Almost finished with this roll of electric blue! Pray to the fabric goddesses that I can find it again! 💙⚡️ I’ll never get over how bonkers beautiful every Gal who owns this dress looks in it.

About to start the drive down to Comic Con for me and half my booth staff!! I’ll be located in the back of the hall between A and B, booth # 932!! The booth will be there every day of the show but I’ll only be there tonight and a few hours on Friday, maybe Thursday afternoon! But you can buy from all the amazing ladies that will be working the space as they’re paid to sell! I’ll be driving and then setting up the rest of the booth today so I won’t be doing much online, but if you’re coming to SDCC you won’t want to miss out on my pieces!! What are you looking forward to buying at my booth???? 💙💙💙💙💙
#sdcc #comiccon #geekfashion #geekbound

And the final #SDCC piece: the Baby Bot Cardigan in Black and Grey!! I’m so excited for this one and it’ll only be at SDCC! (Cause I still have orange and grey on the site, though I didn’t have time today to count them into stock so it’ll stay on preorder till I get back from comic con! But it’s in stock!) I’ve also removed the SDCC page from the site as the Facebook event will be the main source of news and updates as I’m at the show!)
Ok. I still need to pack my own bag. But I got a lot of moving into my studio done today and that makes me soooo happy! I can’t wait to get back from SDCC and finish moving into the space and really getting a good office groove set up!! 😍😍😍😍
#bb8 #bb9e #starwars #thelastjedi #geekbound #geekfashion

Omg isn’t 🌟Starpuff☁️ @ventress1138 adorable in her Baby Bot Cardi?!? I just received the stock of them, as I am finishing packing for SDCC, so I’ll move them to stock but no orders will ship out this week as I’m heading to the con tomorrow to finish setting up and then diving head first into the exhausting insanity that is San Diego Comic Con! This cardi is just one of my favs as I love Orange, and I love my lil BB unit. ;) Now, let me daydream about sleeping, as I won’t be for the next week 😭😭😭
#geekfashion #geekbound #theforceawakens ・・・
Ima little babybot short and stout... ❤❤❤ @elhofferdesign
#elhofferdesign #starwars #bb8 #nerdgirl

Got new labels in, including printed labels for the design team up with @lynleighlove! Look at these adorable labels!! The printed labels will go in the skirt near the care label and are a simple but great way to share the love of other amazing geek fashion designers! I hope to do more team ups soon, as it means growth for me and helps raise up other fantastic artists! Who’d want to bring their designs to production life? Or who should I hit up?? Would love to meet other designers (though I do know or know of quiiiiite a few!! 😂) #geekbound #geekfashion #smallbusiness #porg

Absolutely love 🌟Starpuff☁️ @tabspiderman in the Oversized Corps Sweater! And it’s included in the sale that’s happening over on the site right now! I would rather move stuff to your place than into my new one, so check out your Starpuff newsletter or the site and shop with a great discount code all weekend long! (This sweater might retire after the sale cause it’s selling really fast!!) ・・・
Carol Danvers, here to save the whole dang galaxy.
If you don’t already know about my passion for @elhofferdesign, please look at this sweater and fall in love.
Badass sneaks are @vans Marvel collection.
@styledbymarvel #caroldanvers #captainmarvel #marvelgirl #marvelbound #avengers #styledbymarvel #geekstyle #geekbound #geekfashion #geekgirl #geek #nerd #nerdfashion #nerdgirl #comics #nerdy #nerdygirl #dallas #summer #blogger #bloggerstyle #nerdblog

You caught me - fake geek girl AF.
I will honestly never understand the mentality behind thinking a woman is faking being a nerd/gamer to get a dudes attention. Wasn’t it hard enough growing up watching Red Dwarf and reading comics? We all got picked on guys, come on. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This shirt is from @jordandenenyc - if you’re a nerd babe check them out - they have great stuff and also this shirt is super soft and comfy.

#jordandenenyc #fakegeekgirl #wonderwoman #heruniverse #flauntyourworld #geek #geekgirl #geekstyle #geekbound #geekfamous #streetstyle #fashion #fashionblogger #blogger #style #dallas #dallasblogger #mydtd #myunicornlife

Seeing A New Hope with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing the music is 100% a nerdy dream come true and I’m so lucky to have such a gorgeous dress to see it in. The photo doesn’t do this stunning @elhofferdesign dress justice.
#geekbound #starwars

Absolutely precious 🌟Starpuff☁️ @sailor_marz in her Forest Neighbor Sweater!! We still have a few left in our larger sizes and then this will be retired!! Hope you got yours before it disappeared! 😘😘😘
Matching with my buddy Totoro thanks to the amazingly talented and the ever so lovely @elhofferdesign 💖💖 hands down my favorite top ever!!! 💖 #千と千尋の神隠し #千 #荻野 千尋 #饒速水琥珀主 #ハク #カオナシ #noface #chihiro #haku #spiritedaway #Ghibli #miyazaki #hayaomiyazaki #studioghibli #studioghiblifilms #株式会社スタジオジブリ #celebrateghibli #totoro #myneighbourtotoro #kikisdeliveryservice #princessmononoke #howlsmovingcastle #ponyo #studioghiblicosplay #studioghiblicollection #elhofferdesign #geekfashion #geekbound

