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South Africa 2015 ❤️🇿🇦 #southafrica #ge4life #globalexpeditions

Divided by distance but united under God 💞 #GE4Life

My love for this group of amazing people is untamable. God has great and mighty plans for each and every one of you. South Africa, the love is so real.😻😻 #cantstopsouthafrica #ge4life

Headed to the airport for my trip to #PeruandPanamaC2015 . *please don't text/call/snapchat me until July 30. I will have my phone on airplane mode because it costs extra if I don't. Thanks for understanding and see everyone in 44 days* #globalexpeditions #ge4life

While in the Korean airport for 12hrs I figured I could post just one pic for now (LOT more to come!!) Words can not describe this trip... Jesus breathed His breath of life. And seriously, a country was awakened.. Thanking God for this amazing privilege that I had and the amazing lifelong friends I made (American and Burmese) also thank you so much for the prayers and the help of letting me have a life changing experience.. Not sure what time it is back home but it's time to wake up! @globalexpeditions #GE4LIFE #MyanmarUnleashed

celebrating July 4th with this crazy team so far from home 🇺🇸 #ge4life

I can't even put words to how amazing this trip was. Mexico has such a special place in my heart, and it was so humbling to serve, love on, and share good news with the people there 🇲🇽 #itsbaja #ge4life #cantstopsouthafrica

Missing Mexico and my Zambians so much ❤️ #ge4life

Precious people and beautiful land- Myanmar w friends- Phyu Phyu and LuLu! #Teenmaniainternational #ge4life Praying for His Outpouring!


Last night I was going through some pictures of my mission trip and bumped into this one. This was my first missionary trip after my grandfather had passed away. I remember walking through the dirt filled streets in Tecate playing guitar and singing. All of a sudden we saw this man that was very old but yet so strong. I knew God was letting me have a little piece of my grandpa through that man because as I saw him he reminded me so much of him. I couldn't help but cry but that was just the beginning of that visit. We met this young man that's in this picture with me. He's a kid with special needs that hadn't smiled since the day he got sick and I remember praying for him. After prayer we started to play Vamos a Cantar for him and he began to move along to the music (something he couldn't do before) and Jesus brought a smile onto his face. I remember how much joy my peers and I felt at that moment. Such a small thing made our whole trip to Baja worth it. ❣️ #missingthefield #itsbaja #ge4life #tecaaateeee #praisereport

#TBT circa '07 I still be tripping on how good of a sound we used to get with the mix of equipment in this room. Shout out to @datmacniffsound and @miltbinomcadams ... You guys had a whole city sounding like money for a lot longer than a New York minute. #GE4Life #memories #otr #thebigpinkdoor #513 #mmg

Missing Mexico and my Zambians so much ❤️ #ge4life

FACT FRIDAY: All I need is this unfiltered pic of the sun rising. That's IT. No fancy words. No pats on the back. No phone calls to cheer me on. No alarm clocks. No pump up videos or music. It's August 26th, still Summer - yet Very Much Fall @getraining. Today we will be Introducing our Program to some "NEW" HS Winter athletes, making the rounds locally to see some HS Football-Soccer-Field Hockey Scrimmages & preparing for Week #14 of Summer '16 & the start of Fall 2016. What does it take for you? When's the last time your heart fluttered, jumped or trembled with excitement?
Let's Go - GE, Get Goin'! #ge4life #hardworkpaysoff #WakeUpWithGE #theLittleThings #JustMyImagination #ItsPersonal #StayFiredUp #GEAllDay #GEtSerious #GETakingOver #since2003 #93days #GE

Sending 💛💪🏽💙⚾️🏈 to an "Original GE" Alum. @deanduchak turns 30 today! It was like yday giving #8 an In Season lift the day of a State baseball game @StJoesMontvale because school was out. A True Throwback @getraining w/Prowler Parking Lot wkouts, WVest in the Shop, Agility ladder at 6am 'cause of pouring rain (no turf), beach workout @crestwoodlake, Heavy DeadZ, Sled Drag in Shop - "Roomx2," & some Ball work with the Vertimax. From St. Joe's all the way through @georgetownathletics So Proud of the Man you have become DD8. Enjoy your Special day w/your Fam & @kristykh92 #noFilter #ItsPersonal #baseball #football #GEBeliever #GECollegeExperience #hardworkpaysoff #ge4life #since2003

So, 5 GE missionaries walk into the jungle...stop me if you've heard this one before. :) It was so refreshing to serve on the field again with PD's and TL's from Global Expeditions. #GE4life #teenmania #qznpanama #honoredtoservewiththeseguys #missionaryatheart @ed_g_mmm @mike_rwin @cintron.jc @leandroandrado

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