much at all and continue to raise more questions... but they are in to fill Dave Filoni’s wolf fetish. And final point before the big hitter Thrawn responding the Pryce’s actions was superb i can not wait for him to confront her.
Kanan’s sacrifice was perfect. He went out like a Jedi, had a one with the force moment to hold back the blast and save Hera and the Ghost crew. The score was absolutely amazing and the animation captured the moment so well 😭😭😭. My only complaint is that it is happening with in the last couple weeks of the show... it’s been nearly 4 whole seasons and the Rebels have had basically no real consequences for the action against the GALACTIC EMPIRE. So this isn’t me complaining about his death or the episode, both are great, rather a gripe for the show in general. In response to Anakin not being able to hold back the blast inTCW, Kanan was one with the Force in the moment. He has accepted he may die long before the events that killed him. After he was blinded he has dived into the

I was so hyped for this movie ever since I saw Batman v Superman for the first time. And then, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the movie finally came. And it was fun. Flash was funny. Aquaman was funny. Cyborg... Funny at times. Wonder Woman also at times. Superman was funny. And Batman was the funniest of em all. *sigh* I don't really mind the movies not doing a completely accurate representation of characters as in the comics. I liked Jesse's Lex. I liked Ego from GotG. I liked Hela and I loved Vulture. But I really want the character to be him or herself in all the movies. After I watched Batman v Superman, the one character I wanted to see more than any other was Batman. And when I watched JL, I did not get that. The JL Batman, was not one bit, the BvS Batman. The BvS Batman did not crack lame one-liner jokes every other second. I couldn't help but cringe a terribly lot of times every time he made a joke.
Then The Flash. The Flash was funny. He was quirky. And he tripped awfully lot. That's basically his whole character. There was nothing about him that made me think "ahh, Barry Allen!" (I know this is countering what I said earlier about movie interpretations) There was absolutely no real character to him than "the comic relief". Aquaman was more or less as expected. Wonder Woman was fine. And I loved Superman, I'm not gonna lie. I am seriously ready to overlook the CGI moustacheless face cuz every time he was onscreen he stole the show. He was so super, he basically put the rest of the JL to shame. Superman was all it needed in the end. He even made Steppenwolf, who actually seemed quite intimidating at first, an idiotic punching bag.
But holy shit that scene after his rebirth where the Flash runs behind him at super speed and then Superman's eyeball starts to move and.. AGH! That was the best scene in the whole movie.
I loved both the end credits. Deathstroke looks spectacular and I can't wait to see more! Well actually, I can. I've really lost all hype for any future DC films, except for Man of Steel 2, whenever that's happening, and Shazam, which I really hope would do well cuz I love the cast.

The movie looks quite intriguing and interesting, not to mention a good cast and great director! #Annihilation #NataliePortman #OscarIsaac #2018 #geekrant

“Star Wars: Canto Bight” (novella collection)
. . .
Well this place gotta lot of hate in #TheLastJedi, and imo it’s not completely justified. I don’t mind the world, just it’s plot elements were horrible for the movie, plus there are yet again no recognizable species in the movie from the original 6.
But this rant is bout the book not the movie. It’s four short stories in a collection... the first was memorable but painfully boring, the second was completely forgettable and the last two were cliche but I actually thoroughly enjoyed. I listened to the audiobook of this and was bored af listening to the first 2 stories. So in short either skip entirely or just skip he first half of the books #StarWars #CantoBight #Canon #StarWarsCanon #TLJ

Ik I said I’ll post a lot more tlj stuff in the new year... but frankly this movie is so split and so divided you give that to the Star Wars fan base and we have bashful comments directed at me and at my followers just for having differing opinions. Cause ima say it right now. I am not really a fan of the film. Like TFA I can watch and enjoy but ultimately it is a let down. Does this mean I hate those who love it? NO! I work with a guy who doesn’t consider it perfect and has some issues but overall it is his 3rd fav Star Wars. We have great discussions on our shifts and it’s not hateful in anyway even tho we disagree. I talk with people like @officially_starwars and @starwars.warriors @swfact @all_starwars who all like the film and yet I’m not calling them idiots for liking it I respect them and their opinions and they respect me and mine. So this is a call out to everyone to start being more civilized in the conversations. Agree to disagree. We all don’t share the same opinion and that is fine. Enjoy Star Wars for what there is like what you want to like and dislike what you don’t like. No need for hate no need for a TOXIC environment. Let’s make this fan base the greatest it can be.
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Sorry no post today was busy. Just saw #TheRoom by the talented? #TommyWiseau!!! It was a fantastic time so fun to watch with an interactive crowd... I mean ofc the movie is bad but it’s all about when and where and with whom you watch! #DisasterArtist #Movie #GeekRant

#TheLastJedi #GeekRant
SPOILERS. characters
. . .
To start off if you don’t agree with my opinions don’t take it personal. Agree to disagree as we all have opinions.
. . .
I found this film to be “okay.” Had some great moments and many less than rememberable sequences.
First I’ll talk characters. Rey was kinda redeemed from TFA but not really she still has limited training and yet never faces a single struggle when challenged (in the force) in comparison to Luke OT he struggled when learning A LOT... idk she still is a weak character imo especially since she “came from nothin...” and hasn’t had the proper reasoning/training to justify her power. Finn seemed to be almost useless to the movie and adding in Rose just to give him a 30 min sequence in the film. Canto bight sucked and was useless to the movie pretty much making Finn and roses role useless should’ve been cut from the film and made the story more streamline. His near death would have probably been a good end to him rather than having that awkward kiss from Rose and cringy ass line he had a role in TFA that served well some development to the point of support for the resistance in this movie but besides that felt like filler. Snoke was cool but his death was premature even tho I found it to be quite well done. 2 movies in he is dead and still a mystery. Holdo shouldn’t have existed she should have been either Akbar or Leia (preferable Akbar) who did the suicide hyperspace jump. Hux was the same as TFA loud, young, zealous for the First Order... nothing much too him. Luke was quite different from where we last saw him and this made a lot of fans mad. Personally I just want some explanation as to how he got there cuz it’s kinda unbelievable. Poe had great development that needed to happen but only happened because the stupidity and secrecy of Holdo. Kylo Ren is still the sting point struggle with the light to stay in the dark. His chemistry wth Rey was great and 2 movies in he still stands as my favorite aspect of this trilogy.
Overall, this film is like TFA to me i can sit in in enjoy it but so far 2 of 3 sequels are meh... I can say no doubt I prefer the prequels. #StarWars #TheLastJedi #Rey #KyloRen

Luke in the Last Jedi (Vague and NonSpoiler, but I advise not reading if you haven’t watched yet)
. . .
Personally, I find they route they took Luke to be very different, and a pure that I could get behind... but since there is a virtually unexplored period of 30 years between ROTJ and TLJ we don’t get to see that development that turns Luke to what he became. I’ve never been a die hard Luke fan... always thought he was cool and all but Legends offered much cooler characters that I was drawn to over Luke. But it’s hard to back up #TheLastJedi’s Luke since there is no development from ROTJ to TLJ. Imo he’s a flaw of the film in some regards and a very cool aspect/positive for the Last act of the film. And in comparison to Grand Master Luke Skywalker from Legends... Legends Luke is cooler. #StarWars #TheLastJedi #tLj #LukeSkywalker #Skywalker #AnchTo #Rey #Canon #StarWarsCanon

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