When you excited about but also dreading the continuation of #PencilsAndParsecs on @hyperrpg tonight. A little extra in @elhofferdesign’s “Galactic Princess” crop top in black.
📸 by @camricephoto .
#starwars #starwarsfashion #galacticprincess #princessleia #leiaorgana #gothleia #geekbound #lafashion #geekfashion #mtfbwy

Check out what just arrived!! My very first business cards!! I’m hoping having these on me during San Diego comic con (and possibly dragoncon and NYCC now!) will make more people aware of my upcoming business! I put off making these things for so long because I HATE self-promotion and the idea of handing people cards with my face on it just sounds so awkward 😣 I need to make more geek fashion for my friends and photograph them so I’m NOT on the next round of cards lmao
#geekchic #geekbound #geekfashion #businesscards #selfpromotion #cosplay #cosplaybusinesscards #disneycosplay #starwars #starwarscosplay #supergirlcosplay

Details of the OG Agent 13 Cardigan, which is in stock right now and ready to ship! The yarns used are a chocolate brown and a teal, twisted together to give a heathered, speckled look to the body. And the golden eagle buttons are just PERFECT and I died when I found them. And the epaulettes, which are missing from the pics on the site. I need to take new pics of this cardigan on people for the webstore listing, but with SDCC prep I won’t be able to till after the con! So in the meantime: IG will have to do! This cardigan is a little roomy, as my sample was incredibly tiny and I worried about anyone with boobs having trouble wearing it. So I adjusted it for production and now wait for the preorder customers to let me know if they like the changes or if they want to exchange 😬 but I’m still so happy with how this unique piece turned out! I won’t do more Agent Carter inspired things till this piece sells out, so if you want to see more I need to see there’s a solid audience for her in the first place and see this sell out! Maybe tag an fan of hers in this post so they can check this piece out? 😘😘😘
#agentcarter #marvel #geekfashion #geekbound #peggycarter

Just hanging out, being REAL casual at work.
My shirt has an amazing D&D pattern on it, ➡️➡️to see a close up. It’s one of my favorite low-key nerd/appropriate business attire looks.

#forfansxfans #ffbfsummerstyle #work #business #dand #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #nerd #nerdblog #nerdgirl #nerdcouture #nerdfashion #fashion #fashionblogger #selfie #dallas #mydtd

The 🥓Bacon and Eggs🍳 Cardigan is finally in stock!!! And it’s unisex, so guys can easily pull it off too! I can’t promise you WILL get amazing breakfast food if you wear this out to a restaurant, but this quote DID get me free 🥓bacon🥓 once so 🤷‍♀️! The colors I picked for this cardi just make me so happy. The bright light blue against the reds of the bacon, and then the whites and yellows of the eggs... just so bright and fun! And the dark red of the bacon is used for the shawl collar detailing, so it’s an easier piece to wear (had I gone with the yellow of the egg yolk it would’ve been harder for some skin tones to pull off as yellow is not easy for everyone to incorporate into their wardrobe! 😂🤦‍♀️) PLUS WAFFLE BUTTONS
This was made in a super small run of 50 pieces, and a few dozen preordered it. If you want it, you’ll need to get it before it sells out! I won’t make more cause the blue is now sold out!! 😘😘😘 this is a sweater Ron would be proud of: made in the USA and featuring the worlds best food. 💙💙💙💙
#parksandrec #ronswanson #geekbound #geekfashion

Buttered Waffle Cardigans are now in stock and LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS KNIT IS OMG!!!! The short sleeves are perfect for summer weather while still looking adorable. Leslie Knope would totally wear this cardi, will you??? (I know it’s dangerous to wear, you’ll be craving waffles all day long!) Plus: waffle buttons!! When these sell out I want to do a goth waffle run. But these gotta go first, I’m too small to be able to stock everything not only due to space getting eaten up, but also funds! Doing these pieces is not cheap, and I need sales to help do more! Every purchase makes me so happy cause it means I can afford to pay my local factories, cover my website costs, may my helpers, put down funds for booths at conventions, sample new things, and so much more!! Shopping small means your dollar means so much more, cause it’s going to a person and not a huge corporation! 😘😘😘😘😘
#waffle #geekbound #geekfashion #leslieknope #parksandrec

Don’t come for me unless I twirl for you. #Repost @elhofferdesign with @get_repost
Look at the fullness on these dresses!! Both @whittypixie and @anastasiawash are modeling the Queen of Fire dresses, and they are looking downright magical in them! My wrap dresses have completely full skirts under them so there is little risk of showing off anything you don’t want to show off, and they of course have pockets just like all my dresses! All wrap dresses also have wand pockets, because they’re for Everyday Witches.
So, what’s stopping you from getting this dress for yourself? Let me know and maybe some of the adoring fans of this dress can change your mind! ;) 😘😘😘😘
#geekbound #geekfashion #melisandre #gameofthrones #asoiaf

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